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This story is a sequel to Our Girl Scootaloo 2 of 3

Just as a lonely man once found a filly Rainbow Dash, so did a tiny Scootaloo turn up in the backyard of a loving couple with no children of their own. Years later, Prof. T. Sparkle, Ph.D, writes the official biography of this-particular-Earth's first Pony citizen, with instructions to 'talk to anyone you need to and don't censor anything.' Rated T and now 20% cooler.

Part three - the 'rescue' mission

Now twenty years after her arrival, Scootaloo has grown up, gone to medical school, and is working through her residency with the paramedics at her alma mater. With her husband David (and the help of medical research) she has given birth to two adorable young foals, Sophie Belle and Chaya Jayne.

The world in 2033 is significantly different because of her presence; hundreds of millions of people have survived terminal illness because of treatments reverse-engineered from her DNA, her ability to fly is understood and ships using her ElectoMagnetic Field Repulsion Drive leave weekly to support the fledgling human colonies on Mars and the moons of Jupiter. This and hundreds of other technologies, from the spectacular to the mundane, can all be traced to the willing volunteerism of Earth's first Pony citizen; yet Scootaloo manages to live as normal a life as can be expected for a doctor in residency, wife, MedEvac doctor, new mother and extreme-sports enthusiast who also happens to be the world-famous, well-beloved first of her kind who many regard as having personally saved the world. (Yeah, she thinks it's completely weird, but it mostly works.)

From the perspective of the Mane Six, it has been only three weeks since the accident that stranded Rainbow and Scootaloo on different human worlds, and one week since they 'rescued' Dashie from her adoptive father's home outside Detroit. Rainbow and Dashie are still sharing a body after their memories failed to combine properly, though they have at least stopped fighting with each other... most of the time.

But now Celestia has found the world Scootaloo was sent to, and will be departing with the Mane Six to 'rescue' her, just as she did at the end of 'My Little Dashie'.

What could possibly go wrong?

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celestia in for a shock how wrong she did breaking a mother heart o man kidnapping her child scootaloo gonna give ya a black eye for what ya did when she find out and celestia going back realize her big mistake!

Aww... Poor Fluttershy. :fluttercry:

And I always knew Pinkie could really party... but Wow! :pinkiegasp:

Well, that answers my first questions. Celestia knows diddly SHIT about Earth.


And she is making a big assumption about what happened to the humans who came to Equestria. Mainly that there's no way for humans to survive. Depending on the issue there could be dozens of potential solutions. Forewarned of problems, humans are pretty clever at finding ways of surviving where it would seem impossible.

umm question where can i find your story called our girl scootaloo 2 of 3?

OGS is divided into three parts; finding to the end of high school, the college years including medical school, meeting her husband David, and giving birth to the twins, and lastly, part three, the 'rescue' and all the reprocusions that follow.
Unfortunaly, while 1 and 3 are nearly done, I only have a couple chapters of two ready. In a few weeks or months I hope to have part two ready to begin posting, but it just isn't done yet. :twilightblush: Sorry.

not reading this till I read 2/3 plus it still says 1/3 is incomplete, still more chapters or just not updated yet? :twilightsheepish:

...Dashies dad is a satanist or some shit?

What? No!
Dashie's dad lived in Detroit, not exactly a bastion of free thinking and cultural acceptance. He could have been a member of any number or different faiths (not cults) that get picked on for being different.

I'm willing to bet the humans who came to Equestria already had some disease on them (Spanish Flu, maybe? Polio?).

Why are all the religious people in your stories idiots?

Twilights jaw hung slack as Scootaloo continued. “And there aren't a few thousand computers in the world, there are billions of computers in this world.”
Twilight's gape became a look of consternation. “I don't know that word...”

I'm calling bullshit on this! :rainbowlaugh:

I'm Catholic/Christian, and here's what I have to say to that moronic priest: How can someone, or in this case somepony, burn in hell when they didn't even know the concept of God and Jesus existed in the first place?!? And no, I'm not one of those Christians/Catholics who force our shit down your throat, I'm more of a "believe what you believe" type of guy, whose willing to ask questions about other religions.

It's times like these that I hate being a carnivore (yes, I despise vegetables. I take vitamin c tablets to prevent scurvy, though.). Then I eat a burger and move on.

Lol. Exactly what Rainbow would be like with a fighter plane!

Sorry, but who's idea exactly was it to let the completely untrained civilian with an obvious mental disorder fly the multibillion dollar jet that could easily kill them all if they push it past their G limit and pass out?

Lol, probably Agent Tyler or an old friend from NASA. When you open up space to an entire species, people will cut you some slack. :twilightsmile:
As to the danger? Its 2033 at this point. No serious fighters have been manned for decades and this is probably an old 1990s make kept for training and aerodynamics research. Given that NASA's the owner/operator you can bet they built in safety features and ground control overrides. Part of the point is that Rainbow wouldn't be able to discern the difference between an old research aircraft and a modern fighter. :scootangel:

I bet Scootaloo's bedroom life is about to get....interesting.

Okay, this was a very entertaining chapter...poor Fluttershy! :fluttercry:

Captain Rodgers

Nod to Captain America?:pinkiesmile:

Okay, overall, I really enjoyed this story and look forward to the next chapter! Interesting concepts on how magic works (lingering nanotech, perhaps?).

The thing with ponies and humans eating meat im to tired to give a fuck but i would give them a full description of why we need to eat meat or shit to damn tired to make sense into this piece of bananas so here you go

The thing with ponies and humans eating meat im to tired to give a fuck but i would give them a full description of why we need to eat meat or shit to damn tired to make sense into this piece of bananas so here you go

I honestly am a little shocked Celestia is acting like nothing sentient on her world eats meat: Griffons, dragons, minotaurs (remember the Labrynth in the Greek legend?), timberwolves, and (possibly) changelings. Of all the creatures in the room, her hundreds (if not thousands) of years of learning her world would at least open her eyes to the reality of omnivores at least being present in Equestria. So she could have and should have been siding on Scoots with the reality of humans being omnivores (I'm a little shocked Twilight would not have read about that, given her penchant for study). But, as a plot device to drive home the differences between two intelligent species, I can see why you would let that slide.

Pardon me whilst I go cook me up some spicy sausage and eggs for breakfast!:trollestia:

This was a very good chapter. I feel bad for Fluttershy, having to see a slaughterhouse for veal... Not a lot of people really know how one works and don't want to think of the process beyond "hey, it's in the meat section of the grocery store". I kinda wanna cuddle Shy right now, but I really don't think she's in the mood to have a human near her right now. She might think he or she is going to eat her...and take Tom away (you named him after Rarity's rock?).:flutterrage:

Yes, humans are designed to hunt. We're also designed to throw things. What we lack in strength and endurance, we make up for in our ability to think and solve complex problems. Our biggest game changer other than our brains when we were evolving (we still are) was the opposable thumb. With our hands, we were able to craft tools (chimpanzees can do it to a degree, as well as some of the other great apes) and make flint cutting tools by banging rocks together and chipping points on early spearheads. More than likely the first stone tools were primitive axes.

Still. Celestia, I am disappoint. Thousands of years old and you judge omnivores as evil things...so much for love and tolerance...ya old nag.

ah so in the future no more or less farm animals for the other product than the meat for humans unless they get past the taste somehow but maby they could raise farm animals for meat eating omnivore animals and other sentients like that right? but well that still a cut on the pleasure of food eating and making but least they can still eat eggs and other production wait do fish and bugs count? just asking cause i remember fluttershy killing a fish and worms to feed her animal friends.
this eating only plants in the future has some draw back as well i can guess the good and the bad.
i kind of feel bad for some of the other country's meat an important food source and sometime the only one they might have at time's were plants are scare's or just not possible to get enough to really survive and some place's don't exactly have grade A farming land or conditions for there land to growing lots well it sound like with to many plants being planted over and over again they might have a dust bowl effect again and with farmers jobs being cut down from less need for animals parts and meat quite a bit and but the need for more plants is good at least bad for the ranch farms being cut down then and with the need to find and make infertile lands fertile again and the fact traditional dishes and traditions with certain meats and animals are gone and the fact hunters have to waste more parts of the animals when they have to hunt to control there populations or the fact organic food price's might go up it expensive already.
i only worry a little if some crazy hippie or some crazy idiot tried to give carnivores animals the same treatment made from scootaloo if that possible. need to stop rambling...

3346423 I wholeheartedly. I actually like stories where it shows ponies being able to eat meat. Someone brought up a comment on one story stating, "Why should an intelligent species have their diets restricted to real life horse diets?"

Celestia has to have known carnivorous species, and probably would be used to that. The issue is humans don't instantly look like carnivores, and in ignorance, she had though us a race of mostly vegetarian omnivores. Omnivores with so little regard for life that we killed because we felt like it. The realization that we evolved as pursuit predators just like the timber wolves, along with Scoot's angry description is what put her off balance, if only for a few moments.
With so many people around to explain and help out, this path to understanding will be fairly painless for most of them.

Applejack and Fluttershy have no such guidance, and still think of cows as people. Things are going to get much worse for them before they get better... :fluttershyouch:

3348232 Looking forward to the next chapter! :yay:


The issue is humans don't instantly look like carnivores, and in ignorance, she had though us a race of mostly vegetarian omnivores.

Technically, humans are "mostly vegetarian omnivores". A natural and healthy diet for an adult human being includes no dairy (globally, the majority of humans are lactose-intolerant) and only a little meat. (Most of us these days eat way more of it than is good for us.) However, meat is a nutrient-dense food and does play an important role.

Omnivores with so little regard for life that we killed because we felt like it.

Well, ponies aren't eating dirt. And as someone who grew up on a cattle ranch, I can say from personal experience that our cows were about mentally on par with a carrot. (We didn't raise them in cages or feed lots, though, shot full of hormones and antibiotics. That's unsanitary and unhealthy, to say nothing of any moral qualms one might have over it.)

I think what irks me here is that even your humans seem open to the idea that eating meat is somehow wrong, and they are way too accepting of this treatment side-effect that Scootaloo described. They've got to be working on a cure for that.

While it's true electric cars run on electricity, they also have some gasoline in them to take over if the electricity runs out.

“The stallion and I had a difference of opinion.” She managed through gritted teeth. “I do not think I will be speaking with him again soon.”

Seems like an understatement to me.... I kind of want to know what she did/showed him....

Not all electric cars have that in their design. The ones that do usually have an electric generator inside that has a small gasoline engine attached and those are usually called a hybrid vehicle (although there are other types of hybrid vehicles out there this is one of the most common types due to "range anxiety" the most common type.).... I am pretty sure the author was just not mentioning the far less common varieties so as to continue with the story and not get bogged down into a discussion of engineering varieties.:twilightblush:

In any case the authors comparison of word meaning engine vs motor would still have merit since the electric motor still uses electricity (which is using a potential current (which is itself a differential)) to do the work while the engine uses a temperature/pressure differential (even the engine attached to the generator in (most?) electric cars nowadays). Yo! I heard you like differentials! So I used a differential to make another differential in the same system!:twistnerd:

Also my arm is itchy....

:pinkiehappy: Oh Pinkie Pie... ever the prankster.

Really great character depth on this one! This is some exceptional storytelling.
As always, I look forward to your next release.

Twilight...the internet laughs at you!:trollestia:

I would actually like to point out that this is not exactly what the Catholic Church believes. No one on Earth can say with absolute certainty where one will end up after he/she dies. Another way of saying this is that we as Catholics are not meant to judge, we can only say where one is likely to go from the sins that one carries on his/her soul. Here this priest says that because these ponies (who are not even human and thus probably do not even have eternal souls or original sin on their souls) would go to hell because this original sin (that they don't have) was never washed clean through Baptism. This is outside of Catholic teaching to judge them even though we can say with a good amount of certainty where he/she might go. We are not meant to judge others as we are not the one who is on the judgement seat in the end. This also touches on the hypothetical problem of the person who lives by Catholic teachings and avoids all sin but also has never had access to the Bible or ever heard of Jesus Christ or God. In this situation it is likely that our God would not condemn that person to Hell because of ignorance, essentially we are responsible for what we know. If you have not ever heard of Jesus Christ or his teachings, our God is likely to have mercy; if you know better, then our God will judge you accordingly. This makes it so those who die without knowing God - including: aborted babies, and miscarriages - are not condemned to an afterlife of torment without the opportunity to repent.

Aww man... :fluttercry:

This one really hits ya in the feels.
Tears of laughter one minute, tears of sadness the next.

Very well done.

It's the dreaded happy/sad chapter...one to rule them all...

i just hope apple jack and flutter shy don't do something drastic to the next person they find or hurt the person that find them.
ooo do you think celestia would talk to Lauren Faust and other to hear about the show production my little pony?

I was expecting more pie in this chapter.

Wait...all these years and Applejack is just now finding out the hat is made of leather? :facehoof:

Lol, no. She lost her hat to the combine on her first night, and John gave her his hat when they met.

Cowboy hats are not made out of leather, they are made out of felt or straw. I have never seen a leather cowboy hat.

3391375 ... I own one made of leather, but I got it in Australia so it may not count.

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