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It has been almost a year since Luna is back.
And Celestia doesn't have a clue,
that she is planning a surprise attack.
What daft situations could ensue?

Cover image credit goes to 'Yamino

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Comments ( 55 )

BWHAAHAHAHAHHAHAA :rainbowlaugh:, dude you just made my day. This is freaking hilarious and perfectly shows the relationship that Celestia and Luna have, they are sisters. Good job, ~Celestia's Paladin, Ex Solis et Lunae Providentia et Prospera

Thanks for the praise, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

#3 · Oct 10th, 2011 · · ·

Abosulute genius is all I can say i'm laughing too much to say more :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Sitting in a classroom or a resturaunt is a bad idea reading stories like this... Was able to contain MOST of my laughter then with the beard part I couldnt stop laughing for like 15 minutes : ) Great story :twilightsmile:

Ah, happy Luna is the best Luna.

Very sweet, and entertaining, story. A couple of siblings reconnecting after a long time apart. Plenty of laughs, and a few somber moments as well. Mostly laughs though. Really only the one depressing bit...

Anyway, well done.

Thanks. I wanted to write a light comedy, but couldn't really ignore the fact that Luna has just had a 1000 years of solitude behind her.
I could rattle on and on about how that could affect someone personality and behaviour, but this would hardly be the time and place to do it :twilightsmile:
Anyway, I'm glad you liked it.

Goddamn, this was perfect, good job man!

Wow, thanks, that's a big compliment

hahahahaha this was awesome! I hope your planning on writing more stories!

BY LUNA"S BEARD!! YAAAAR!!:rainbowlaugh:

“…The last thing Rainbow Dash felt was her skin being cut away from her skull, and the metal of the blade scraping her teeth.
Then she was gone.”:trollestia:
Poor Luna is scarred for life now.

Cupcakes reference!!:pinkiecrazy:
Like it!!:pinkiehappy:
Best thing evar!!!:rainbowkiss:
Need moar!!!:flutterrage:
Why do I keep doing this!!!:unsuresweetie:
Oh yes!!!:eeyup:
Because it's an awesome story so full of awesomeness that I head did explode and my gakrar mussed lup!!!:moustache:

Oh I do. I'm "busy" working on two fics. I am however a very slow writer.

"Tonight I learned a very important lesson about friendship, and that you should not assume that when
a mare is athletic and not interested in..."


good job with this, thoroughly enjoyable all the way through

Why do every one have to add a cupcake reference to there stories! :pinkiecrazy:

I'm sorry :fluttershysad:
In my defense, I wrote this story in may, when cupcakes references weren't so grossly overused as they are now.

Favorite line: It has drool stains Celly! Also, Luna needs to find some hilarious way to set Twilight and Celestia up on a date and interfere with said date in her own nefarious(mischievous) ways.

Hmm, you're giving me ideas.
Maybe this story IS worthy of a sequel.
I'll mull this over.

It hass drool stains xDDD I laughed my ass off xDDD srly xDDDDDD

SO AWESOME :rainbowkiss:

+ 2 stars for happy Luna.
-2 for cupcakes referance.


I may need to have a chat with this john-117, (oh crap am I actually typing this out?), oh well.

Prank war between 2 immortal godesses, "shudders", that would be AWESOME!



That's such a great thing that they need to have her use the moustache spell on herself sometime in the cartoon.

:twilightoops: BY CELESTIA'S BEARD!!!! CUPCAKES? :pinkiecrazy: REALLY? Oh Luna the poor foal.

lmao anyway kick ass story. Gave me teh giggles.

“…The last thing Rainbow Dash felt was her skin being cut away from her skull, and the metal of the blade scraping her teeth.
Then she was gone."---“Now are you’re sure my story won’t give you nightmares?” she asked mockingly.--- And lo and behold, Cupcakes was born.....

This is most likely one of the most random stories i have read xD
Way to funny start, awsome sleep over and then the ending is just to funny xD

I laughed, I winced, I got that twitch in my eye as I remembered Cupcakes... an excellent read sir, 5 stars and a fav :twilightsmile:

These days, Cupcakes has been referenced too often to be funny most of the time. I'm glad mine did what it intended to do.
And thanks for the praise and the fave. :pinkiesmile:

WIN! A few grammar issues, but still awesome!

BY CELESTIA'S BEARD!:twilightsmile:

Glad you liked it.
Could you point out some of the grammar issues you found? It'd really help me improve.

:rainbowlaugh: this was great!

This was hilarious!! Awesome job!

hahaHAHAHA best ending ever :rainbowlaugh:

I've seen better Princess Pranksters stories, but this was pretty good. :trollestia:

“I was expecting you to have collected at least a small library full of racy stuff in those thousand years.”
Is that what I think it is?

also fav'd. Hilarious.


That depends if you have a dirty mind or not. Maybe Luna remembers her sister as somepony who's a big fan of pegasus-racing

But yeah, you're probably thinking the right thing.

Thanks for the fave. I'm glad you liked it.

Oh man this is a good story! You really made my day man
“This is worse than 2 mares 1 stirrup!”
That line made me nearly piss my pants laughing along with all the other stuff.
Keep it up!:D

Aw, Cupcakes reference, god dangit. :pinkiecrazy: Aw well, a cute little story. :ajsmug:

See, that's just adorable. :twilightsmile:

I am so sorry I waited so long to get around to reading this. It's fantastic, definitely hoping to see more from you.:moustache:

Wonderful! I loved every second of it, especially the guards listening through the door. :rainbowlaugh:

I really enjoyed the consistent light hearted mood you created, perfect for a sisterly sleepover. :pinkiesmile:

Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece with us. :scootangel:

Funny story.

What is the nonsense i see evrywhere that Celestia had pink mane in the past?

I think it's a collective head-canon brought about by the season one appearance of Luna. After the whole rainbow blasting, she's left looking like pretty much a regular pony, which suggests every alicorn has some sort of base form where their manes are normal.
I don't know why it's always pink though. Maybe because all the early fan-art of "base form" Celestia agreed on pink as the best color for her.
Anyway, glad you liked it. I don't get many comments on this ancient story anymore.

Story Scout Foals Errand here and I award you this for writing such an adorable story of Tia and Luna just being sisters!

Thanks for the award. I'll forego the acceptance speech.
Coïncidentally, I recently read your latest story which I really enjoyed. I'll be checking out some of your others in the future.

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