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Look into my eyes... It's where my demons hide... Don't get too close, it's dark inside...

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Comment posted by Mudraynebow deleted Jun 1st, 2015

Well i love me some good necro-gore story. But even if i ignore the poor English i cant ignore the fact that this story is bad. If it was gore-fic without the clop part it would be +4/10. But as it aspire to be a gore-clop-fic its -3/10 (if you never written any story add +1 to the rating). The sex/rape, it lack details, when you write "he fucked her pussy- there was blood- she died- The End". Try to get it going for longer, include some details of the scene and sex. Also you should get someone to help you with English as some of the things you write are hurting even my eyes. (i never learned English so i also write shity sentences and i wont judge you for it)

I-I need to go.... lay down for a while.

oh my god i am sick to my stomach who would ever in their wildest dream would even think about this

Dude I'm sorry, but as soon as I see holocaust I just...

God man I gotta... I gotta...


This story's dislike rating blew up after than 9/11.

:twilightoops: I wonder..... why does this need to be an MLP fanfiction? It's so unlike the show that I almost forgot I was even reading a story inspired by the Friendship Is Magic universe.
Not insulting your story, sir, I was just wondering why this really has to be an MLP fanfic.

I guess I enjoy writing grimdark stories.

Comment posted by Mudraynebow deleted Aug 26th, 2015

Oh, I almost forgot. I wanted to say thank you for taking time to write about my story. I've added a link in the description of the story to your conmmentary, since yours was one of the first.:pinkiecrazy:

I was dared to write this. And I dont back down from dares

So... And I'm just asking... you know how realistic it is when a demon first wakes up? When was the last time you experienced that? Also, this being directed at both of you,
the baby part was just a tiny part of the story. It's not like the entire thing is about it. Also, it's not a "fetish", anyone who can actually get off to that is fucked up.

It was a dare to write the most messed up story I could think of. That's why I added it in.

It wasn't the real demon that went into the throne room- it was a changeling, hence why one was kept behind before the throne room attack.

Meh, I've seen and read way more messed up stuff than this.

Is it dead or are you planning something?

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