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Rainbow Dash receives a letter from her "biggest fan", who wants more than anything for Rainbow Dash to write back to them. All they wanted was a letter... But does Rainbow Dash do it on time?

Suggested official rating: PG-13 for disturbing themes

SPECIAL THANKS to Eminem and his song, "Stan", for inspiring me to write this story. Eminem, I doubt you'll ever see this, but if you do, I just wanted to say that you're awesome.

Also a special thanks to whoever made this picture, I give you credit for that. It's awesome.

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Dude :pinkiegasp: that song is sooooo disturbing and powerful:pinkiehappy: It was second only to Kim for being powerful but messed up. That song is the perfect balance of song and anger issues. I will download this to my Nook (reading device) for later reading.....

A story inspired by an Eminem song? Hell yea!:yay:

That's really cool how a fiction is inspired by a whole song! That's freaking AWESOME!
Maybe I'll try that out, haha :twilightblush:
I'll credit ya, don't worry! And, why the fuck not, I'll watch you too! You're awesome man, I'm gonna be you're biggest fan :pinkiecrazy:

That was very....um..... I don't know how to describe this story. But it was good!

Le me, before I saw the character tags...
:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: :twistnerd: :fluttercry: ERMAHGERD PSYCHO SCOOTALOO FANFIC AHFUCK YES! :raritywink:

Le me, after I read description and saw the character tags...
:rainbowderp: :rainbowhuh: :pinkiesmile: :pinkiesad2: :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:


... Shit... Feel attack. I commend you.

I feel like a douche now. This was real good... I'mma crawl away in shame...

Thought it was kind of lame, not really OC at all. You just switched words around from Stan...


I didn't say it was based off of "Stan" for nothing, you know...:facehoof:

Haha i know, I was just voicing it. It was good I wont deny it. I wasnt sure wat to expect to be honest :rainbowwild:


Oh ok got it:pinkiehappy: I was just saying.

Well be happy! Your the first person ive ever replied to and this is first story ive ever commented on :ajsmug:

Wow, that ending was a bit...
"Damn, I'm sorry Fran."
"Yo, Rainbow, let's go sledding!"
*burns the letter*
At least, that's what I would do. Hell, after I got that recording or whatever, I would probably write back, saying: Bitch, you crazy. Enjoy your life in hell!
I'm evil like that.

This was pretty good. I'm not a fan of Eminem myself, but you played off the lyrics pretty well. Though, in my opinion, I think Rainbow's reaction at the end was a bit too "Meh, oh well." and could have been a bit more "Holy **** what!?. Or maybe that's what you were going for? I don't know, that's just me thinking over here, lol. But it was still a good interpretation none the less. :twilightsmile:

a perfect song for a perfect fic:heart::yay::trollestia::moustache::eeyup:

I'm sorry, it just didn't work for me. There's "inspired by", there's "based on", and then there's just taking the lyrics to the entire song and tweaking them slightly. I could write a story about a pony musician by rewording Bad Company's "Shooting Star", but I'm not going to.

That was a very sad story I have to check out the original song

Hmmm, an interesting idea. I will put this in my "read later" list:twilightsmile:
(I bucking love Eminem:pinkiehappy:)

I hope you make a short sequel explaining the reactions of her friends about that last letter.I really want to see... Uh, the equivelant of it of Applejack feeling remorse about what she said.It was so tide to me!Fans are important,especially when when they're insane.

Ahhh, the Eminem Show... That album was one of Slim's best works other than Marshall Mathers LP... Hold on, "Stan" does not belong to this album, did you purposely mix the album name together? Or else I would call it the Rainbow Dash MLP lol.

Keep in mind that I commented this before reading it, I just read the title. Which confused me a bit.

I thought this cover would be better, because you know, it shows Rainbow Dash getting attention, obviously in front of a crowd (I do know that Stan was not on The Eminem Show though)

5989224 It was pretty good ripoff you did there, even without the cursing and extreme violence like Slim Shady 15 years ago, listening to the song really fits into the story's setting. I even like the sh*t you did with Fran's bro, that sh*t was fad.

5989224 It was very creative of you, however I would want to express my opinion (no offense whatsoever, your idea was excellent, but I just wanted to voice my own since I'm a huge fan of Shady as well):

The MMLP cover has Eminem sitting on the floor, alone, and the color is rather heavy and dark. I would put Fran into that, as if she was miserable and depressed on how she did not receive her response.

Now of course, it should be the star who's in the album cover, but it does not make sense for Rainbow to be sitting like that, otherwise it would not fit in the story, it would just go along with the album, which not everybrony is an Eminem fan.

I had my unicorn friend out a spell on it

should be "put" but it may be an error on Fran part.

things to to then go to

do than

I am going to cry now.

I was so upset whenever i heard that song and inahd almost forgotton the sadness thay song brought untill i say this story ;-;
Oh grow up ya big pussy

Deadpool. Not the time.

Okay i just read it and............. FUCK A TEAR LANDED ON THE FOCKING KEYBOARD. Anyway this was well written, i would have mot cried if it were not.

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