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King Sombra has returned. He's stronger than ever. And he's not out to take the Crystal Empire this time- he's out to take over all of Equestria, and he's starting with Ponyville, where there's no Crystal Heart protecting the town. Looks like Twilight and her friends are going to have to fight him up close and personal... But are they strong enough to beat him? Looks like it's gonna be another one of those days for Twilight and her friends...

Suggested official rating: PG-13 for violence

Notice: The rating of this story may change to Mature as I continue working on it.

A shout-out to whoever did the original artwork, it's awesome.

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Fran is Rainbow Dash's biggest fan, and she's always writing to her, but never gets a reply back. But how far will she go to show Rainbow that she truly is her biggest fan?
*If you haven't read my original story, Rainbow Dash's Biggest Fan, READ THAT ONE FIRST. This is the same story, but from a different perspective!*

Suggested official rating: PG-13 for disturbing themes
Inspired by Eminem's song, "Stan". Eminem, you are awesome.

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The start of the virus was unknown, but it started and spread through Equestria like wildfire, killing countless thousands of ponies. Hardly any are still alive, and the ones that are struggle to survive. The Mane Six are a few of the survivors, and this is a short, yet dark, tale of their struggle to survive.

Suggested official rating: PG-13 for disturbing violent content, some gore, and dark themes

WARNING: Quoted message from a mod regarding this story:

if your story becomes any more explicit in its depiction of gore than it already is, it will need a mature tag.

Inspired by:
"The Stand" by Stephen King (novel)
"The Hot Zone" by Richard Preston (non-fiction book)
"The Cough" (another MLP fanfic)
"Flu Season" (another MLP fanfic)

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Ricky hated his life. Everything was wrong. No one liked him, and his parents were dead. He was living alone, an 18 year old, and he was in several thousand dollars in debt, and the job he had wasn't enough to cover it. Then one day, something happened... Twilight Sparkle showed up and changed his whole life in less than a day.

Suggested official rating: PG for mild language and disturbing themes

Notice: The character in this story, Ricky, although he and the events in this story are not real, his character is strongly based off of someone I actually know in real life. You'll understand if I don't give his real name.

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NOTICE: This story does not go against any story or website. Everything in this story came out of my own head.

What happens when Rainbow realizes the reason ponies are ruining her is because of a few stories? If you're a Rainbow Dash lover like me, you'll see.

Update: I see from the number of dislikes that this story isn't nearly as popular as my other song-inspired one, "Rainbow Dash's Biggest Fan", and I'm sorry. I just had to get this one out.

I would like to thank Mudvayne (one of my favorite bands) and their song, "Happy?" for inspiring me to write this story.

Rated Teen for some dark themes and brief strong language.

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Rainbow Dash receives a letter from her "biggest fan", who wants more than anything for Rainbow Dash to write back to them. All they wanted was a letter... But does Rainbow Dash do it on time?

Suggested official rating: PG-13 for disturbing themes

SPECIAL THANKS to Eminem and his song, "Stan", for inspiring me to write this story. Eminem, I doubt you'll ever see this, but if you do, I just wanted to say that you're awesome.

Also a special thanks to whoever made this picture, I give you credit for that. It's awesome.

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