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The Contract. - SirTreeofarbor

Twilight finds her world quickly crumbling around her and is forced to rush a deal with the only creature with the power to stop it. Discord.

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The Test

Celestia could not stop the past for over taking her, whatever Discord had done to her was powerful she felt a shortness of breath, and began to slump in her chariot seat, barely able to stay conscious. She tried to stand and wake herself up, however that turned out to be a horrid idea as a gust of wind hit her, and being nearly unable to stand in the first place she stumbled and found herself falling out of her chariot , and ended up falling into the dark forest below.

Then everything was black.


Celestia woke up in a bed ,and slowly began to get up and stretch she had been up late last night studying . She trotted over to her desk and looked at the six objects on her table, the objects she would study in the hopes of defeating her so called mentor Discord.

She took a deep breath as her anger began to rise. Here was a figure that she once admired, that she thought was filled with wonder, if a bit uncaring. However he was a unfeeling monste, she had listened to the lies that he had to say to her.
That had created the world around them, that he was a being of some other more "truthful" plain of existence, and that without him the world would not be able to controlled, unless the two Alicorns were trained he claimed. Yet she, and her sister already were able to control the sun, as well as the moon without much effort, and Discord had only stated they knew very little of what the world was truly like...

Then he proceeded to show Celestia what he thought of her ideal, by revealing the so called truth.

By saying that there was no purpose to the world like she knew there was. That there was no morals like she knew existed. He called her emotions, and ideals false idles that she worshiped, and claimed these meant nothing. Things such as being honest were nothing to him, and it carried over in how he acted. He even stated repeatedly that he had no feeling about the world that he claimed to understand so well, and that he only did it out of a agreement he was forced into long ago, much how the sisters were according to him, and he showed them the dead worlds beyond the portal, or at least they were dead to Celestia, she watched as beings without feeling or life in their eyes devoted there tiem to destruction, and despair. How she watched as the ideals she had were nearly crushed that such beings were even allowed to be real in different worlds, how fire and death ruled those places, and how Discord simply accepted it even saying he would not be surprised if the world he promised Celestia and Luna turned to what she saw in other realms.

Celestia felt herself think of the one thing that Discord had said that had inspired her, and while she hated him for this she also had to admit she would be utterly filled with hopelessness if she did not hear it.

He had said long ago, "A purpose is hard to find, really you have to find it on your own, you must craft it in the recess of your mind, I never had a choice really, but you two will in a way for better or for worse."

Celestia felt a headache begin to take her, but her only response was to bang herself on her desk to fix the pain with yet another, she was not in a proper state of mind, and she knew that, she knew the truth Discord had shared with her as well as Luna crippled both their minds, the visions Discord shoved into them just because they were innocent, and did not know what they were asking when they asked what the truth of feeling was.... and he answered what the truth was that they were a mistake, and he showed how deadly ideals, and feelings could be by showing the two what they caused. Discord had warned them before they were shown, but she was foolish back then, she wished to know everything, and anything, and he was very right, she hated him after.

But she would craft her own purpose, she would prove to Discord that a world based on the ideals she and every pony had could work, and so she studied the objects before her that smelled of power and sparked with hope.

She would create something worthwhile, but she had to removed the being that crushed dreams, that had no morals, and no true emotions, only cheap and fake ones.

She had to beat Discord, and make sure no one traveled into that red door ever again, his only purpose was to corrupt the innocence of beings anything else was stuff he did to try, and feel something, and she could not have such a being in her ideal world.

Twilight slowly got out of her bed, and began stretching as Spike was running around out room running down the stairs, and yelling for Twilight to follow him. Twilight looked at Discord, and watched Discord smirk , as the door to Twilight's room suddenly locked shut locking Spike out of the conversation.

"That was rather rude to threat a baby dragon like that, he is just worried about me," Twilight said trying to use her magic to teleport to Spike only to for a few sparks to fly off her horn uselessly which caused Twilight to sigh loudly.

Discord raised a eyebrow, and yawned. "He is lucky I did not zip his mouth shut, it has been centuries since I have taken a good nap." Discord said while rubbing his eyes. "Well I think that it is time to make you the offer I made to my other students, now keep in mind this is your choice, but consider it a test in one way or the other. The door that appears is the door that I call Truth. That is what I told my other students what I did not tell them, because I admit I felt less for them was you would never be the same if you learned what it was." Discord said while getting up and doing the moon walk as a new red door appeared behind him. Creaking open, and reminding Twilight just how ominous it really was. Discords voice was also dead serious, a tone that sent shudders down Twilight's spine.

Twilight raised her eyebrow realizing what Discord had just said, "That door it leads to the truth?." Twilight said trying to ease her shaky voice as her excitement was raging within her.

"Well yes, but there is always a price to knowing something," Discord said watching as Twilight eyes widened, "It contains the truth, the world as I see it, in all its glory, just keep in mind I have... some issues understanding emotion, so I never really understood why my students were so changed by it, but all of my student's wished to know and asked, so I always make them the same offer," Discord said as he wrapped his body around Twilight once again. "The question you have to ask yourself now is it really worth knowing? You see everyone before was willing to pay the price in full, and part of that was hating me." Discord said with a sad smile as he looked at Twilight.

Twilight simply stared at Discord as he stared back at her with his uneven eyes, and horned face, " If I go into that door, you think I would hate you, how does that work isn't it my choice? " Twilight said raising a eyebrow.

"What? Did you expect the unknown to be what you thought was ideal? Trust me every student I have had walk into this door, and every student that has hated me, hated me for pulling them into the light that turned out to be not so pretty, of course they gained a lot, power wealth and so on, but everyone that was entered was chanced,"Discord was talking with vigor, and Twilight was taken aback she felt her love of knowledge fighting within her, telling her to step in the blood red door before her. But something in her heart was telling her this was a test, a test all before her had failed for some reason or another. For her it was a easy choice but she could she how stations and mares of the past would travel in that red door and become something else, and the thought of even possibility hating Discord for her choice was not something she wished to risk.

"Then why would I even consider that choice? I like liking you," Discord however slowly smiled, as Twilight blushed, she had admitted it, she liked Discord.

"So you are not going to seek what unknown power lurks beyond? Aren't you ashamed that your knowledge was unable to save the world? After all if you gain this knowledge you could be the one that brings complete harmony and peace to your little world, so why not take the leap into the pound with Luna and Celestia,and craft this world as you see fit. Why care about hating little ol' me?" Discord said his tone full of wonder.

Twilight felt her brow furrow as Discord played to her guilt, but quickly found it was washed away by one thought,Discord has not had anyone try to be his friend has he? "Discord,to be honest I am not sure what to say to you. But sometimes you have to stop thinking about what is the logical, and so called right thing to you in your life and take a chance, because that is what relation-ships are a chance to get to know each other, and to better each other not just yourself." Twilight said with he voice overwhelmed with emotion.

Discord simply smiled, and in that smile Twilight shall more warmth from Discord than she had seen. Then he suddenly leaned down toward her causing Twilight to freeze as he hugged her. While she was frozen she felt herself get pushed as gently as a pony could, and before her mind processed what was happening she heard the door open suddenly behind her.

"Wha-" Twilight was quickly cut off by Discord quickly letting her go into the darkness, and before the doors suddenly slammed she she could of swore she shall Discord crying.

Then familiar darkness surrounded her.

Author's Note:

I like this chapter more now.

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If you are willing to I would be honored if you edited my story.

I'd love too. ^^'

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No clue, I have been relaxing as this is my holiday and I had finals last week.... Plus I am working on a new story while I ponder the path of this one.

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