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The Contract. - SirTreeofarbor

Twilight finds her world quickly crumbling around her and is forced to rush a deal with the only creature with the power to stop it. Discord.

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The Fine Print.

Twilight was staring at a door. A door that looked completely jet black, if not for the big red and yellow eyes that were on it, which were misshapen and staring at her. Suddenly the door opened and strings flew out around Twilight, dragging her to a figure that she realized was Discord.

He had a paper in his hand that he opened and shoved in Twilight's face that read, "You are mine." He then leaned down, and his lips touched hers. Suddenly the door slammed shut.


Twilight felt herself fall into a cold body of water, and quickly woke up in an angry, muffled scream. She quickly swam up to the surface before teleporting to the bank of the river she found herself in.

Moments after shaking her mane out and taking a few heavy breathes, she heard Discord laughing. Looking around she spotted him on the other side of the river while also noticing it was the middle of the night.

Luna’s full moon was just hitting the center of the dark sky, which was filled with stars. She spotted a shooting star quickly streak across the sky, which reminded her a little of what had just been avoided.

Twilight felt the events of yesterday hit her and moaned. She felt angry for having to sign that contract, but her anger was somewhat fading as she simply was too tired to stay mad for long.

This was real. She had made a deal with Discord, and there he was over there laughing at her. She felt her teeth grind together as Discord appeared right in front of her.

He nonchalantly replied, "You were sleeping for so long I decided to speed things up a bit. Mainly becauseyou have to pay up part of your debt with that element of yours," Discord said while snapping his fingers and turning the river behind him into a river of milk.

Twilight groaned. She may have made a deal with Discord to save Ponyville, and the entire world for that matter, but with it she and her friends would have no way of stopping Discord from running amuck and ruining everything.

Twilight determined she had to read the contract to understand the full nature of what it was she had given up, along with the terms and whatnot.

"Umm, before that, may I read the contract in greater detail?" Twilight asked while poking her hoof into the ground. Now that the rush of the world ending was gone, she felt nervous and scared about what she may have just done when she signed that paper.

Discord chuckled before replying, "What, you mean you did not have time to read it? And here I was so impressed that you would be willing to make a contract with me, which I must admit is a nice change from being a garden ornament, but that is beside the point... No, you cannot. The contract clearly states that you cannot read the contract after it is signed and sealed," he stated as the contract appeared in his hand as well as a bottle of white out, which he then used to quickly cover nearly every part of the document before turning it around into Twilight’s face.

Twilight moaned. The only statement that was visible was: Due to the terms of the contract as decided by the Ancient Discord, you Twilight Sparkle hereby give up any rights to read this contract after the signing and sealing kiss.

Well that explains the kiss at least, Twilight thought with a light blush. "How am I supposed to know what the contract entails if I can't read it?" Twilight asked with an exasperated sigh.

Discord ran his fingers along Twilight's chin and lead her eyes into his. With their gazes fixed on each other he replied, "Well it’s not my fault you were in such a rush to get to the sealing kiss. Besides, you could have taken as much time as you needed. The policy for contract signing makes you unable to die after you sign the contract and before the sealing kiss, and here I thought you would know all this. After all, you were so eager to try and make a deal with me. Regardless, you will just have to trust me when I refer to our little soul binding agreement," Discord said with a slight smirk gracing his lips.

He talked with an incredible amount of smugness in his voice, which irritated Twilight. While at the same time, she could not help but be flustered by his fingers under her chin and the accusation that she had rushed to get the kiss.

Twilight pushed his hand away while beginning to stare at the ground and said, "I-I how was I-I mean,” she stuttered before perking back up and glared at him whilst boldly stating, “This is not a fair contract! I do not even know the terms of the agreement. I mean you can just hang that contract over my head for-" Twilight paused with horror slowly creeping onto her face while Discord leisurely put a finger to her lips and completed her thought.

"Anything,” he declared with finality. “Well, to be fair you offered up anything. I seem to remember you yelling that in a panicked voice as you overreacted to a world-ending asteroid over your head,” Twilight pouted at this before he finished, “and now you sound panicked that this is hanging over your head."

For added effect he held the contract over Twilight before continuing, "But there is no going back now. You already agreed to this. Besides, you have quickly become the only pony I have talked with for so long. Mainly cause the looks on your little pony face is always fun to look at," Discord said with a small chuckle while still using that smug as possible as voice. "But do not worry. You're not going to be harmed. You have too much potential and hold my interest too well for that," he announced with a real smile gracing his visage.

Twilight felt herself blush despite her best efforts to stop herself. He was talking as if he somehow liked her, and again she thought back to the kiss the two shared. Despite the fact that it was a sealing kiss, therefore not a true first kiss from love, it still had a massive effect on Twilight because she could feel a sort of energy from Discord, a passion perhaps. Even the fleeting idea that Discord was directing that passion towards her flattered her.

Not to mention she was always hungry for knowledge, and it would be a lie to say she was not interested in what he had to share in terms of magic. No, stop thinking about that, Twilight chided herself. You're in the worst possible position right now. You're under Discord’s thumb, and what's worst is you have no idea what the terms are while you’re under his thumb... in fact you could be under this contract for the rest of your life.

Discord noticed Twilight looked depressed and floated around in the air for a moment to think before he summoned a cupcake and placed it in her hoof. "Now, now,” he began admonishing her, “do not be sooo sad. I promise this contract will be worth your while in ways you cannot yet foresee. Knowledge and magical power abound where I plan to take you. Plus, if it really eats at your poor little pony soul, I will allow you to see those silly little friends of yours," he said with what for a second sounded like a bit of concern.

No, that can't be. Stop thinking those things Twilight. This is Discord! Knowing him, any feeling you think he has is fake.... Then, why do I feel warm when he sounds concerned for me? This is like a high school crush, Twilight berated herself. I have barely even talked to Discord and already I am flustered like a little foolish filly.

Twilight was brought out of her thoughts by a loud commotion coming from Discord. She looked over to him and saw that he was stuffing loads of popcorn in his mouth from a gigantic bag and munching with gusto. It was enough din to wake the dead where before the only noise had been a few crickets. At this she gave him a withering scowl.

He paused in his endeavors to inhale his snack to carelessly retort, "What? You looked so conflicted, so dramatic. How can one not watch drama without popcorn?" Discord said with a smirk on his face before continuing to gorge himself.

Twilight sighed as she conceded, "Fine, as per my word I will go and get the element of magic." With that Twilight teleported away from Discord while hoping to use the time she had to collect the element to also put efforts into collecting her thoughts.

Not to mention talking with Celestia before she got the element would be a good idea. Perhaps with her help she could find a loophole in Discord's contract.

That was her only hope at this point.
Not to mention talking with Celestia before she got the element would be a good idea. Perhaps with her help she could find a loop hole in Discord's contract.

That was her only hope at this point.

Author's Note:

There comes a point where I just get tired with fiddling with something and just decide to throw it up. Here you go enjoy and stuff. Hope it is somewhat interesting.
Until next I shall listen to this.

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