• Published 25th Jun 2013
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The Contract. - SirTreeofarbor

Twilight finds her world quickly crumbling around her and is forced to rush a deal with the only creature with the power to stop it. Discord.

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The Contract is Sealed.

An eye peered into the blackness of space filled with emotion and wonder at first, but quickly becoming fearful of what was happening in the worlds of yonder.

Twilight was scribbling down notes furiously as she watched stars explode, planets change orbit patterns for no reason and the moon itself begin to spin faster and faster over the last few weeks.

In fact, everything was going wrong at an incredibly fast rate. Everything from earthquakes to forest fires were happening more often and with greater force.

What killed Twilight is that neither she nor anypony else even had a clue as to what the cause was. She and her friends even tried to use the elements to try and fix the unbalance in the world around them, but found them useless and for some reason faded in terms of magical power.
Why is this happening? I mean what could cause this..... or who? Twilight thought while poking her quill on the book she was writing in.

Twilight paused in thought, and her quill stopped as she looked away from her telescope. Twilight then heard a loud crash and quickly ran to look down her stairs. She panicked slightly as she thought another random and horrid event was happening, but only to find Spike in a pile of books at the foot of her stairs rubbing his head and groaning.

"Spike try to be careful I need to think about all this," Twilight said with a sigh as she walked down the stair and began to pace.

Spike watched, debating if he should even try to get her out of “The Pace,” but decided instead to take a lunch break as he grabbed a large tub of ice cream, and began sticking his face into it.

"Something has to be causing these odd events. Things like this do not simply happen. Not to mention this mystery has not only stumped me but the Princesses themselves! Ohhhh think Twilight, what or who could cause such things to happen and then make them irreversible? What pony has the power to cause such chaos?"

Twilight paused, "Spike we need to get to the Canterlot Gardens!"

Except Spike was already lost in a battle against a tummy ache at this point laying on the ground and reacting to Twilight statement with a low groan.

Twilight sighed before yelling, "Fine, I will have to go by myself!"


"Let it still be there let it still be there let it-," Twilight gasped as looked at a floating chair, a mismatched figure and the cake that he was munching on as he stared up at the stars.

"Oh, hello my little element of magic. Wonderful night for a star storm of chaos isn't it,” a familiar voice said that Twilight recognized in an instant.

"Discord! I knew you were behind this," Twilight yelled in fury.

"Oh please, nature is speaking here. A natural cycle is becoming clear. This world has been in order for much too long. It is time for nature's chaos to sing its song," Discord articulated with an amused smirk on his face.

Twilight felt confusion fall on her face as Discord looked at her and chuckled. She sounded just as befuddled as she looked when she spoke, "Wait, natures chaos? You mean you expect me to believe that you have not done any of... this?"

Discord chuckled as he spoke with a hint of annoyance in his voice, "Why yes, I have only been free for like, ten minutes? What is the point of making a masterpiece only to have it ruined in ohhh... not too long now."

Seemly for added effect the sky above the garden was suddenly changing colors to a reddish hue.

Twilight looking up into the sky as a meteor shower began raining down from the heavens as Discord continued his monologue, "Not that any of this matters. Soon this plane will be destroyed, and I will have to move on to another more plane of existence. I doubt it will be as fun as you ponies and your silly morals and such, but I just feel like letting it all end in one big bang. So enjoy the show."

A set of two popcorn buckets appeared. One grew legs and walked over to Twilight, which she ignored.
Twilight processed what Discord said and decided to ask some questions she could only hope Discord would answer. Looking at Discord she noticed he looked bored in a small way.
The more she thought about it the more she realized that everything depended on getting him to not only explain what was happening, but stopping it. But how would she be able to do such a thing when the being before her was Discord….

"Let it all end? You mean you can stop all this? How are you even free?" She said, and at the same time hoping he would respond.

She watched his smirk grew as he responded, "Oh, look at you talking with little old me. Trying to save your little world while it crumbles around you. Talking to me like it even matters. Even if I could stop this world from ripping itself apart, what interest would I have in doing so? As for how I am free I am going to simply inquire, why you are even asking that question? After all, your little elements are not longer holders of any power. Why would they have the power to keep me trapped any longer?"

Twilight gritted her teeth. She had to believe there was a way to stop what was happening around her; however, she was not sure whether to trust Discord at this point. Should she ask him for help? Should she try once again to use the Elements? Or perhaps the princesses were already solving the issue?

Discord was clapping, "Oh look at you, you’re all conflicted," he said with light mirth on his voice.

Suddenly appearing behind her, he rubbed his chin while at the same time grabbing it and turning it upward before stating, "You only have a bit of time left if you wish to talk to me, and you had best do it quickly. Either way I get amused, so decide what you wish to say to me."

Twilight felt her mouth hang on its jaw as she realized that an asteroid was taking up a large part of the red night sky, and getting larger as Discord laughed whilst rolling around on thin air.

"You should see the look on your face! Priceless!" Discord managed to chuckle out while continuing to roll around on nothing.

Twilight was going to have to think quickly. She had to try and get Discord to stop the end of her world since any other options had been exhausted, which Discord knew. She focused her mind for a moment preparing to try and reason with the god of unreason.

"Discord I know you enjoy this plane of existence. Why not try and save it? After all, you enjoy pranking us, changing the landscape and a long list of other activities," she said with a calm and collected voice.

"Mainly due to the stone prison. You see, the second I stop this cycle the elements would gain their power back, and I am sure you ponies would love nothing more than to stonify me. On a different note you are a rather amusing pony little Sparky. This is a rather nice first. A pony who wishes to save her little world by reasoning with an ancient being that represents everything but reason."

Discord was hard to read but he looked to be considering something before continuing, "Let me ask you something before you even say another word. What are you willing to give me that will make stopping this train wreck worthwhile? And since this is a game, there are rules. This is a game of two players. I am not asking what this world could give, I am aware of that. I am asking what YOU can give me. You're the one trying to make the deal, now act like it."

Twilight felt her calmness evaporate replaced by panic. He acted like this was a deal over a box of cookies instead of the fate of everyponies world.... Cause that was all it was worth to him, she realized. She looked up into his misshapen stare and realized she had his attention for the first time ever. His eyes showed slight signs of interest in what she had to offer.

"Well, I can offer you my element of magic," she said with uncertaintly.

"Not bad but you're going to have to do better, quite simply I will have freedom either way at this point. In a different plane sure, but freedom nonetheless," Discord said with his annoying smirk still shining in the red hue of this odd night.

Twilight quickly looked up at the sky and felt not only panic build, but dread also as the asteroid was speeding up now. There was no time to think, and looking at Discord’s smirk she realized how little he cared for the world around them both.

"Anything! My home, my magic, whatever it is you wish to take just do it and stop it!" Twilight yelled in a panicked voice.

This seemed to please Discord as he smirked and snapped his fingers summoning an incredibly long scroll, which appeared before Twilight. It was too long to read in about the sixty seconds she had to look at it.

"Dramatic isn't it? It has been thousands of years since I had a soul-binding contract with another being. After you sign on the dotted line step into my office and the deed is done," he said while snapping his fingers again, which caused a quill to appear as well as an otherworldly door that was oddly simple in design and jet black in color.
Twilight looked up one last time watching as the flaming ball of doom approached before hurriedly grabbing the quill and scribbling her name on the scroll. As soon as she finished signing, the scroll disappeared and reappeared in Discord's hands.

Twilight quickly ran up to the odd door as it slowly creaked open. She paced in place while Discord simply hummed to himself, making her even more uneasy.

"Ladies first," Discord said as he cut right in front of her as the door finally swung ajar. He then turned around and kissed her before falling backwards into the doorway while laughing.

Twilight simply stood in utter shock.... until a shock wave blew her into the doorway that seemly lead to the blackest of voids.

Somehow, whilst falling, she found herself able to comprehend that the god of chaos had taken her first kiss, and at the same time enjoying the lingering thought of how nice the kiss felt.

Then darkness overtook her.

Author's Note:

Threw that together and stuff cause I was bored.... Anyway this is my first stab at writing for enjoyment so... idk enjoy?

EDIT: Effective 6/27/2013 Reread and hopefully improved flow and word usage.
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