• Published 25th Jun 2013
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The Contract. - SirTreeofarbor

Twilight finds her world quickly crumbling around her and is forced to rush a deal with the only creature with the power to stop it. Discord.

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Let the Wary Rest

The sun was high in the sky, and Twilight realized that it had only been a day sense she had signed her life away. She had the large chest containing the elements floating beside her, the magical barriers that Celestia had placed on them were shattered, which once again caused Twilight to wonder about of Discord's nature.

Now that I consider this sort of thing I wonder how it was like to live under Discord's rule, I need to ask the princess that next time I see her.... Or I could ask Discord.... Twilight thought her brow furrowing, she was starting to wonder what stories each would tell. She knew that believing, and trusting her mentor was the logical thing to do, but Celestia did say that she once admired Discord, and now that Twilight thought about it she did cut the conversation once she asked about Discord, something her mentor had rarely done, and she only seemed to cut thing short once Discord became the subject, but she was willing to wait for Twilight to come back from the restroom, however it could of been coincidence, and Twilight did have to come to terms that she over thought plenty of things.

Then there was the matter of Discord giving the elements to Twilight, something that made her uneasy, because while she was starting to trust him, she was very aware that he was manipulative. Perhaps he was banking that she would not turn him into stone out of pity if he offered her the chance. Twilight thought of the conversation she had with Discord in the restroom, how taken aback he was when she said she felt like a slave, the more she thought about it the less it seemed like Discord planned any of this, and was trying to actually gain her favor. Plus he could of just hypnotized her...

Twilight threw the open her door, only to have it hit a unseen object as she started to walk in the doorway, which caused it to fly back into her face.

Twilight felt her hooves come up to her face as she fell to the ground tear welling in her eyes as she yelped in pain. Another creature on the other side of her now closed door was also moaning in pain, and Twilight knew exactly who it was from the sounds of pain.

"Spiiikkeee, why did you slam the door on me?" Twilight yelled as the door creaked back open revealing the baby dragon, who was sprawled out on the floor with a large bump on his head.

"You slammed it on me!" Spike yelled with a groan. "At least I know your ok now, I was about to leave and look for you. Where have you been.... in fact where did you even head off to? Was there a emergency, is that why you have that chest behind you?" Spike said still rubbing the bump on his head while staring at Twilight with concerned eyes.

Twilight inwardly sighed, even if she was able to explain this to Spike, and she could not due to the contract, it would be a long and hard story for her to tell. She did not wish to reveal to her friends that she was in such a situation anyway. Mainly because she knew they would not be able to make a difference, at this point her fate was decided, she had already come to the conclusion that turning Discord back into stone was not acceptable, and Twilight realized that she felt some hope in Discord, it was only a little hope, but she had to believe it was worth pursuing.

"Let's just say today was a long day Spike. I need to get some sleep, I have been running around all night, and I am sure you are in need of rest as well." Twilight said as she staggered into her home, throwing the truck of elements inside the door.

Sadly fate decided that rest was overrated it seemed, as Twilight found Discord laying on her bed smoking a bubble pipe and reading a ancient looking book.

"Oh Twilight, what a surprise. I am just making myself at home after conducing some business," Discord said while looking up from his book, with the same old smirk he always seemed to wear. " That looks rather painful let's fix that right up," Discord said as he suddenly floated right in front of Twilight and licked her face his snake like tongue.

Twilight just felt herself shudder as he swiped he tongue over her face, but felt the bump she had suddenly disappear as well as the pain from it soon after. In fact it felt oddly comforting, but as suddenly as it started Twilight felt Discord remove snake like tongue and acting like nothing had happened, was back in Twilight's bed.

Twilight just shook her head, as she walked to the side of her bed. She was exhausted, and at this point she did not care if this was the most powerful being around. She was getting her bed back.

"Discord, get off my bed," Twilight said as she began to push a hoof into his side and push him. Discord was quite heavy and large however, and took up the entire space of her bed. Twilight was irritated, and not in the mood for any games.

"Bite me," Discord said in a sing song voice while sticking his tongue out at her. "I mean really you ponies are so rude, here I am helping you with your horrid life endangering wound, and you wish to evict me from such a comfy, and nice smelling bed. Have you no shame," Discord said nearly laughing while he spoke.

Twilight had enough, "You know what, if you what to sleep with me so bad then why don't you just say it? Now MOVE OVER," Twilight said in a stern voice, and felt a feeling of satisfaction as Discord was clearly taken aback by her accusation, only for him to smile once again.

You know me so well," Discord said in a joking voice clearly intent on playing along with what Twilight had said much to her annoyance. He began to shrink changing his size until he was small enough for Twilight to have some room to lay down.

Twilight sighed regretting what she had said just a moment ago. If she was in a normal state of mind, she would have never considered even laying down in a bed with Discord, but at this point she felt her body beckon her with heavy limbs and eyelids, and Twilight quickly decided she did not care, and flopped down on her bed, and almost instantly began to sleep.


Celestia was in a panic the elements were missing, and not only that, but she felt weaker.

Discord had done something to her. She had tried to teleport, and it had not only failed, but caused a crippling headache. She felt light-headed as she commanded her guard to summon her chariot. She needed to find Twilight, and make sure she was ok. that was what mattered. To make sure her student was ok, and if she could to release her from Discord's clutches, but that was more simply said than done.

She kept feeling memories flood her mind again, and again. As her chariot was beginning to lift off the ground she felt a small whisper off the winds that seemed to ask.

And what if you fail? It was Discord, sending his regards, even now.

Celestia gritted her teeth." Discord, I have ruled this world for centuries, I bested you in order to do so, because you were a cruel being that used contracts to do your bidding, you never allowed ponies to have a choice, that was not heavily in your favor. Making us your slaves with fake promises, and created fears. " Celestia spoke softly in the wind.

However no sound returned to her aside the soft blow of the wind, and much to her horror the sun suddenly disappeared, and was replaced by the moon.

The message was clear. Discord was once again in power.

Dread for the first time in thousands of years filled Celestia, as well as something much more painful, a feeling of hard regret.

Author's Note:

Hm. I still have no idea what I am doing.

But ya. i hope you guys enjoy this chapter!