• Published 25th Jun 2013
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The Contract. - SirTreeofarbor

Twilight finds her world quickly crumbling around her and is forced to rush a deal with the only creature with the power to stop it. Discord.

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The Ones Cast Aside

Celestia quickly got ready while Luna staggered around never having been able to get a good sleep at the best of times. After quickly getting ready and finally getting Luna presentable they both flew out the door from the floating house they called home. The town of Ponyville was a town made of many oddities ,houses floated on solid ground, cakes appeared and were sometimes enjoyed by the ponies nearby and similar happenings were occurring, but all of these were normal events for everypony, and failed to even interest Celestia or Luna.

After flying for a short time they began to see their destination in the horizon, it was a massive manor slanted slightly as if it would fall over with a slight push. It was a fun house full of mirror rooms fake doors and other tricks, and of course Celestia and Luna got lost as soon as they entered the building.

After what felt like forever to Celestia they finally found what they were looking for, a large set of double doors oddly plain in a house that was otherwise full of mismatched color. Celestia sighed and took a moment to collect herself. A sign next to them said in simple black letters Testing center

This is it, everything I have learned comes together in this moment. I just need to- Celestia was dragged out of her thoughts as the double doors suddenly opened, and a booming voice began to speak from inside.

"Well come in, I do not have all day to wait for you ponies to stumble in," Sitting before them was a mismatched figure lf sitting in a leather chair and smoking a bubble pipe, sitting in a office of sorts, filled with papers, and scrolls that littered the floor. Two large seats sat before his large desk, which were soon filled with the two Alicorns "Now then, why are you both here? Ah don't tell me, you two wish to dive into the mystical world of magical power, and in many ways wish to be like me, a magical ruler of this little world. You practically Celestia crave for power, and admire me because I hold great amounts of it. You miss Luna are just along for the ride as always, " the being said sounding slightly bored.

Celestia felt her mouth fall open, and began to speak after a second of thinking, "Actually we were hoping to just enroll into the academy of mystics," Celestia said while taking a look at a bored looking Luna who looked uninterested in what was happening.

"Ahh well close enough, so let's get on to your test, where do both you see yourself in ten seconds?" Discord asked with a smirk on his face.
Both alicorns just looked at each other in confusion, this was there first time ever meeting a creature like this, and the question that he asked to them had to have been a joke of some sort, a test to get into the best magical school in the land had to be more serious than this. Luna spoke up with a question, "Umm Who are you?"

"How about a riddle instead? Answering such silly question is not my cup of tea. I am cold and unfeeling, much like stone, I have a face, but only one face. Time is still for me and me alone. I stand forever till I am but a pebble, worn by the world around me. I am not of nature, someone made me pose for them. What am I?" The mismatched being said while floating around.

Luna and Celestia both raised their eye brows, neither of them saw the point of answering this creatures riddle, nor any gain from it. But then the creature before them began to snap his fingers, the world bended around them was warped by his power, an inky blackness began to enter the room, and suddenly there was nothing but the creature before Luna and Celestia, as all three of them hovered around.

Both ponies felt their mouths fall open as they realized they were in a different realm, and both of them knew only one being in the world they lived in had that power.

"Your Discord!" Celestia yelled as Luna looked around clearly impressed with the darkness around her.

"Not exactly the answer I was looking for, but it is close enough," Discord said as he floated towards both ponies and put his one of his arms on each pony. "But that is beside the point, I know that you two have vision, and more importantly you crave power. I am impressed how much magical potential you each have, in fact you two could be what I am looking for, after all looking after this backwater realm is so dull. It is time for me to move on to bigger, and better things. But there are some ... issues with that plan. Which is why you two are here, to become my students, under certain terms and conditions of course..... Or I can just leave you both here, in this darkness forever," DIscord had a huge smile on his face at this point as he looked into each ponies terror filled eye's. "Just kidding of course." Discord said as he began laughing loudly.

Both Luna, and Celestia sighed, but they looked at each other for a moment. Then Luna spoke up, "Ummm I am not sure we crave power, we just umm have a idea for what things should be like. Also why do you wish for us to be your students? And what do you mean by terms and conditions? It sounds like you will get something in exchange for us," Luna sounded slightly nervous to Celestia, and she could not blame her, Discord while admired was known for sometimes being unfair, and harmful to individuals on a whim, not only that but while he indeed come down to mess with ponies not many got to see him in person, as he was most always at a distance, pulling strings. Therefore he was a being surrounded by mystery. But they both knew they needed a contract with him for what they both had as a dream. To be legends in the realm of magical power, and here was the creature that could do anything, before them, asking them to be there students.

While each of them had their concerns, they both knew this was the chance of a life-time, and Discord knew what they wished for, his powers allowed him to read any-pony like a open book just as the legends said, and while he may of been joking both Luna and Celestia knew that if they refused to accept whatever deal Discord proposed, they both knew Discord could leave them here .

"Well of course you have to give something up for the power I offer, namely you both have to offer yourselves up for a time as my students, and that means listening to me, and doing my bidding, but I promise you will learn how to care for your little world over time. I will warn you however, it will be a long time before you each can do what I need of you, and what I need of you is to take my place as ruler of this realm. If you sign this contract, and you never become ready for this task, that is not my problem, the unworthy perish. The worthy thrive. Now do you two feel worthy?" Discord asked his voice booming in the nothingness around him.

Celestia was in the moment, she was born for this. How could she be unworthy? "I am worthy!" Was what she yelled in a voice that she tried to make sound self assured.

Luna looked unsure for a moment, but her older sister's waiting gaze gave her the strength to nod.

And so the pact was as good as made.


Celestia suddenly opened her eyes and staggered up in a panic and cold sweat, and looked around, Discord being long gone. She had dreamed about the signing of the student contract, something she had not dreamed of in ages. Then she felt it her mind began to whirl around some more the magic from Discord's orb still effecting her as it began to put yesterday in her head once again, and now she realized why he had forced her to relive her signing.

This was all her fault. She was a failure as a student, as a teacher as anything. She felt the cold realization hit her.

She had been unworthy. She looked at the place where the statue was, and felt if possible even colder, the image of Twilight that was looking away before was now looking at her mentor with cold stone eyes, filled with disapproval. Celestia began to run away from the statues judging stare.

I have to get to Twilight, I have to tell her what happened yesterday! I have to get her back! I will not be a failure! I will NOT!

Author's Note:

Took forever. Hope you like it.