• Published 25th Jun 2013
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The Contract. - SirTreeofarbor

Twilight finds her world quickly crumbling around her and is forced to rush a deal with the only creature with the power to stop it. Discord.

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Confessions, Terms, and a Restroom Break

Twilight looked up at the grand entrance of Canterlot. This was it; she had to find the Princess.

She simply began walking across the bridge under the golden arch that made up the entrance, before asking one of the many nearby guards where they had last seen Celestia. They directed her towards the Canterlot Tower.

Toward the Elements... Twilight had to avoid giving Discord her element, but how? She had to hope that her teacher had the answers to set things right, and remove her contract with Discord.


Twilight rushed into the Star Swirl the Bearded wing and ran right into Celestia with a scream. Her Princess staggered slightly as the smaller Twilight collapsed in a panting heap.

"Oh, what brings you to Canterlot at this hour Twilight? You look panicked,” Celestia noted with concern after picking herself back up. “Is everything alright?"

Twilight took a moment to catch her breath and right herself before responding. "Princess I need your help Dis-." All of a sudden she felt heavy and her voice faded for a moment before she could explain her situation. "Princess I have a issue with Di-." It happened again before she could tell Celestia about her contract.

Her head began to hurt as she stuttered, panted, and groaned as she tried over and over again to tell her Princess about the contract, only to fail each time as her voice faded.

At this point she entered a fully panicked state and began screaming into the air and running around in circles, that is, until she heard something coming from the depths of her mind.

With a slight chuckle the voice began speaking to her, Look at you dropping your little promise with me, and just not long ago we even shared a kiss, yet you wish to spill the beans and get away from me? That is, ever so sadly for you, covered by a certain contract, which will keep you from speaking about itself. The voice snickered, and she realized it was Discord's voice. She looked around and found he was in the room with her, but invisible to everyone except her.

Twilight felt her mouth fall open and eyes go wide. Only to realize her Princess was staring at her. "Umm, I have to go to the bathroom. I will be back in a second Princess," she said without a second look at Celestia, and ran to the closest restroom while locking the door behind her.

Only to scream once again as she saw Discord looking back at her from a mirror with an amused smirk on his face. "Oh Celestia! Don't do stuff like that!" She yelled in an annoyed voice.

Discord simply walked out of the mirror, and began twisting around Twilight with his longer snakelike body while putting his eagle claw under her chin, and bringing her eyes to stare directly into his. She expected to be hypnotized for a moment, but Discord was doing no such thing.

Twilight felt herself blush while he just stared back at her for a few moments. He seemed serious with his gaze unwavering and his eyes full of intellect as well as a fiery passion. She found herself staring back and absorbing the odd features of Discord face. Their details were odd but had a charm about them, and she felt the fact that she found herself thinking in that direction was peculiar of her.

"Umm Discord what are you-," Twilight shuddered as Discord grabbed her cheeks to stop her from talking.

"Twilight, darling,” Discord emphasized, “I think we need to talk for a moment about our little deal... I simply find myself wondering why you would try so hard to get out of a soul binding commitment? After all you are an honor bound pony are you not? Where does that loyalty and honor go when it does not suit you?" Discord said while playing with her checks.

"It goes with my friends! My mentor! This world! You forced me to sign a contract to gain my loyalty. How far did you really thing that would take you?" Twilight asked with an expression of anger.

"About as far as I could throw you, which is pretty far actually. I can throw you into greater power. A world of wonders awaits you with if you travel with me. Why would you not wish for that?" Discord said with a slight confusion in his voice.

Twilight paused... she found her obsession with magic tempt her, but that was all it was, a nagging want. However, it wasn’t powerful enough to persuade her to Discords side. "Because I have a feeling I would not be happy being your slave," she said forcefully.

Discord seemed taken aback by that statement, "My slave! You are not even close to a slave. You have too much potential to just be my shoes or my coat. No, you are something much more, and a great,” he paused for a moment before continuing, “great value to me.... Tell you what, I will prove to you that you're not a slave by... umm, hmm, I have it all planned out I will umm..." Discord was scratching his head at this point, "I will have to see what I can do about that."

Twilight shook her head, "I would be surprised if you did find a way to do so." She then looked down at the body wrapped around her and felt awkward, "Umm, can you get off me?"

Discord looked back at her after being pulled from his thoughts, "Hmm, is there a issue with me being this close to you?" he said with a smirk on face, "What if I fancy it?" He began patting her head as if she were a pet.

Twilight just sighed at this. She actually did not mind his antics as much as she claimed. In fact, she thought they were in good taste. After all she was used to Pinkie's antics, which overall gave her light amusement, or at least they would if she was not under a contract and the relationship was not forced. "I would ask why you even fancy it while telling you once again to get off me," she finally voiced in an annoyed tone.

"Hmm, and what if I said I fancy you then decided to not get off you?" Discord replied with a smile.

"I would tell you to sod off," she severely rebutted.

Discord sighed, "Why does gaining your ponies trust have to be SO hard. I mean I already saved your world by resetting the balance more or less, and honestly you have paid very little overall for me to do that.... I mean really," Discord was talking in an annoyed whine, and Twilight simply rolled her eyes.

"You talk as if trust is just simply handed out freely. Trust usually means you accept risks from the other person but believe they will not do you harm out of goodwill. You not only used the end of the world to not only make me sign a contract, but to use me like a pawn!" Twilight was yelling in anger at this point as Discord reeled away from her.

Discord's face looked odd to Twilight, and she realized for just a moment it showed sadness. Before she could stop herself she felt something akin to sorrow burrow into her chest, and realized just how little Discord understood anything about friendship, trust or real relationships.

He quickly unwrapped himself from her and simply floated around and began to pant in anger. The room began to warp around him as if the room itself was breathing with Discord, and Twilight felt fear build up within herself as she worried that he would lash out at her. However, slowly and surely the madness stopped and Discord calmed down, and started to realize where he was again.

"You know Twilight I have no idea if you bring out the best in me, or the worst... Regardless, you never need fear that I will strike you." Discord waved his lion’s paw as if the matter was over now, "Oh, and meet me in the room of the elements so we can talk over that element of magic of yours after you’re done stuttering to Celestia."

At that Discord disappeared leaving Twilight with mixed feelings about the entire ordeal. She did not have much time to think about it, however, as Celestia began to bang on the door and ask if she was all right.

Twilight let out a long sigh, which seemed to be becoming routine. Today was bound to be a long one.

Author's Note:

There I redid the entire second half of this bad boy and think I like it alot more. This rewrite is effect 6/30/2013.

Editor update on chapter 3 effective: 8/1/2013