• Published 25th Jun 2013
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The Contract. - SirTreeofarbor

Twilight finds her world quickly crumbling around her and is forced to rush a deal with the only creature with the power to stop it. Discord.

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The Nightmare, and the Myths

Twilight found herself looking into a dark void, fog suddenly appearing as eerie noises seems to reach out from the depths, noises Twilight could not begin to describe. She looked around her, searching for some form of comfort, but found none as the fog seemed to close in around her, forming shapes, as Twilight watched in horror as the shapes became her friends faces, distraught looks were gracing the features on their ghost like figures as the fog slowly solidified into stone, all of the new formed statues looking as if it were in a great pain, and one figure in particular caught Twilight's eye. Discord was right in center of Twilight's vision, made of stone with the same look on his face when the elements had hit, those elements that Twilight used to do that to him.

What was it like being trapped in stone for so long, and why do I feel just as distraught over the idea of Discord being in stone as much as my friends? Why do my eyes fixate on him? Maybe because he actually was the one turned into stone for so long... Twilight thought as she slowly worked thru her raging emotions. She could not stare at the statues before her floating on the dark nothingness that made up the ground below them, and she turn away only to see some the more statues, of more ponies.

Twilight felt he heart beat speed up as she turned around again only to find the statues closer to her with hands out stretched moving towards her at a steady pace. Twilight panicked and ran into a gap into the void beyond taking a look over her shoulder, only to run into a closed door. Gasping and falling to the ground Twilight recognized the door before her in a instant. It was the door she sighed the contract in, and she once again gasped as the door began to open with a slow creak.

Twilight found herself looking up as the figure that captured her imagination, a figure she felt she never would fully understand, yet she wished to try. She felt herself looking up at Discord who for the first time in her life looked somewhat noble to her as light flooded in for the door behind him, and he forming the light into a orb threw it that the floor, causing the dream in Twilight's mind to warp. The fog was removed from her dream as the void around her was changed into what appeared to be her home. This left Twilight staring at Discord mouth agape, only shaking herself out of her trance after Discord began to stare back.

"So you can enter dreams, just like Princess Luna." Twilight muttered while Discord walked from the door way as cheerful as could be.

"I am surprised you did not expect me do such a thing, my dear. After all watching as you tossed and turned in your sleep fighting demon was far too much for my poor heart to take." Discord said dramatically causing Twilight to roll her eyes, even if she was grateful that he had taken it upon himself to release her from that nightmare. "Also I wrote the book on dream entering and changing, or as I like to call it, dream surfing, point is rate I taught Luna the basics of that skill when she was under my tutelage, ahhh those were the days. When Celesta and Luna were small, tiny, meek and weak. Anyway I doubt you find such topics interesting." Discord said offhandedly with a light smile on his face as if remembering times long past, which reminded Twilight that she was dealing with a being older than she could imagine.

Discord taught Princess Luna to do that? That must mean... Twilight thought, her machine like mind realizing what this must have meant.

"You taught Luna? That means you taught Celestia, right? That means.... you were there teachers?" Twilight asked suddenly, jerking Discord out of his trance.

"And here I thought you wished to rest you mind, but instead of being thankful for my work you only ask more questions, I even prepared my glories entry so carefully," Discord said while placing his hand on his chest and looked away from Twilight in a dramatic flair that she was becoming more amused by. Causing Twilight to smile lightly.
"So you did," Twilight said in a light happy voice causing Discord to slump and mutter.

"Those were the days I try to remember without sighing, cause at the time they were fun, they were meant to take over my position in this world, but noooo Celestia had to be so impatient, and of course Lune being the star struck secret sister lover she is would believe anything Celestia told her, I mean really the idea that I would lie to them about something that would crush this world that I crafted into dust. The idea that I would ever betray my students.... ok maybe I could understand why Celestia would think that..." Discord was sounding bitter, and was in the middle in a rant soon Twilight did not even know what Discord was saying as he began to speck in a muttering tone.

However Twilight had gotten a glimpse into a relation-ship she would have never considered. As she watched Discord mutter and talk to himself she began to realize that he had a emotional investment of some sort in the world around him, and at this point she was not surprised. She realized that she was beginning to relate to him much more, and while she was unsure before that he was a being in that he felt the same emotion she could.

Just as she was about to try speck Twilight heard something and Discord stopped in his tracks.

"Oh seem like someone has found us sleeping together," Discord said with a smirk on his face.


Twilight opened her eyes finding herself in her bed, back in the real world with Spike screaming in her face.

Author's Note:

Took forever to get this out. lol Hope you guys like it, not sure if it is any good or not.