• Published 25th Jun 2013
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The Contract. - SirTreeofarbor

Twilight finds her world quickly crumbling around her and is forced to rush a deal with the only creature with the power to stop it. Discord.

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Dust in the Wind

Twilight was unable to turn Discord into stone, not when he had willingly gave her the option to do so.

Why on earth did he have to do that? Twilight could not her feelings from effecting her, and she felt her hate for Discord ebb. Twilight sighed while she did not harbor any like towards Discord she could not dislike him. Not only that but the fact that Discord had given her this choice made it clear to Twilight that he was not fully a manipulative jerk, and that logically he could be being if he was given a bit of trust. As these logical gears turned in Twilight's head, and well as mixed emotions of dislike and gratitude she tapped her hoof on the floor of the hall the emanating repeatedly as Discord watched, his gaze steady.

"Discord I find I cannot turn you into stone if you offer up yourself so willingly. Surly you did not expect me to do that if you handed me the Elements...." Twilight and while any doubts that the act of goodwill was a trick when a look of confusion, then joy crossed Discord's face.

No one could fake that not even Discord, Twilight though as she realized this was the first time she actually believed the feelings Discord were showing were genuine instead of a facade.

Discord began to float towards her, "Well this is a confusing surprise, here I hand you what you wished for so badly just a while ago, and you refuse it. You should be the God of Chaos, not me cause your morals are so weird." Discord said while summoning several pieces of cake, and dancing clockwork machines that began dancing. "Now let's cerebrate!"

Twilight sighed "Ummm Discord could you please put off the cerebrations for just a little longer? I have some question's that I think you know the answer to," Twilight was simply trying to be polite, his antic's were starting to not irritate her as much as they had, not to mention a certain pink pony had a habit of doing similar things...

Discord's face drooped for a moment as he removed the festive atmosphere, "I suppose we do have to get things settled a bit in terms of what you owe me for saving the entire world and all." Discord said in a sigh.

Twilight gritted her teeth, Not two moments after I decide not to turn you into stone you hold THAT over my head again. Ok Twilight focus at least you have his attention, which means you can get some answers. But what should you start with? Twilight looked at Discord, and found herself wondering where he came from one again.

"Let's just forget about the contract for now, we can deal with that later," Twilight said in annoyance, "Instead I wish to know about your past. Where are you from? What is your purpose in this plane of existence? You said earlier that you were going to leave this plane if ours was destroyed? Why did you restore the ele -" Twilight stopped as Discord put a finger to her lips.

And why does he never respect my personal space? Twilight thought blushing slightly in embarrassment.

Discord backed up and summoned two chairs as well as a bubble pipe for himself taking a seat, "I see we are in the mood to get personal I see," Discord said with a smile plastered on his features as Twilight blushed. She had to admit Discord had a flare for the dramatic that she found charming, and she felt herself smile back at Discord as he began to raise his chair up into the air and stand upon it, however his face was getting serious as he began his story of origin.

"Now then Twilight my dear, allow me to share with you my past. Or to be exact what I am allowed to tell you, higher beings than I created me on terms that I am not able to break in a similar fashion to how you were unable to talk to your princess about your deal I am not able to talk to you about mine." Discord said whilst pacing in the air.

Twilight felt her eyes widen. Discord in a agreement that he actually followed, it boggled Twilights' mind. She felt herself already getting lost in Discord's story, his voice was different when he talked of the past like he was very uncertain about it for some reason, as if he had never told the story of his past.

That is actually pretty likely, Twilight thought.

"Ummm I am not exactly sure what else to tell you... hmmm, I suppose I should talk about my purpose in terms of what I do for this world. Now you see I am the over-viewer of this plane more or less, and am responsible for making sure things are in balance.... However my contract expired about thirty seconds before you talked to me," Twilight felt her jaw drop.

"Wait wait wait you mean that you did not stop what was happening to my world cause you were thirty seconds late? Not only that but you keep balance?" Twilight said in confusion.

"Twilight dear, these contracts for me are a source of magical power quite simply eons ago I sighed my life for this plane, and was finally done. But then you came along bouncing around offering something I never expected, a new purpose. As you know Twilight I am not quite like you ponies, soon after a contract ends I fade away, my powers run dry and I become nothing but dust in the wind. While I admit I acted as if I had nothing to lose when you signed the contract I will concede that it was the other way around. I had everything to gain, and I know this no other pony would have been willing to make a deal with me. Not that this changes the fact that you are debt to me," Discord said with a smile. "You signed the contract and therefore I made the terms so I still have you in a soul binding agreement. Oh and I kept balance in a rather lose sense really my contract said not to let the world blow up but never said anything about my antics," Discord gloated, proud of himself.

Twilight sighed so she had actually been taken advantage of much more than she thought before.... but now she realized Discord looked nervous as if she would be angry that he had told her the truth... Not to mention from what he was saying his life may have been over had Twilight not signed. For some reason Twilight could not get too upset, partly due to the fact he had given her a choice not long ago, and partly because she would do the same to save herself if she was in the same situation.

"What about the elements, and why did the world fall into such disarray so suddenly?" Twilight questioned a look of interest on her face.

"Well nothing lasts forever, magical objects fade and grow weaker as they are used more. Oh and your "world" is just one big magical object that is just linked with the elements. Which is why I had no choice in terms of restoring one or the other. Restoring the world around you is the same as "fixing" the elements much to my distaste," Looking at the elements in disgust. "You have no idea how much I hate those things they make me feel like... myself," Discord's voice had grown dark for a second and chills ran down Twilight's spine.

Twilight thought about it for a second and realized how odd that sounded could he mean that he felt like himself while he was in stone? What does that mean?

"Umm Discord what do you mean about that?" Twilight asked a bit fearful of doing so. The tension in the air had grown heavy in a instant, and she was not used to that dark tone in Discord's voice.

Discord suddenly realized what was happening and he quickly snapped out of it, "Oh nothing dear, anyway we have to get to Ponyville quickly now after all we have things to do," Discord said suddenly joyful as Twilight felt slight confusion at the mood change.

"Umm do what exactly?" Twilight asked poking her hoof into the chair under her as Discord floated over her and patted her head affectionately.

"Why you need to pack your things of course, we have to go to some different planes of existence to get you settled in terms becoming my student," Discord said as if he was talking about the weather.

Twilight simply felt her mouth fall agape.

Author's Note:

Well I had a hard time writing this one and rewrote it several times before uploading it. However I feel like I am going in the direction I wish to go here.

I hope you guys enjoy it regardless.

Man I could have just written a simple story about a walrus but I had to pick something like this ~_~... Ah well I love trying to write this... ^^