• Published 25th Jun 2013
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The Contract. - SirTreeofarbor

Twilight finds her world quickly crumbling around her and is forced to rush a deal with the only creature with the power to stop it. Discord.

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Unturned Statues

Twilight stood in shock as Discord floated around the hall laughing.

"You make such funny faces when you get surprised," Discord laughed out suddenly grabbing Twilight's cheeks and pulling them up in a smile and then took the liberty to pick up Twilight and turn her upside down as she screamed.

"Discord what are you doing?" Twilight yelled as Discord began throw her comparatively small body in the air catching her.

"Just playing around with my new student, anyway I am going to send you home to pack your things now Twilight. Get any lose ends tied up before we leave this dreadful place say goodbye to your friends, get your home sold and all that jazz. Cause we are leaving this dull plane of existence!" Discord was incredibly joyful sounding but Twilight was not as pleased.

"Discord I can't just pick up and leave!" Twilight yelled as she was thrown up in the air, only to fall on her rear as Discord was taken aback by that statement.

"Ohhhh I forget that you ponies have attachments to your "friends" tell you what. If it really means that much to you, beloved one, we can stay in this daft little backwater world, but only if I get a promise that you will not turn me into stone. After all would you turn this lovely face into stone?" Discord said he turned his head upside down making Twilight laugh at his odd charm.

"Ok ok. I promise I will not let you be turn into stone, but why do I have to be your student? Why do you even need a student?" Twilight stopped talking as Discord placed a finger on her lips, then said "Why do you always do that when I start asking questions?"

"Because all will be learned in due time my dear, regardless I think something has come up. So you, do whatever it is you do in your spare time while I take care of business." Discord said as he disappeared leaving Twilight to wonder what she would do, she decided to try and talk to her friends as well as Spike about what had happened, and turned to leave the hall , deciding for some reason to take the elements with her. She felt her feelings begin to swell within her as she admitted to herself that she liked Discord more than she would ever like to show to anyone, especially Discord.


Celestia was standing in the near silent Canterlot Gardens the only sounds being the rustling of the trees around her as well as some birds that had just woken up this dawn. She had felt something she had not in a long time when she was talking to Twilight, she felt a presence she long cast away in stone with her sister, someone she now hated but once admired, Discord.

She stood for several moments looking at the spot where Discord should be, as a statue replaced by what was to Celestia a chilling sight. The statue of Twilight was standing there it's stone face full of happiness with a scroll before her. It was overall a masterpiece of a statue in terms of detail and what it portrayed, however Celestia was not the least bit charmed by it as much as she was terrified.

"It is rather beautiful isn't it?" A voice suddenly whispered right behind her. A voice she recognized instantly as she jumped.

Discord was standing right before her as she turned around popcorn in his hands as he began munching away. As Celestia began to speak, " Discord! What is the meaning of this?" Celestia found herself yelling at this point, full of a rage she had not felt in ages.

"Oh that little piece of poetry forever captured in stone? I would be honored to explain everything to your highness, after all I did take the time to remove your memories so we could have this talk. I may as well restore them," Discord sounded incredibly smug as Celestia's face began to show horror.

"You really mean you got a new contract? How? Wait... Did our contract expire?" Celestia felt the gears in her head turning and realized slowly what must of happened. "You mean we failed?"

"Well what did you expect? Was there any other outcome possible with the actions you two took? Claiming I had no place in this world, as if it was your choice to decide where I should be able to go. Regardless that choice was the wrong one and I had to clean up your mess, and I only did that because of a certain student of yours," Discord teleported to the Twilight statue and patted it's stone head, "I mean this only happened yesterday, but yesterday never happened for you, I had to make sure that your memories were removed while I took care of those little elements of yours." Discord was chuckling at Celestia still enjoying his bag of popcorn as she shuddered in anger.

"That can't be possible the magic required to remove my memories as well as Luna's is greater than anything you have been able to do before, even if it was only for a day it is beyond you, perhaps you could do it to a common pony but to us that is impossible. You couldn't even do such a thing when your creation contract was still giving you magical power. Not only that but there is no way Twilight would ever sign a contract with a monster like you!" Celestia's horn was glowing now, she was tired of talking and was more than willing to try and shut Discord up.

"Well she is your student, and you once signed a contract with me. Also you forget that Twilight has lots of potential, she could even take your position one day. Just like you took mine by using that little loophole," Discord was talking in a dark tone now, and Celestia felt her will to fight ebb slightly, "I have felt more powerful from a single contract from one little purple pony than I have from you two Royals, then again she did give up everything, which is something you did not do in your contract," Discord was rubbing the chin of the statue and Celestia once again shuddered.

"You never were the true ruler of this world, it was never your place! We took it from you because we deserved it more than you! You never understood what feeling was what friend-ship was, and you made everypony miserable while you were in power, and we decided that waiting for you to step down was not a option," Celestia was stomping her hoof now and her horn fired a magical beam at Discord only to be avoided as Discord teleported to avoid it. Then reappeared a magical orb in his hand that he suddenly threw at Celestia which hit her squarely in the head. She felt as if her head was having a nail hammered into it as images flew into her mind, and she began to fade in darkness as she fell to the ground.


Celestia slowly woke up and yawned, and looked out the window to see a world of cakes and floating buildings, the sun suddenly disappeared and was replaced by the moon only to be replaced by the sun again as she got up and stretched her small frame. She realized what she was going to do today. She was going to try and get into magical school with her little sister Luna.

And what a wonderful day it is! Hopefully the weather stays this nice over the next fifth-teen minutes.

The being she admired most for his magical power would be judging her potential like he did with every pony that wished to enter his school, and if she was lucky very very lucky.

I hope I get a contract! Celestia thought as she jumped up and down waking her nearby sister up who moaned.

"Come on Luna we need to get going before it rains more whipped cream!" Celestia yelled, "We do not what to be late for our tests, do we?"

Luna simply rolled her eyes, " Celestia I understand that this is important and all but can I sleep for five more-" Luna stopped talking as Celestia used her magical power to pick up her little sister and drop her out of her bed.

"I guess not." Luna sighed.

Author's Note:

Here is a idea that I have been playing around with for the last week starting to show itself. For one I would like the Royal two to play a big part in this story. Mainly cause they played a large part in Discord's life as well as Twilight's. Plus we are starting a trip to what I see Discord's world being like in this story.

Regardless I hope this chapter does not suck. I tried to make it fit as well as I could with the interactions between Discord Twilight and now Celestia and Discord.

Hell I may rewrite it in the next few days by gutting the first or 2nd half of the chapter. It is really up to you readers if you wish for me to do that comment and give me feed back... Cause hell if I know what I am doing.