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An unlikely marriage with an unlikely honeymoon spot.

League of Legends Crossover.

Chapters (2)
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Ok, now this is awesome!

Oh hey! First...

.....Hello? Anyone..?

...I'm so lonely..

i must agree with the first comment

also, all ponies in the area


just run

*lulu meets pinkie pie*

...oh god have mercy

my eyes...

this fic...

my whys???




Lulu....Pinkie....WHAT HAVE U DONE

I guess mastery of time and space magic has some advantage.

By the way, Lulu and pinkie isn't all that bad imagine if reformed discord got a say in this that would lead to some ... complication. (and i hope twilight will get the chance to discuss magical theory with veig that would be hillarious.)

P.S. Veigar chose their honey moon destination well very well.

Primordial Burst + Element of Magic = One shot kill

Veigar's Ultimate, scales on an enemy's magical potency (ap)
What's black and blue and about to show you the definition of pain?


You are never alone! We are one.

No homo.

Oh, I like the set up for this story. It's written in a simply style I enjoy, with good pacing and flow. Let's see what happens.

We shall see....Mwhahahaha..

Aw, how adorable! So whose up for a bet? twenty bucks says Veigar can last the entire honeymoon without turning anyone in a thin watery paste on the ground


Am I allowed to take you up on the bet? I mean, given how I know what's going to happen and all.

2679752 only if it's reasonable


Well the thing is, you said 'anyone'. But I mean, if a VILLAIN were to show up...

2684544 hoo doggie that's gonna be a lot of simoleons

i admit i don't know stuff about LoL, but i kinda like this story. it's too short as of now, but it looks promising.

I give it 2 hours fifteen minutes and 7.0125 seconds until Veigar kills or HEAVILY maims somebody.:yay:

I can see why Kled and Skaarl weren't' at the wedding.

3220196 In my opinion, Teemo and Kled are best Yordles in League

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