When I'm writing, I often get ideas. Many of these ideas are bad, or won't fit with the stories I'm writing. Some of them are sticky though. They won't go away and make room for the new ideas that I need, until I write them down as fast as I can.

From now on I keep them here, a tiny little window into the strange, strange place that is my mind. Updated when it has to be.

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Pinkie Pie gets her friends to explain various aspects of Ponydom to the audience (aka a wall of Sugar Cube Corner's kitchen). A silly story poking fun at some of the fan-produced elements of MLP.

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A 'Human in Equestria' story, but reversed.
And by that, I do not mean 'a pony in the human world'.
A human is in Equestria Equestria is in a human!

A quick one-shot. Hopefully it will entertain you a little.
It could have been made longer and more involved, but there wouldn't be much point to that.

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Another stupid story of mine. This one isn't even funny. I'm sorry.

Synopsis: In one of Pinkie's parties, Rainbow Dash tells the story of a strange mytical monster which is said to wander around Ponyville, haunting ponies when they are all alone. Twilight, of course, doesn't believe a word.


Labeled as 'Random', because it's the most similar to 'Weird', which I think would be a much accurate classification for this silly story.

Special thanks to Inumaniac for being my proofreader and helping my to create the "remastered" version.

Read the hungarian translation here Courtesy of Silence the Unicorn.

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Spiders. Oh, how I hate spiders. And yet Luna insists on keeping one as a...pet.

Just a little fun story to keep my skills sharp, so don't expect it to last very long!

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One beautiful morning, Twilight Sparkle decides she wants a free salad. After a small amount of theft, assault, battery, and arson, she sits down to enjoy what is sure to be the best tasting salad ever.

...Or she would have, if it weren’t for the Equestrian Intelligence Service locking her up as a potential threat to national security. Now, Twilight must escape a maximum security holding facility hidden deep underneath Canterlot. And to do it, she’ll need a paperclip, a spymare catsuit, an escape plan, and an alliance with the dastardly Drakbog, King of Frogs.

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Now with a dramatic reading by AShadowOfCygnus!

The name that makes ponies everywhere tremble.
The name that is the definition of cruelty.
The name that strikes fear into the hearts of all that hear it.
And that's really all that anypony can say. Ponies everywhere wonder what really goes on inside the head of the legendary crystal tyrant. What dreams and thoughts of malice could possibly sustain such cruelty?

What actually goes on inside Sombra's head might surprise everypony...

A big thanks to the amazing Mickeymonster for letting me use the cover art. Check it out here!

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Princess Celestia writes a letter to her favorite student, highlighting the need for proper lab safety.

Apologies to Tired Old Man. Not connected in any way to his body of work-- I just went with the pun.

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"The best My Little Pony/Zombie/Shakespeare mash up you'll read this week" -Overly Narrow Superlative Quarterly

Fifteen hundred years before the events of Season One, Luna is desperately trying to hold Equestria together while Celestia is on an extended vacation. When the Fillydelphia school board makes the remarkably poor choice of hiring Xenus, Dark Lord of Evil and Necromancy as the new grade school librarian will their city survive the resulting cataclysm?

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