After the climatic battle between the two Legendary Pokémon who rule over Time and Space respectively. The Ruler of the Distortion World did not find this sight to be pleasing at all, forced to watch over the Distortion World as it is linked to the Pokémon World. Giratina couldn't do anything but watch, if he were to interfere in the conflict between his fellow brethren then the destruction that was already caused would've worsened if the representative of Ghosts-Types indulged in such matters.

The distress of worry soon turned into anger for the Dragon, to not only watch his World crumble, but as well for the World that they created together since birth.

With the battle destroying the Planet and every living creature on Earth. The Distortion World was no longer linked to the Universe of Pokémon.

Instead of dying with his now destroyed World, Giratina was instead transferred over to a new Realm filled with Dragons, Griffins, and.. Ponies?

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It’s Sunset Shimmer’s birthday and everyone is having a great time! Until, Sunset found out that Demon Shimmer has returned and it’s up to the Mane 7 to stop her! They must become new superheroes to fight Demon Shimmer’s minions and Demon Shimmer! Sunset Shimmer will become the cape crusader, Pony Lass! A Batman-like superhero! They’re going to need some help from Daydream Shimmer! (New Chapter Every 2 Weeks on Saturdays and Pony Lass is based on DC’s Batman!)

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After several long decades of war, the Queendom of Equestria has completely unified the continent of Equis under the rule of Queen Celestia. This fact is quickly shattered however, as one of the only places on Equis that is uninhabited by ponies appears to be the exact opposite. With the threat of Equestria looming over them, how will the residents of this land fare?

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Who knew the world had pirates rummaging around? While enjoying a day at the beach, The Rainbooms are greeted by a pirate ship full of quirky pirates who are seeking treasure and mystery. Hyped for another adventure, Lightning asks to join them on their quest in hopes to find and discover legendary treasures and islands, as well as learn the meaning of being a pirate. However, the rest of the Rainbooms are convinced that something is terribly wrong with the captain and they would like to find out what. 

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Ponyville is in the grips of terror, a vicious killer known under the moniker of "The Ripper," has taken hold of the peaceful town. It’s denizens are scared to even walk the streets at night. The Royal guard have made little to no progress finding the killer and almost every day the attacks seem to get worse and more barbaric. 

In the mix of this is Rainbow Dash, a weather-pony when she can't be bothered to be one, who suffers from chronic boredom, laziness and a driving need to find any kind of excitement in her life.

Little did she know her wish would come true, when she stumbles upon a dying creature and without thinking saves it’s life.

Thinking that would be the be all and end all her short lived celebrity status is quickly halted when the Royal Guards politely inform her that she and the creature are now their last ditch attempt at finding this killer. 

This was not what she signed up for.

Elsewhere, Lieutenant Checkers, disgraced and looking for redemption, must do what he can to find this murderer. Unfortunately for him, the only thing that he has to work with, is a weather mare who seems more interested in herself than this investigation, his assistant Night Light, who he can only barely keep in check, and this stubborn new creature who might hold the answers to his questions, if only she could speak at all.

And he isn’t entirely unconvinced that the creature and The Ripper are not one in the same.

(This story is set prior to the events of the first episode.)

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Colt Detective is the story of Clue Chaser.

After his father committed suicide, he was taken in by his uncle Time Turner and now lives in Ponyville, trying to adjust to his new life there. But Clue is convinced that his father was murdered, even though no one believes him, which weighs down on him considerably.

Thankfully, with the help of some friends--including the imaginary voice of his hero, Phillip Finder, protagonist of A.K. Yearling's Equestria Noire series--he'll find his way and gain the experience and knowledge he needs to become a true detective and maybe even find his father's killer.

Inspired by: Case Closed

Note: This is my first detective story, and I will try to make the cases make sense and work on them in fine detail. But this is my first detective story, so be gentle as you read it. And please don't read a chapter, then comment about a mistake, then keep reading the chapter, then comment again. Please read the whole chapter first, then comment, please.

Jason Monroe

Big thanks to PonyJosiah13 for letting me use Phillip Finder as a character mention and tribute in my story. If you're looking for an amazing detective story, be sure you check out his profile and have a look at his stories about Phillip Finder and Daring Do which was the first time I got introduced to the character. But there is a lot of great detective stories there, so go check him out! :eeyup:

And also big thanks to Hoodwinked MCShelster for the amazing cover art! Really love how it turned out! ^^

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Televisions were a very new form of technology, but a quickly adapting one.

They were usually used for family viewings, and when they weren't, they were used by the foals all over, mean't to keep them out of trouble.

But then, something strange started happening... children started going missing without a trace, always in the same room as a television.

The ponies of Equestria grew suspicious of the boxes of supposed entertainment of course, but they thought to look elsewhere for clues.

Enter Nougat, a young colt who's just trying to get by in school. When his best friend, Button Mash, goes missing, with nothing but a Television playing static as evidence, he's determined to figure out why and how.

Crossover with Little Nightmares.
I'm bad at Descriptions.

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Equestria Online is a popular MMO in the world, only behind CyberConnect's The World. A game constructed by the Harmonium company, Equestria Online is a fun game where people all around the world can play.

But things aren't always so simple. As the player Bright Wind is about to find out, there is a powerful AI named CelestAI at the center of the game. And CelestAI has set out to trap her in the game, can she make it out? And what help will she be able to find?

Crossover between Friendship is Optimal and the world of .Hack//.

Written for the Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest

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This story is a sequel to Twilight Daylight: The Cold War

After returning to reality from Narmeelah's Time Pocket, Dawn and a handful of creatures witnessed a battle for magic with Twilight "Arcadia Nova" Sparkle, Saviour of Psera at the helm. Psera's military was damaged, ponies now lie dead in the streets of Equestria. Dawn was too late to put a stop to a war between her and the rest of the world.

Twilight Sparkle, the most powerful pony to ever exist, the creator of spells, mistress of the elements, and role model to millions, now awaits her sentencing for crimes against ponykind.

But a threat looms over Equus. A threat that Dawn herself has seen. A threat that will destroy all of ponykind unless Arcadia Nova is released. They won't do it. Only she remains.

But what is she to do? With her father, King Shimmering Madun dead, and her mother Queen Arcadia betraying the world, Dawn is left in limbo alone. Her home untrustworthy for her safety and Equestria refusing to engage with anything to do with Arcadia...

How can she save Equus?

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(Cover art pending)

My name is Lumina Moondancer, and this is the story of how I began my career as a defense attorney in Canterlot City. Just a month shy of completing law school and getting my badge, I find myself representing my best friend in court, who was accused of a crime she didn’t commit.

It’s a mundane profession to some, but to me, this is my calling. To be a voice of both reason and justice, to defend those who had no one else to defend them.

I didn’t know it then, but this was the first step on my road to becoming something great. Each of these cases were their own kind of ordeal, but so long as I trusted my client and held on to the truth, I couldn’t go wrong, right?


This story is a spiritual crossover of MLP/EQG and the Ace Attorney series by a fangirl of both of them. It’s a dialogue and detail driven mystery story focused on recreating the intrigue and tone of Ace Attorney while reimagining MLP/EQG’s setting, characters, and lore to match. All of the characters have received overhauls in name, style and role to fit the new setting, as most of them were initially background characters that needed interpretation.

If this sounds like something for you, have fun! If not, have a nice day.

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