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It’s Sunset Shimmer’s birthday and everyone is having a great time! Until, Sunset found out that Demon Shimmer has returned and it’s up to the Mane 7 to stop her! They must become new superheroes to fight Demon Shimmer’s minions and Demon Shimmer! Sunset Shimmer will become the cape crusader, Pony Lass! A Batman-like superhero! They’re going to need some help from Daydream Shimmer! (New Chapter Every 2 Weeks on Saturdays and Pony Lass is based on DC’s Batman!)

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since when was sunset the leader?

Damn, they hyping up sunset a lot.

The benefit of having pinkie pie as a friend is having a huge party.

Damn, is this what she’s capable of?

Some people say Sunset is the leader!

Sunset is the number one character in the world!

Demon Shimmer is going down! The heroic Sunset Shimmer and Daydream Shimmer will stop her!

Ok, i gotta give sunset props for that, because I was honestly expecting her to wit someone with that stick.

She would never hit someone! Sunset is a natural! She got this!😁👍🏻

Why make Pony Lass based on DC’s Batman? Wouldn't Superman be a better choice?

I want to make Sunset super awesome!😍☀️❤️

It’s a fanfic! And it takes place after Holiday Unwrapped!

Sorry I didn’t get your message! I was sleeping! The next chapter comes out Next Saturday!

“Don’t worry. Aiming is one of the most important things in my book.” said Sunset.

Is it bad that hearing that makes me worry?

Sunset gave Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna a hug. Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna returned the embrace. Every student said “AWWWWWW!!!!!”

Is this a dream?

Don’t worry! Sunset is a really good aimer!😁👍🏻

Also It’s not a dream! They’re giving each other a hug!☀️❤️

Like I said I don’t know why I’m worried.

Yeah, but shouldn’t there be violence, swearing and people dying in the story? Everything seems to be going smoothly.

Don’t worry! There’s going to be violence and mild language in the future chapters! I promise! It’s a soft T rated fanfic! Thanks for understanding!

Thanks and it will get darker soon! I promise! Trust me! It will be super awesome!😁👍🏻 Thanks for waiting!

Something tells me when everything goes down hill it’s going to be entertaining.

Comment posted by SunsetLover deleted June 20th
Comment posted by SunsetLover deleted June 20th

Ooops! Sorry! I miss understand the comment you posted! Sorry about that! I didn’t understand your comment! Please don’t be mad! Your comment means that you really enjoyed the comment!😍☀️❤️ Thanks and sorry for the miss understandment!

Sunset closed her eyes and blew out the candles. Everyone cheered, whistled, and applauded to Sunset. Then all of a sudden, fireworks popped out of the cake and exploded up in the air. They exploded the colors red, yellow, and orange. They even exploded into the shape of Sunset’s logo/cutie mark! Everyone including Sunset was in awe and they all cheered loudly.

Wow, pinkie pie went all out.

“I love you all forever and I will never loose you guys no matter what.” Sunset said tearfully.

This may be because I watch too much tv, but I feel like something bad is gonna happen.

“Yeah! It’s definitely delicious!” said a student named Christopher Davis.

Was this like a request or something?

Twilight did come through for sunset.

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