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Televisions were a very new form of technology, but a quickly adapting one.

They were usually used for family viewings, and when they weren't, they were used by the foals all over, mean't to keep them out of trouble.

But then, something strange started happening... children started going missing without a trace, always in the same room as a television.

The ponies of Equestria grew suspicious of the boxes of supposed entertainment of course, but they thought to look elsewhere for clues.

Enter Nougat, a young colt who's just trying to get by in school. When his best friend, Button Mash, goes missing, with nothing but a Television playing static as evidence, he's determined to figure out why and how.

Crossover with Little Nightmares.
I'm bad at Descriptions.

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Ahh, I was wondering when it would come. Have been waiting for this specific crossover :eeyup:

Comment posted by anapgod1 deleted April 26th

seems like it could be fun crossover, hopefully my boy mono can be saved.

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