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Welcome to the official Spazz Kid group!
No, I'm not gonna say fanclub, none of you like him that much, let's be honest here...

This is basically a pretty normal group that focuses on pretty generic stories and stuff, just with Spazz Kid's label slapped on it.

You can even post your stories here in case to want them to be reviewed by the man himself! Wouldn't that be cool? No? Okay..


* This is not a self promo group, that's literally already a thing.
* NSFW is not allowed.
* If you're here to spread negativity, please go away. If you're not being constructive with your criticism, we don't want you here.
*Spamming is NOT allowed, if you wanna be funny, be funny in a different way.
*Have fun, and don't take everything so seriously!

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Bruh, I figured it out.

Go right ahead, friendo

Can I post goated, working on a new chapter

You son of a bitch I'm in.

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