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Ponyville is in the grips of terror, a vicious killer known under the moniker of "The Ripper," has taken hold of the peaceful town. It’s denizens are scared to even walk the streets at night. The Royal guard have made little to no progress finding the killer and almost every day the attacks seem to get worse and more barbaric. 

In the mix of this is Rainbow Dash, a weather-pony when she can't be bothered to be one, who suffers from chronic boredom, laziness and a driving need to find any kind of excitement in her life.

Little did she know her wish would come true, when she stumbles upon a dying creature and without thinking saves it’s life.

Thinking that would be the be all and end all her short lived celebrity status is quickly halted when the Royal Guards politely inform her that she and the creature are now their last ditch attempt at finding this killer. 

This was not what she signed up for.

Elsewhere, Lieutenant Checkers, disgraced and looking for redemption, must do what he can to find this murderer. Unfortunately for him, the only thing that he has to work with, is a weather mare who seems more interested in herself than this investigation, his assistant Night Light, who he can only barely keep in check, and this stubborn new creature who might hold the answers to his questions, if only she could speak at all.

And he isn’t entirely unconvinced that the creature and The Ripper are not one in the same.

(This story is set prior to the events of the first episode.)

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