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It's been a month now since Smolder had told the others about her liking girly things such as tea parties. One day every week after their classes they all go to Smolders dorm to have their weekly tea party. On one of those days Gallus decides to stay after the tea party to help her clean up and notices her being a little off. When they finished cleaning and Gallus went to leave, Smolder ended up passing out, earning a concerned and worried feeling from Gallus who then decided to stay until he helped her figure out what was wrong. 

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Oh dear me something's wrong with smolder and it's a good thing that gallus was there before anything worse could happen to her but still what is wrong with her and what's making her sick I guess we'll find out next time this is a pretty interesting start of a story

Well, it's caught my interest, so hopefully we'll see more soon. :twilightsmile:

Thank you so much that makes me really happy to hear!!

If this were a crossover fic I would expect Twilight to summon Dr. House to the School of Friendship with her magic.

It looks good so far and reminds me of the beginning of a House, M.D. episode.

Is this story going to continue on

Yes!! I’ve just been really busy lately. I’ve also made the mistake of trying to write multiple stories at once. Right now I’m at the beach but once I get home I’ll start writing again!

I just published the next chapter!!

I just published the next chapter!!

I just published the next chapter!!

I just published the next chapter!!

Dang that was pretty sad man so when Gallas and smolder talk with Twilight about what's going on they decided to go to the nurse's office but unfortunately the School nurses cannot authorize so they have no choice to take her to the hospital which smolder having a panic attack about it but knowing to the situation they have no choice she was getting worse along the way she was thinking about why would the reason why she never want to go to a hospital and I guess there was a reason there was another dragon lord before torch came around name Godwin and apparently he is the worst one and the reason why is because in the hospital Smolder's little sister died there because of him didn't want it to help her thinking that she is a lost cause so they just let her die and she was mad at the hospital the dragons and mostly Godwin for doing this to her and that's why she never wanted to go to the hospital because that's the same thing what's going to happen to her but the thing is she's in Ponyville nothing is not going to happen here once they got there they told her about her condition and it looks like not just ponies but other creatures works there so the nurse dragon tested smolder taking blood sample and everything and they will get the test results soon so they decided to go to the cafeteria to eat but smolder starting to get sick again not only thinking about the past but also because of the pain inside of her she started to puke blood and everything but what makes it worse it's starting to freeze which that is not good at all so they had to take her to the room and Twilight needs to tell dragonlord ember about the situation so gallus stay with her giving her comfort and everything what she needed which she felt comfortable with him but it looks like the doctor got the test results I wonder what's happening to her I guess we'll find out next time it kind of making me nervous

To be honest, I'm sort of surprised dragons have hospitals at all. They always seemed more like "eh, just walk it off" sort of creatures, y'know?

The way I kinda think of it (for this story) is like a big cave with multiple rooms for dragons that maybe can’t walk it off or for kids maybe lol.

Maybe it's a good thing they have more creatures working at Ponyville hospital just in case if ponies don't know anything so I guess that's a good thing plus maybe you should put a alternate universe tag on it

When will this story be updated??

I just published the next chapter!

I just published the next chapter!

I just published the next chapter!

Ok wow so the doctor explained to the two kids about smolder condition and saying that she has dragon blizzard which apparently it's a rare disease that dragons go through and now Gallus want to keep an eye on smolder and they told Twilight and Spike and there friends about this and they are very worried so now how they will get though this I guess we'll find out next time

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