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It's been a month now since Smolder had told the others about her liking girly things such as tea parties. One day every week after their classes they all go to Smolders dorm to have their weekly tea party. On one of those days Gallus decides to stay after the tea party to help her clean up and notices her being a little off. When they finished cleaning and Gallus went to leave, Smolder ended up passing out, earning a concerned and worried feeling from Gallus who then decided to stay until he helped her figure out what was wrong. 

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Smolder being taken to the School of Friendship by Dragon Lord Ember was one of the most random and best things that ever happened to her. As Smolder remembered that her six parents were not the friendship or pony loving type she decided to tell everyone that she was an orphan and all was good. That was until the map called Twilight, her friends, all three princesses, Smolders friends, and the leader of the other creatures to the castle of friendship. But it wasn't to solve a friendship problem that was already existing, it was to prevent a family problem from happening, and that family was Smolders.

Side note: Garble is not Smolder’s brother in this. Also feel the need to mention that the non-consensual and violence stuff is not gonna be in the story much just a little bit.

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