• Published 12th Jan 2017
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Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons - Speak - Heartshine

The battle of the Hoof ended 9 years ago. For some ponies, the scars are still fresh in the mind. As Threnody, a young heartmender working with the Followers of the Apocalypse will find, sometimes the hardest step is getting a Patient to speak.

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I didn't know there was a sequel to project horizons.

Oh boy I sure do like the comment sections on this story I hope nothing bad happens when a certain sort of person gets to the end and feels strongly about something that doesn't matter.

Yay new quarter chapter

It lives!

Iiittt returnssssss great chapter btdubs

I love me an adventure but who knew that awkward teenager behavior is also my jam


No brain, what do you mean it’s BEDTIME and it’ll still be there in the morning? But I want to read it NOW! What do you mean don’t use that tone with me you’re my inner monologue I am you, shut up.

…FIIIINE. I’ll go to bed. But I won’t forget this.

I absolutely love this story so far! I can also tell the strength of the writing in that I keep feeling exactly like Threnody getting called out when all those emotional rocks hit home and make me reassess my brain. Again. Fantastically written and painfully helpful lol

Thanks for writing, and congratulations on getting this posted. :)

Two official ones, actually, this and Homelands.

Yea it lives and it's full of awkward brown Pegasus pony being silly and great.

There's two actually.

I get such little information of the series that I didn't know about that.

Gay shit?

I'm in. :yay:

“Like, 'look at that bitch eating snack cakes over there like she owns the place'.”

I love this xP it's both fun/silly and strange to see them all to get a chance to act their age. Living in the wasteland probably didn't give them much opportunity to act like children as they grew up. Trauma go brrr I guess

“I-what?” Balmy asked innocently, before trying to duck under the table. “I have no idea what you’re talking about!”

...that moment when you forget your speaking to a heartmender

I rounded the corner and then froze as I tried to figure out what I was looking at. Before me, standing behind a small counter, was a creature that looked like a pony, but if a pony and a radroach had been able to have children. Very crunchy-looking children.


He gave me an expression that made his pink eyes look huge.

This is so cute I could die.

As I scooped out what felt like an uncalled-for cup of mayo into a measuring cup, my spoon hit something hard. Puzzled, I felt around the condiment jar until something slid out. A small figure of Rainbow Dash, looking like the sole survivor of an explosion at a mayonnaise factory, stared up at me from the goopy mess on the counter.

...Is this referencing what I fear it's referencing? 0.0 If it isn't, I'm showing how much this fandom has corrupted me over the years XP



“Cards Against Equestria! It’s… oh man it’s supposed to be like, really silly, but also a good way to see how dirty minded your friends are!” Emmy said with a smug smirk. “I bet Puddle’s is the dirtiest!”

So I cant decide if this is meta or not, but I'm very entertained by it. I feel like this stable arc is the first time Thren has spent much time with ponies around her own age. It's very adorable

Well, now you do. :)

Sagi made a move to get off of the couch toward Bubblegum. The big colt met him halfway, grabbed Sagi’s face, and kissed him deeply.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy:

“Your secret must be kinda big, huh?” I asked, picking up the Sweetie Belle plushie from the head of my bed and passing her to him. “Emotional support friend?”

That's so sweet and cute oh my gosh ;-;

“I know,” Balmy said with a smile, before taking in a bracing breath. “And I think I am kinda over-talking right now because my chest feels like I have a Force 10 Gale hitting it constantly. I, uh…” he took a deep breath. “I think I was supposed to be a filly.”


Nor did it help my own feelings of confusion about her when I woke up with her wing over my back and my tail twisted up in hers.

So cute ;-; SO SO SO SO CUTE

“Why was there a Rainbow Dash in the mayo jar?” I muttered to myself.


In all honesty I'm glad that this story is still on
And I'm glad that your doing ok

A comfy chapter:heart:

This response gives me life. :D

A treat to see an update. Happy early xmas to me!

I can relate to that bit about parents not loving their children. But instead i avoid affection. Bc if they didnt like me, how can anyone?

Normally i see trans people as extremely selfish and self-centered. Its like it's the new modern version of coming out of the closet; but they raise 10x more drama about their pronoun. I knew a boy in school who no joke, no exaggeration; looked like the little kid Joe Dirt. And I got so much crap from the adults bc I, an 8 y/o at the time; couldn't understand why grown adults wanted me to call this grungy, curly mullet having, dirty cheeks never have a bath in a week, boy clothes wearin' classmate a "she".

I distinctly remember thinking the adults just wanted me to say it so they could bust my butt for calling a boy a girl.

Ugh, my original comment was a bit sharp, so we're gonna go teaching moment instead of bapping you with a broom.

For the record, this sort of response (and lack of basic attempts at empathy for the kid in your class) is often the reason why trans folks struggle. Or why it is a struggle for people to come out as really anything along the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Knowing you are different and dealing with it is really hard, and while we're all different in separate ways, remembering that someone else might be going through a lot of hardship and pain because of those differences is very important. Clearly from what you said about relating to parents not loving their kids left a mark on you! And that is something that other people may not relate to because they didn't experience it. It doesn't mean it still didn't hurt you, just that they may not have been affected by that hurt in the same way you were.

Alternatively, if you are happily living as the gender you were assigned at birth and being straight, awesome! That's great! Honestly most people would probably rather not struggle with feeling like they don't fit into that nice, neat, tidy cis-het box. You've never had to experience a time where you felt like everything you were doing by presenting who you were was wrong, and literally every person I've worked with in therapy and as a support in the LGBTQ+ community would probably not wish that on you. And it can seem like people are rather... forceful about being recognized as the gender they wish to present as. But underneath that is real pain and heartache from someone not being recognized for who they wish to be. All they ask of you is to remember to change three words in your head. You don't have to get it right first thing (honestly folks who demand this are usually really raw about admitting they are trans, which isn't an excuse for any bad behaviour on the part of people whose behaviour you can't control, just an explanation), but making an effort goes a lot farther than assuming selfishness.

It took 3 days. Lol. Lmfao.

That's academy record for sure. I remember back in the day it'd be rare to not get a homophobic or tranphobic comment on stories and now look at us! It took a whole 3 days!

Stayed up past my bedtime for this bowl of cuteness cornflakes. No regrets. Loved all the interactions.

Glad to see the next chapter is up. I really enjoyed this chapter. Very well done.

“Why was there a Rainbow Dash in the mayo jar?” I muttered to myself.

Oh no. :raritydespair: :trollestia:

References to fandom memes are tight! :pinkiehappy:

My power grows with every comment on this XD

My notification feed doesn't world anymore !
Good thing I was expecting the chapter to drop soon.

I missed this story. Though I somehow feel like I would have preferred drama with a bag question to Threnody. (Yes I know, I'm a bad person reading hurtful things happening to happy colorful ponies. ^^)

Glad you're finally feeling better.
Hopefully for good.

Comment posted by TehCreepN1 deleted Dec 19th, 2022

AAAAA!! I'm so happy you decided to discuss the topic of trangender in FoE! With the series being as old as it is, it's just never really come up previously (to my knowledge). I can't express my thankfulness for you discussing it, Heartshine. Thank you thank you!

(Also the smooching scene made my heart flutter:heart:)

Bubblegum has that affect on everyone. I mean look at this smug goober:

No, I don't know what Thrug Life is either. I don't think Threnody gets the joke.


“Why was there a Rainbow Dash in the mayo jar?” I muttered to myself.

...Why must you do this? Just- Why?

But jokes aside this moment made me laugh. I'm glad to see this fic is still kicking.

Most! Adorable!! Chapter!!! To date!!!! OMG! :-D

“Why was there a Rainbow Dash in the mayo jar?” I muttered to myself.

Damn you, and enjoy the power up

wow hold on, the teenagers from the stable are more perverted then the ones from the wasteland ? xD

that says something :rainbowlaugh:

balmy X thren huh . eh SHIP IT :heart:

Another great chapter, looking forward to the next.

An update


Great to have you back :heart:

Oh thank goodness, caught up.

I am not a fan of the countdown.

Could be bj wakes up, family attacks, both, oh and first BJ goes berserk and starts experiencing Special Laughter cause coma strange place, a stable with the number 9 and reflex.

I am sad cause I just know that Tree Brary is going to be burned down.

Okay wow I was not expecting transgender, which I have nothing against and also Balmy and Thertomdy are cute together and would make a great couple.

Also I went furry and havnt read any FoE stories inawhile so coming back and reading a ponyfic confused my brain for a min. Lol

horses are kinda fuzzy, in fairness

Been a long time and patience and here it is. Didn't expect Balmy to be Trans. Something I have never seen in writing before. Great chapter and I shall happily await for the next installment. Also, where's my favorite pony Blackjack?

Comment posted by zyh deleted May 6th, 2023


It's been what, three years since I came across and read a bit into this story, and still haven't finished the last ten chapters of Project Horizons? hehe... whoops?

Man I want to read this story, but I want to finish PH first. But I stopped on the last ten chapters of PH because I burned out, and I don't want to start those ten chapters since it's been so long that I might as well reread the whole thing! But I dunno if I wanna commit the better part of a month to binge it...

Yet this story here has ingrained the image of BJ kissing Threnody as soon as the door opened into my brain and I can't get rid of it...

Send halp pls, I no able 2 decide.

I would recommend rereading all of PH before moving on to Speak, and when you're done with this, I would recommend reading the other PH sequel by Somber: Homelands.

Where's the next chapter?

A year or so between chapters isn't unusual for this story.

“I know,” Balmy said with a smile, before taking in a bracing breath. “And I think I am kinda over-talking right now because my chest feels like I have a Force 10 Gale hitting it constantly. I, uh…” he took a deep breath. “I think I was supposed to be a filly.”

I fucking called it!

Bj is a blank, so in the cover, if you look closely, you can see her cutie mark, why is that

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