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Cover art by the amazing Emosite CC!
Check out her DeviantArt for more fantastic art!

Spike was filled with doubts, confusion and fear on where he fitted in the world. It scared him to think that he was nothing to his friends, to Twilight. After finding out the hard truth in an argument, he realises that this bond he shared with them was nothing but a mere illusion, a painful lie that shattered him completely. Becoming lost in his own misery, he runs away only to be taken by an offer.

A few months pass and struggling to manage, Twilight comes to terms with her mistakes and the search for Spike dies down. Seeking vengeance, past threats are united through fear by a demented alchemist who wishes to twist and ruin Equestria with the power of terror.

In a desperate attempt to try and find Spike once more, Twilight and her friends must overcome their greatest fears.

Chapters (50)

One day, while on a errand for Twilight, Spike finds a glove and gun that when active give him electric powers! Join Spike as he beats up enemies, runs ponyvile (with help of course) and helps those in need. All done at the speed of lightning!

This is a partial cross over with The Azure striker Gunvolt.

Has a few concepts from the webcomic: THE GAMER
Website where you can find the webcomic The Gamer:
-MangaPark: http://mangapark.me/manga/the-gamer-sung-san-young
-The original website where the comic can be found is in a different language. I recommend going to either the link for MangaPark or get the app Webtoon.

Thanks to Azure Drache for the all the help in this chapter as well as the edit ideas on my other story.
All my little pony caac cters owned by Hasbro.

Story may include mild gore and will(sometimes) mention death.

Chapters (12)

This story is a sequel to Where Spike came from

This is a direct sequel to Where Spike came from. If you have not read that story I would advise you do so before reading this, because a LOT happens in that fic.

The following contains MAJOR spoilers for Where Spike came from. Read at your own risk if you haven't read the original, as it will ruin a lot of the twists that happen.

The Tree of harmony has stripped all life from the mane 5's reality. Everyone they know is gone and there is nothing to go back to now. As they morn the loss of everything they ever loved they have to decide what their next step is.

Discord tells them that his reality isn't really made for ponies, and they cannot set hoof in one of the tree's realities again without it ending in their untimely deaths. So the Spirit of Chaos proposes that they simply... stop being ponies.

Chapters (1)

Where did Spikes egg come from? Why did Celestia have his egg in the first place? Why was she using it in a test to find a pony she would eventually groom into a Princess?

In shock over the loss of the Golden oaks library and believing his friends are gone, Spike has something trigger within his little dragon body that he had never felt before....or had he?

Cover Art by the lovely Minerea

Chapters (7)

I fell through a hole and I can't get back up.
The cave is deep and dark. I hear noises coming from the cracks in the walls, and I swear there are eyes watching my every step.
The cave trembles. Debris falls from above and I sense something heavy getting closer.
The tunnels are big and wide. Anything could live in here.
My heart shrinks at sight of emerald flames at the end of the tunnel.

Chapters (9)

Let's face it. There's no way everypony was going to instantly change their minds about Thorax over a song.

So instead, Spike tries a different approach, by pointing out that Changelings are not the only threat Equestria has faced.

Chapters (1)

Spike left three years ago, and nopony knew where he went. He has finally come back home, back to Ponyville, but it's not the same. Only Rainbow Dash and Rarity remain in the town and a gangster now runs the town, Bloody Rich. Spike takes it as his mission to save the town and chase Bloody out, and maybe patch things up with his friends, but can he? A secret lurks in Spike's heart that Rarity cannot dig out, and if it does come out, could they still look at him?

Chapters (5)

Spike feeling unappreciated for all his work is whisked away by a royal pony of ice and snow. The girls venture to the frozen parts of Equestria to rescue him before he decides to never want to come home at all.

Chapters (6)

A thousand years ago, Spike was yanked away from his home and thrown into a strange world of warfare and constant intrigue. A thousand years later, after succumbing to an ambush, he was returned to his erstwhile home... right at the moment he was gone, and in his original, small frame.

Cross-over with A Song of Ice and Fire / A Game of Thrones. Story will take place solely in Equestria.

Cover art by: myself

Featured on 15/11/2016 :yay:

Chapters (7)
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