• Published 18th Mar 2016
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Where Spike came from - Billy G Gruff

In an alternate universe, Spike and Tirek battle for the fate of Equestria after the Golden Oaks library was destroyed. This sets off a turn of events that changes Spikes life forever.

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Betrayal, Chaos, Envy, Cruelty...

Spike hadn’t been sleeping well lately. He would wake up from a nightmare with a start in his new room nearly every night after his fight with Tirek, yet he would never remember what the dreams were really about. There were flashes of images if he tried to think about it hard enough, but none of them really made any sense. His days were spent trying to help Twilight get used to their new castle. She had no idea what to do with it all.

The young dragon didn't really care for it either, as his chores had increased many times over. He used to think taking care of Golden Oaks was a lot of work, but it was like a walk in the park by comparison to an entire castle. Twilight only used a minuscule fraction of the rooms in the expansive building, as she was reluctant to go into the upper floors or to see how far the roots of the basement of the Castle tree went below the earth. If it wasn't the throne room, the library or the entrance hallway the princess really didn't want anything to do with it.
That didn't stop him from hauling a mop and bucket through its hallways and hard floored rooms and cleaning the place top to bottom. Unlike the library, this place felt cold and hard and more than a little unwelcoming. Even Celestia's castle, while even larger by comparison, had felt more hospitable than the aura he got off of this place.

Dusting, sweeping, mopping, cleaning, his routine had returned with a vengeance after his wounds had healed. Still, Twilight had given him a day off to talk sports with Big Mac, that was nice of her.

Yet why did that feel like such a...hollow reward? It wasn't until he moved to Ponyville that he had received a present for his birthday from Twilight that wasn't a book. Just one book, no more, no less. Of course when he did get more he ended up terrorizing the town as a giant dragon stealing everything he could get his hands on. Ponies still gave him sidelong glances over that incident, especially after he had somehow done it again against Tirek.

"To think that Wench had turned you into her Lapdog!"

He was starting to remember bits and pieces of that fight. He tried to mimic the moves he used against the centaur, but they were pale imitations to what he had accomplished in that massive form. The punches he threw in the air did not have the power behind them that those coiled limbs had had. His claws were small, and his limbs were stumpy and clumsy. He was just a baby dragon to get smacked with doors and to do chores for a pony princess. He was just supposed to wear an apron and serve as a pincushion for...

He looked at the dirty water of the mop bucket and saw his face contorted in anger so alien compared to what he was used to seeing it caused him to topple backwards.

What was wrong with him? He had never had a problem with any of this. Ever since he could remember he had lived with and served under Twilight and the Princesses. He was happy to deliver letters from Celestia, even when she sent so many that it incapacitated him and gave him terrible stomach cramps.

But she had those books...those books that she had made for Sunset Shimmer that did exactly the same thing without forcing him to be a living mailbox. Books she had made before Twilight had even become her student.

He looked up in surprise to see the bucket of water boiling and steaming before calming down again.

"I TOLD YOU!" Tirek yelled into the dragon's face as he delivered a blow to his stomach, "I TOLD YOU YOU WEREN'T STRONG ENOUGH!"
No, he hadn’t. He had never said that in the entire fight. He was talking to him like he...like he knew him. Why had Tirek said that? It didn't make any sense. It gave Spike a headache just trying to think about it.

"I am almost impressed that you managed this much against me, Spike!"

Spike's eyes dilated as he let go of his mop, sitting on the ground with confusion running through his brain. He DID know Spike. That was impossible though, Tirek had been in Tartarus for over a thousand years before Spike was even hatched. All he had ever known was living with Twilight and the princesses. He even considered himself a pony in some respects, for the dragons he had met acted nothing like his friends. They were disorganized and rude. They were undisciplined and bullies.

He remembered being in the trench with his friends. They were watching the dragon migration. Even Rainbow Dash admitted they seemed fierce and formidable...

He had a trolley of cupcakes and handed one of them to Pinkie Pie, saying, "Yeah, us dragons are not a force to be messed with."
Rainbow Dash had laughed at him.

"Yeah right Spike, that's one of the scariest aprons I've ever seen..."

The bucket exploded, causing Spike to jump off the floor. The water had entirely evaporated and the wood the bucket was made out of was smoldering in green flame. He had taken on Tirek. He had gone toe to hoof against something they had had to run to the Tree of Harmony for help to defeat, and yet here he was...

No... no he shouldn't be mad. He loved his friends...

"What's wrong with wearing an apron? You won't be laughing when you spill blueberries all over your scales."

Dear Celestia, how pathetic had he sounded to them?

"Isn't he adorable when he waddles off in anger?" Rarity had commented when he had climbed out of the trench with them...

He needed some air. He needed to get whatever this was under control.

Where did he come from? Where did his egg come from?

"For the last time, Spike, you were given to me as an egg! I don't know who found you or where they found you."

And yet she never bothered to ask either. What were they hiding from him? What did they not want him to know?

"Spike? Where are you off too?"

"I'm going out Twilight, I’ll be back later."

"No you are not, not if you want to have that day with Big Mac this weekend," Twilight said in an authoritative tone. Spike stopped in his tracks. He...he didn't care about hoofball anymore. Why did any of this matter to him? Why was he taking orders from a pony? He was a Dragon! He was supposed to be feared and respected not given an apron with a heart on it and perform in plays for these ...things...

"Spike...Spike, what's wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?" Concern filled her voice as Spike looked over his shoulder at her.
He was about to say something when fire involuntarily shot out of his mouth, revealing a blank letter. Then another one came out. More spilled out of him, one after another, making his whole body ache at the exertion. Celestia was sending a deluge of parchments, more than she had ever had before, and it was causing him to double over in pain, mentally begging for it to stop.

"What is going on?!" Twilight was alarmed at the blank sheets of parchment piling up and her assistant doubling over on the ground. A bright light flashed, revealing Celestia and Luna with serious looks on their face.

"Twilight, I need you to come with me.w We have things we need to discuss...things that are long overdue, it seems..." Spike tried to get to his feet but his body was too weak to move. Shackles appeared, clasping onto his wrists and ankles.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO SPIKE?!" Twilight yelled at the two of them. Celestia went over to her and stroked her cheek with her hoof.

"Twilight...you don't have all the information, I need you to trust me that this is for Spike’s and Equestria's own good, everything will be back to normal soon enough."

"I'm not going anywhere until you explain to me why MY DRAGON is shackled and nearly knocked out on the floor!"

Her dragon...

Her dragon...

Spike was her dragon...

Spike started to laugh. It was a weak laugh, strained from the overuse of Celestia's incapacitating magic, yet it sounded totally foreign to the child-like giggles he usually made. This was a dry laugh of someone who was incredibly jaded and...old.

"I must say, Celestia...Out of all the ways you took down your enemies...I dare say mine was the most humiliating."

"Spike? What's wrong with your voice?" Twilight didn't like how gruff it sounded at all. This wasn't her number one assistant that she had grownup with.

"You took down Sombra, whose BETRAYAL had given him the power to subjugate the Crystal Empire, by sealing him in the icy depths of that land with the powers of the Elements of Harmony."

Spike shakily got to his feet, doubled over by the chains that connected his wrists to his ankles.

"...you took down Discord, who was living out his purpose as the spirit of CHAOS, sealing him in stone by the Elements of Harmony."

Spike didn't know why he was saying any of this. The words were just spilling out of his mouth like it was from another being entirely. Twilight's eyes were watering as she shook her head in disbelief. What was wrong with him? Why was he saying these things? It didn't make sense to her at all.

"You took down Tirek, whose CRUELTY had driven him to try and subjugate the entire planet, only to be sealed in Tartarus by the Elements of Harmony..."

"You even took down your own Sister, whose ENVY had driven her to try and bring the whole world in eternal night in order to be revered by her subjects. You sealed her on the moon before the Twig took the Elements of Harmony away from you. It must have reprimanded you for being so...disharmonious with another..." He laughed dryly at that, causing Luna's face to grow stony and turn away from the seemingly possessed Spike.

Spike had no control over his body anymore — something much older than him was moving his mouth and making him stare defiantly into Celestia's eyes. The little Dragon wanted to stop; he didn't like what was happening at all. It scared him how enraged he was, how he couldn't stop any of this from coming out. He may have been shackled, but he felt like he was trapped inside his own body at this moment.
"And then there was me, The first one you defeated before all the others. I, whose GREED had unified an entire species and ushered in an a new age for Dragon kind...Only to be sealed inside an EGG for ONE THOUSAND YEARS by the Elements of Harmony, TO BE USED AS SOME KIND OF OBJECT FOR YOUR LITTLE TEST..."
Celestia stood tall, looking down at Spike’s glowing eyes and hissing tongue

"...What’s worse, you made me believe I was a willing participant in all this... in order to what? Have an ally? Use me as some kind of weapon once I learned to behave like a good little pony, to be your LAPDOG?! I'M TRAPPED INSIDE THE MIND OF THIS PATHETIC INFANT, MADE TO WATCH MY LEGACY TURN INTO LUSTING AFTER ONE OF YOUR WRETCHED PESTS AND WONDERING WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE IF I WERE ONE OF YOU...PONIES."

Whatever was controlling his body spat at the ground at the Princesses hoof, he wanted to curl up in a ball with the onslaught of vitriolic words spilling out of his own mouth. " I WAS A GOD BEFORE YOU STRUCK ME DOWN, DAMN YOU!"

"Enough, Dragon...sleep," Luna intoned, putting a tendril of magic to the dragon's forehead, making his eyes snap to normal before rolling into the back of his head and flopping onto the ground.

" Princess C...Celestia...what was Spike...was...is that... is that why you never told..."

"Please, Twilight...come with me...I will explain everything."

Author's Note:

This chapter edited by Curious Quill
Chaos, Envy, Betrayal, Cruelty...doesn't Greed fit a little too well in that line up? Isn't it weird how his origins have never been revealed? Isn't it strange she would use him to send letters when she knows how to make books that serve the exact same purpose?

I think its pretty interesting :moustache:

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