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Actions of the past come back to haunt a small village during the 1000 year span between Nightmare Moon's banishment and return to Equestria.

Chapters (1)

On a field trip to the Manehatten Museum of Ancient History, Cheerilee's class receives an extra treat: an IMAX movie. While the rest of the class is overwhelmed with excitement, one little colt would rather sneak off for his own museum excursion. An excursion that lands him lost and alone before a strange mare comes to his rescue.

They say you never meet your heroes. But heroes come in all kinds of shapes and forms. You might just miss one if you're not careful.

Chapters (1)

Shortly after the events of Daring Don't, master archeologist Daring Do remembers a legacy that she'd long forgotten in her studies as a young adventurer. Now, Rainbow Dash might hold the key to uncovering the greatest treasure Daring Do will likely ever find.

But will Rainbow Dash embrace her destiny?

Or will Daring Do's dream of finding the greatest treasure she's ever imagined end in failure?

Editing done by Cherry Frosting

Chapters (1)

The Tenochtitlan Basin has its own rules and so do its inhabitants. Daring Do may or may not have stumbled into some regarding marriage proposals. Now Ahuizotl is set on making her his wife, and he's not one to take no for an answer.

Daring Do has stopped Ahuizotl from conquering the world countless times, but can she stop him from conquering her heart?

Chapters (1)

Feeling down in the dumps? Feel like you're not good enough for anypony? Didn't work it out with your former lover? Don't fret! Princess Cadance is guaranteed to make things clear and reveal your destined partner! Just drop-by at the Crystal Palace, and she will do the rest to summon your perfect guy/gal. If by all means, she failed her task, you could be entitled to a compensation of 20,000 bits upfront!

Come down to the Crystal Empire and get your perfect partner today!

*Must be over 18 or accompanied by a legal guardian to qualify for a session. Offer not valid for residences of the Kingdom of Griffonstone.

Chapters (4)

At the Apple Family’s annual gathering, Spike meets Apple Dumpling. She’s new to town and in need of friends. She takes an instant shine to the little dragon, and the two of them hit it off right away, and they realize they have a lot more in common than they originally thought, one having just moved to a new town and the other left ignored by his lifelong crush.

Cover Art: Sugarcup91

***My entry for the 2021 May Pairing contest***

Chapters (1)

A new hero has risen in Canterlot, protecting poor and rich, innocent and guilty, and even the Princesses. Known only as the Blue Knight, this courageous pony faces off against evildoers with a smile and a quirky comment. Nopony knows who he is, only that he must be the most noble stallion in the world.

Meanwhile, Blueblood, one of the few ponies born without Celestia's mental block on violence, is struggling. Ever since he was a colt, he's pushed everypony away in an attempt to keep them safe from the harm he might do them. Now, with his rise to the Hero of Canterlot, he struggles against keeping those he protects safe from evil, while also keeping them away from him.

In the large city of Baltimare, a stallion is growing his power. Born without any form of violence block, he embraces his killer side, using it to hoard power and money. When he chances upon twins with the same blessing as he, a scheme to usurp Equestria's throne begins to form.

This story is part of the HoE storyline.

Extra tags include drama and mystery. Sex tag for implied intentions.
Other characters: Mane 6
Princess Cadance
Shining Armor

Chapters (18)

This story is a sequel to Dusk Shine in pursuit of Happiness

Second season of the adventures of Dusk Shine, with more characters, more villains, more drama and more romance

Chapters (32)

Down in the deep, dark bowels of Canterlot, Flash Sentry meets Twilight for the first time.

Featured from 10/3-10/5/21

Reading by Sparrow!

Image by EpicSubterfuge
Here's there Twitter as well

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Magic, the most forbidden art. Only nobles are allowed to learn from the great wizards and witches, and only from special schools set up by the state. For commoners, learning the mystic arts is nothing but a dream, a fantasy that many strive for but none achieve.

With one exception: Stalliongrad. The great, northern city boasted more magic schools than any other, and among them, the only one that accepts low born ponies. It's a dangerous trek to get there, and even more dangerous to simply stay in the frozen city.

Twilight Sparkle, however, will not be stopped. Destined to become the archmage, destined to sit at Princess Luna's side, she will not be stopped.

After all, Archmage Twilight Sparkle has a nice ring to it.

Chapters (11)