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This story is a sequel to Anarchy: Pony of Chaos

Part of the Anarchyverse. Reading the previous story is not required.

It can't be possible, can it? It can't. Not according to modern Equestrian Science, Magic, and Medical research, anyway. And yet, it's happened. Cross-species hybridization, and between a Pony and a Dragon, of all things.

So, why is Rarity freaking out so much over this?

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Trixie's Great and Powerful Adventure

When Trixie Lulamoon found herself lost in the distant past, she had no idea how to get back. And so, she decided to make the most of it. Follow her year-long sojourn through the ancient past of Equestria, in her own words, as she somehow manages to found a rebellion, teach a child the ways of magic, and make serious bank off a populace that has never seen a proper Showpony performance before!

Foreword by AK Yearling, author of the famous Daring Do series.

Featured: 4/1/2020... which fits Trixie so well...

Chapters (6)

All Twilight Sparkle wanted was a nice teatime with Starswirl, her idol. And then Trixie Lulamoon had to show up, cast a spell, and rip yet another hole in space-time.

This is becoming distressingly common...

Now has a reading by the Poniverse channel. Super-special thanks for doing me such a kindness!

Chapters (1)

A sequel to All These Midnight Days, but you won't need to read that story to get this one.

Sunset Shimmer has returned from the Mirror Universe in order to work with her friend and mentor, Princess Twilight Sparkle, now the Ruler of Equestria, on a personal project, only to be waylaid by the announcement that her other friend, Starlight Glimmer, is soon to give birth. What a happy occasion!

However, not all is as it seems. And when the newborn foal bears more than a striking resemblance to a certain Alicorn, the very fate of the universe will hinge upon the greatest sacrifice a mother can be called upon to make.

And in the end, is one child's happiness worth the entire world?

Chapters (7)

When Sunset Shimmer told Twilight and her friends that she had been erased from their memories, they didn't believe her. While magic was now something the girls were familiar with, removing someone from their memories just was flat out impossible... wasn't it? They all told off the bully and went back to their time together enjoying the beach. Except now, Twilight can't shake that something is seriously wrong.

Chapters (4)

Anon-a-miss, the mysterious gossiper, plagues CHS. Caught as the perfect scapegoat, Sunset finds herself more shunned than ever before. While determined to clear her name, Sunset decides that first she needs a break. From everything. Back in the place she used to call home.

But as soon as Sunset leaves, her friends at CHS realize the depth of their mistake. Not just in accusing Sunset, but also in forgetting Sunset is not like any other human. As they try with all their might to earn back their friend's trust, they quickly come to learn that they know very little about Sunset and the world she hails from.

And worse for the girls, as Sunset begins to pick up the shards of her old life in Equestria, she begins to wonder whether she really wants to stay at CHS at all.

Chapters (11)

Forgiveness is complicated. Sometimes you need to distance yourself from the person who harmed you to let things cool down for a minute before you can even think about the idea with a clear head.
Unfortunately that's not something Princess Twilight considered when she asked her human friends to befriend the person who made their lives for the past few years a living hell immediately after her biggest attempt to destroy everything they held dear.
But there's something different, something... magical about this lonely girl hated by the entire school, and Adagio wants to keep her close so she can figure out what it is.

Featured: 29/04/2020

Chapters (11)

Sunset Shimmer has lost her wife, and with her, direction in life. Luckily Rarity is the type of woman who anticipates these sorts of things. All Sunset has to do is follow directions, and everything should work out just fine.

An entry for the annual Orofic contest!

Special thanks to ara for the cover art!

Chapters (1)

When magic goes wrong, it can have disastrous results. For example, you might end up with two fillies when you only expected one.

An episodic tale about motherhood, two diverging lives, and reckless use of incredibly powerful magic by everypony involved.

Cover art by AmpDragoness

Teen rating for more blood in one or two later chapters than they'd allow on the show. Better safe than sorry.

Chapters (32)

She was like the sun. Blinding and bright and bathing everything in her light when she was around. Her gaze made Sunset sweat and flush. And when she left, Sunset was struck by her beauty and stared after her until everything was dark and cold.

How does one choose a gift for a woman when that woman's sense of taste is as exquisite as her beauty? You do it by asking the only person -- or pony -- who might know exactly what she would want.

Written for Jinglemas 2019 for Fillyfoolish

Chapters (1)
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