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I love the humans treated like animals fanfiction. My favorite characters are twilight pinkie pie applejack and fluttershy. The others are good too these are just my favorites

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When you were growing up as the only human in Equestria you knew you were different. With your canine fangs, these wrigglers you have on your hoof and being an omnivore, you gave up on having friends. Until one alicorn change it all.

I might switch it to third person depending on the story's perspective or you guys' opinion. Cover art is done by me.

5/26/2019 Holy moly I did not expect this story to be featured on the same day, thank you so much!
3/6/2020 Sweet apples it's featured again! Thank you guys so much!

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After tiring of Twilight's hostile attitude, Discord decides to "help" the Elements of Harmony by bringing in an alternate version of each of them. These duplicates from various worlds aren't told anything about each other, which is good. The last thing Equestria needs is these monsters working together.

***Not too dark!***

Elements of Disharmony
Pinkie Pie from Cupcakes by Sergeant Sprinkles

Rainbow Dash from Rainbow Factory by AuroraDawn

Rarity from The Secret Life of Rarity by BronyWriter

Fluttershy from Pattycakes by Pegacorn Ondacob

Twilight Sparkle from Death Note: Equestria by Nonagon

Applejack from Bad Apples by... Bisque? It's hard to find an evil Applejack story.

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It's over. Equestria has fallen. The four princesses and anyone who had ties to royalty are dead, and the element bearers and their families have been killed. The Kelpies, a race of water-dwelling equines, now rule Equestria with iron hooves. Most ponies now live in fear, though some support their new overlords.

Far off in the Crystal Mountains, a group of escapees look upon their former home. They may have been normal citizens of Equestria once, but now they are warriors. When the time comes, they will fight for Equestria.

A collaboration with PrinceUniversa

Sirocco created by myself
Zodiac Cosmos created by PrinceUniversa
Fang created by TheMysticBrony
Dr. Mind Quill created by Dr_MindQuill
Night Rain created by MrDevestation101
Nerdz created by Nerdz
Reneighah created by Zoetic Zebra
Figureen and Bartholomew Steelclaw created by Rubahhitam
Maryana created by iluvtmnmlp
Berripad created by Verbose Mode
Whitewolf Stormrunner created by Whitewolf_Stormrunner
Hell Fire created by Berserk
Digit Forge created by Nova Arc
Sea Breeze created by Shy Sparkle
Chaz created by Henry101
Melody created by Stardom Freedom
Sponduli Moolalli created by Brickbrock24

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Good guy Ralph Bergson was at his home when suddenly, something happens.

He gets strangled to death. He gets sent to Equestria, as a Celedon. Will he put his new talents to good use?

(!WARNING! This is a Displaced+Power Lotto fic, and the ponies are humanized. If that is not your cup of tea, I must kindly request that you avoid commenting negatively, unless you read the story to provide criticism. Deleting of comments will not take place unless there is a double-post or nothing but mindless swearing. Thank you and have a wonderful day!) (Comments contain spoilers)

FEATURED ON 06/29/2015!

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Humans are lame and dumb creatures. Nothing more than a simple-minded Beast of Burden and the occasional house Companion. Everypony knows this! It's common knowledge. But what happens when the human isn't lame or dumb? What if he wasn't a simple-minded Beast of Burden? What if he wasn't just a simple house Companion? There are things, after all, that a human simply shouldn't be able to do...
Meet Rick, a human, hiding among native humans, in a pony's world, and here to accidentally break all standards.

Inspired by the Your Human and You-verse

Cover Art: Custom hand drawn by Insync of TheGlitchInTheMatrix

Editing: Sequence and Firewall of TheGlitchInTheMatrix

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My name is Twilight Sparkle.
I am three hundred and seventy five years old.
Except for Spike, all my friends are dead...But not for long

Betrayed by Celestia, and isolated in her castle with only Spike for support, Twilight Sparkle enacts a powerful spell to reincarnate the element bearers through her own body.
Her friends will be reborn, and, with the trials of being a mother to her friends ahead of her, an unraveling secret from the past following her at every turn, and the possibility of a brand new life so close in reach, Twilight just might be reborn too.

Credit for both the inspiration for this story and cover picture go to
Crystal Leviathan

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