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I'm just an humble (wanna-be) MLP fanfic author and fanartist.  I also love drawing fancomics and worshipping Applejack (as well as Rainbow Dash and Daring Do.  In that order).:ajsmug:

My External Links to Some of My Other Webpage Accounts.........

This is a list of the various websites and forums that I am a (proudly) humble member of:

My Fanart Account Pages:

My DeviantArt Page

My "The Ancient Elements of Harmony" DA Page

(Which is JUST for my TAEoH fancomic pages. Well, plus some pictures of the cast, too, of course.)

My FurAffinity Page

My Weasyl Page

MY InkBunny Page

My FurryNetwork Page

Sites dedicated to the Fancomic adaptation of my The Ancient Elements of Harmony fanfic:

My "The Ancient Elements of Harmony" DA Page

The Ancient Elements of Harmony FanComic Tumblr Page

My Comic Fury Profile Page

My DrunkDuck Profile Page

My Smack Jeeves Profile Page

The Ancient Elements of Harmony FaceBook Page

(There's nothing up at any of these yet, though. But rest assured that I'm workin' on changing that.)

My Other Fanfiction Account Pages:

My FanFiction.net Page - Easy Link

My fanfiction.net Page - Permanent Link

Pony Fiction Archive

My Personal PonyFictionArchive Page

My Wattpad Profile Page

My FicWad Profile Page

My ArchiveofOurOwn Profile Page

My FictionPad Page

My Quotev Page

My Inkitt Page

My Tumblr Pages:

The Ancient Elements of Harmony FanComic Tumblr Page

(This one is also for one of my comics, but I wanted to keep it separate from the others.)

My ORIGINAL Tumblr Page

My Random Other Pages

My Patreon Page

(Nothing here, really. I basically just got it so I could support some of my fave artists and writers...like hahatimeforponies here.)

My LiveJournal Page (new; just got today (4/10/2015)!)

My Facebook Page

My Twitter Page

My Steam Page

(Not really anything here yet, either.)

And I do have other pages, but I think that this is all that I'll do for now.


I don't have that many new ones; just pretty much the same ones as 2015 and 2016.

And they are:


1. Draw more.

2. Work on my fan comics.

3. Work on my fanfics and get them up online.

4. Work on losing some weight and getting more exercise this year.


1. Get myself a Tablet.

(NOT a drawing one (Wacom; whatever), but that's one of the NEXT things on my list.)

2. Get a better camera (digital).

3. Get a good brand wide-format all-in-one printer/scanner/copier.

4. Work on saving up to get a BETTER laptop, and hopefully ALSO a new desktop PC.

Got come more stuff that I'm thinking about, but for now, I'm concentrating mostly on these.

And anyway, these are my resolutions for this year.

Hopefully some of them come true.

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My Personal Bio.............

So y'all wanna know about me, huh?  Hmmm...........

Well, basically, I'm just your average (??), ordinary (?!) 60 years young gal originally from South-Central Missouri who now resides in the average-sized town of Wentzville, MO, which is about a 45-60 minute drive west up I-70 from St. Louis, MO (home of the 2013 National League Champion St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Team!), and who loves to write, draw and read (regular books, comics and fanfics).

On the subject of writing and drawing, I'm currently working on my MLP fanfics (and one in particular atm), as well as planning a fan-comic adaptation of the aforementioned fic.  I'm also working on fics, artwork and comics for a few of the other fandoms that I tend to play in, including the Biker Mice From Mars and SWAT Kats, The Radical Squadron animated series from the early 90's, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series (especially the more recent one from 2003-2009 that was produced by 4Kids Entertainment and the newest CGI-animated on that's currently running on Nickelodeon), as well as a series that's become a recent favorite, and my latest obsession, Dragons: Riders of Berk/Defenders of Berk.  The latter of which I have only just begun to draw/write stuff for.

Ans speaking of, I'm currently contemplating doing a four-way crossover fic between MLP, BMFM, TMNT and Dragons.  But, as I said, it's only in the Contemplation/Cogitation/Plot Bunny Stage at this point, and is in no way anywhere near even being being ready to put down on paper.

I also love playing with my beloved 12 year old Chihuahua, Pedro (the name wasn't my idea, trust me!), being with my family and friends, watching my fave Toons (MLP: FiM is a praticular fave of mine...natch) and TV shows, making new friends, talking with my online buddies, going horseback riding, archery, taking long walks, listening to music, watching the sunset and just enjoying life in general.

Anyway, that's pretty much me.

My Humble MLP Artwork

NOTE: Please be advised that the following pieces of my artwork are works-in-progress, and are not the best examples of my art.

Also, they were taken using the camera on my cell-phone, so please excuse the low (read: slightly blurry) quality of the images.

Anyway, enjoy these til I can get better ones of them (her) up here:

(Slightly better one of the original that I took today, and changed out.)

(If y'all can't tell, these are pics of my girl, Wolf, done in my own hand, and in my own style.  Just to give you a general idea of how I draw her.)

Again, sorry for the pic-quality, but these were, again, taken on my phone.  I hope to have better ones of them (and by that, I mean properly scanned ones) up here before long.)

A new one, a very-much-in-progress one of AJ from my MLP Anthro AU In-Progress story, The Ancient Elements of Harmony (Hence why she only has on leg drawn here):

Here are a couple more; one of Wolf in her anthro form as she will be in my fic, The Ancient Elements of Harmony (bear in mine, this one,and the one below it of Rainbow Dash (also in her anthro form) are both very much works-in-progress!):

My (Very Humble NON-Pony Artwork.....

This particular Module is dedicated to my non-MLP artworks, and will feature some of my OCs from some of the other fandoms that I tend to play in.

These characters will also likely pop up in some of the crossover stories with MLP that I'm planning to do in the not-so-near future, so I just thought that you might like to see what they all look like.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think, okay?

Okay, first ones, from the 1993-1995 Biker Mice From Mars animated series:

This is Shiningflame Firecrag ("Flame", for short), the older brother of Icestorm Firecrag (nickname: "Ice" (you'll see why when I get a picture of her up here), the latter of which will feature rather prominently in a crossover story that I plan on doing at a later date, and that I am still working on the outline of.

More later.  For now, enjoy!

My Fave Applejack Pics from...wherever............

Some of my fave pics of AJ done by one of my fave MLP artists, Earthsong9405:

Anthro ones:

NON-Anthro ones:

Mixed ones:

Various AJ screencaps that I've found online:

Ponies that I am Watching, and those who are Watching me

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Groups that I love, am a part of............

My NEWEST Treasure!

Courtesy of Tsitra and Vest, on Feb 23, 2015, via their collab Stream.

Personal Bio of My Mane MLP OC, Whitewolf Stormrunner (AKA, "Wolf")

This one was done for me by Taneysha over on DA.

This is my girl Wolf, as vectored for me by outlaw4rc over at DA as part of his October free giveaway. It's closer to how I see her, and I hope you like her.

Now here's one of her done in my own hand, in my own style.


Age: early-mid 20s (approx. 23 or 24), a few months older than Applejack and Twilight;

Gender: Mare;

Tribe: Pegasi;

Appearance: Coat and the upper and lower covert feathers of her wings: Oxford Blue.

Usually prefers to leave her fetlocks slightly unshorn, and just a smidge bit on the shaggy side...which tends to drive habitually persnickety, prim-and-proper ponies like Rarity right up the proverbial wall!

Mane, tail, cutie mark and main flight feathers (primaries and secondaries): a clear, solid snowy-white.

Eyes: Midnight Blue;

Cutie Mark: Three white wolves; The middle one is shown full-body, in profile, seated, facing toward Wolf's tail, head fully raised, howling. The two flanking ones are merely heads, facing in opposite directions from each other, both slightly tilted upwards, also howling.

Unusual features/scars; etc.: Wolf, being in the profession that she's in, lives a rather...exciting life. (Not that she seeks out danger; far from it. It just seems to find her...more often than she would like it to.) Because of this, she's collected her fair share of scars. The majority of them have healed to the point that they're not visible, but she does have some rather noticeable ones on her right shoulder, just forward of her right wing; the result of an attack by a juvenile Wyvern while she was on one of her early scouting assignments to the lands far south of the San Palomino Desert, and, much farther south, its much larger cousin, the Great Southern Desert, home to many sapient races, including the noble, nomadic Desert Lions.

The scars are three in number, running down from the point of her shoulder, and ending just shy of her right upper foreleg. All three are fully healed, but still retain a slightly reddish color, and the fur that she lost from the attack has never fully grown back, leaving glimpses of her bare skin.

(Said bare skin being slightly darkish in color.)

Another feature of Wolf's is that, unlike the majority of grown Pony mares, she has a small set of canines (less...sensitive or diplomatic Ponies would call them fangs. As she herself does on occasion) in her upper and lower jaws. The lower set are rather smallish, and not very noticeable when she's talking normally (unless she gets mad to the point of yelling at somepony). The upper pair are a completely different matter, being long enough that when she has her mouth completely closed, their tips (points) peek out from beneath her upper lip slightly.

This is something that she's very extremely self-conscious about... to the point that she tries not to call attention to them. She also doesn't like it when somepony else does, either.

Accessories: Wears a three-strand necklace that the Great Deer Folk call a "Talisman Pendant" around her neck...a piece of adornment that is worn by all members of the Tribe, except for the very young, whether male or female, and the first strand of which carries what the Great Deer Folk, and their longtime allies, the Bear Folk, call a "Spirit Crystal" (a clear, diamond-like gemstone) in the shape of a forward-facing wolf's head (kinda like this: , only with no noticeable irises in the eyes), and is gained when said youngster reaches the age of 10 years old. (The second and third strands, gained at the ages of 14 (the second strand) and 18 (the third one), respectively, carry different objects that are personal to that particular wearer alone.. (The third one is also gained when the young Buck or Doe (or Filly, in Wolf's case) reaches and celebrates their Coming of Age, which is their 18th birthday.)

The Talisman Pendant, as stated, is worn only by those among the tribe who have reached a certain age...actually, when they reach the age of ten. (Why this particular age, is lost to even the ancient, antlered race's knowledge.)

In Wolf's case, the third strand of her Talisman Pendant is also where she carries the medium-sized light gold medallion that is the insignia and badge of her membership and rank in the Royal Equestrian Scout and Exploration Corps.

Other accessories: Wolf wears a small golden disk at the top of a small braid that she wears behind her left ear. This braid also has a small golden tube-like object at the end of it, just above the hair-tuft at the bottom, that serves the same purpose as the hair-tie on the end of Applejack's mane does.

She also wears certain types of feathers (given to her by friendly birds) on her Talisman Pendant, as well as in the tie on the end of her tail.

She also has three larger feathers, given to her as gifts of friendship and affection by some Northern friends; two of which she wears fastened to her mane just behind her right ear on that side, and the third of which that she wears fastened to the hair of the left side of her tail, just a foot or so from the base of it. Two of these (the one on her tail and the one on the right side of her mane) are white, like her own primaries and secondaries, and the third one is a soft silver-gray.

Weapons: She carries a hunting/survival knife (which was a gift from her parents on her 13th birthday) in a sheath fastened to a leather band on her left upper foreleg. She also carries some smaller, easily concealable things in a pouch attached to the harness that she wears during her travels as a member of the Royal Equestrian Scout and Exploration Corps.

Personality: Quiet, gentle, tends to be somewhat shy at first around Ponies that she's only just met and doesn't really know all that well yet, but friendly and very nice with them once she does. She also has a very kind, affectionate nature, which is usually always evident. She also has QUITE the temper (something that she doesn't much like about herself), which tends to come out when her family or friends are threatened, or in trouble. VERY fiercely protective of those she knows and loves (like her family, friends and colleagues). She is also very fiercely loyal to her rulers, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, both of she also considers much-loved members of her family, in much the same way that she does Applejack (her oldest and closest friend) and her family. She ALSO has a highly defined sense of honor, which could match Applejack's Element of Honesty.

Backstory/History: Where Wolf's origins and birth-family are concerned, these are something of a mystery, even to her. She has absolutely NO clue as to who the latter are, but, given how much she loves her adoptive parents, Runningwind and Fallingleaf (the High Chief and Chieftess of the Great Deer Folk of the Everfree Forest, respectively), and the rest of her adoptive family and Tribe, she has never lost a lot of sleep over the mysteries of her past...her birth-parents included.

Oh, but she does have one very big secret; one that only the very rare few that she absolutely trusts above anything know.........and it concerns her Cutie Mark.

Current occupation(s): She is a much-honored and regarded member of the Princesses' Royal Equestrian Scout and Exploration Corps; a job she loves very much; as well as a Shamaness-in-Training, like her adoptive older sister, Wintermist.

My Featured Stories

My Fics, In-Progress, and Planned Lair............

Section One:

Fics CURRENTLY In Progress:

The Ancient Elements of Harmony:


Welcome ye, my good folk!  Come, pull yerselves up a seat, partake ye in a good tankard of cider, and I'll regale ye ye all with the fair and rousing tale of a brave and honorable band of young mares (and their doughty friends!) who, after many trials and tribulations, came to be known and revered, not only throughout our lovely and beloved land of Equestria, but throughout ALL of the many realms, kingdoms and races beyond our fair shores and borders as the Bearers of the legendary Elements of Harmony!

Listen ye, my fair friends, as I tell ye of their many trials and and adventures, and how they all came t'gether to vanquish an unspeakable evil, most dark and dangerous, as well as its equally blackhearted minions through the great power and magic of their unbreakable friendship.

Hear, and heed, for this was just the very beginnin' of their many great adventures.

For this, m' dears, is the Legend of the Elements of Harmony, and their brave and beautiful Bearers.


This is an Anthro AU fic, set in what would be equivalent to the Viking Era/Fall of the Roman Empire/the early Dark Ages in our history (around 800-900 AD, according to Earth reckoning).  The dress, jewelry, weapons, architecture; etc.; of the characters in it, with certain exceptions, will be ancient Celtic/Viking in style.

Also, just so y'all know, and as this is an AU type of fic, Princess Luna never got jealous of the difference that the ponies of Equestria seemed to make between her night and Celestia's day, so there will be no Nightmare Moon in this one.  (Hey, I said that it will be AU, right?  Probably heavily so.)

Anyone has a problem with this; well, all that I can say is...talk to the hoof.

Book One:


The Prologue: 100% done!

Chapter 1: 100% done!

Chapter 2: 100%!

Chapter 3: 100% done!  (Just started typing this up in GDocs!)

Chapter 4: 100% done!  (On paper, anyway) *

Chapter 5: 100% done!  (On paper, anyway.) *

Chapter 6: Just started work on it.  I have the title for it done, as well as several paragraphs.  I hope to get rolling on it again soon.

Chapter 7 and beyond: Just some random ideas bouncing around in my head atm;

* Will be typing it up in GDocs soon.  (Or before long, anyway.)

I don't know for sure just how many chapter this story will eventually have (I'm kinda makin' it up as I go, really), but I do hope to make it a series, with at least two (or hopefully more) sequels, but I'm still workin' on things, so we'll see.

I also have some other fics in the kinda/sorta works, but I do have their synopses, as well as their titles (some of them pretty tentative ones, admittedly), and those will be added here later.

Well, that's it for now.  I wouldn't mind knowin' what you think of my main fic-in-progress, so feel free to weigh in with your opinions.

Section Two:

Planned Fics:

I got a crazy idea recently for a multi-crossover fic with Equestria Girls (1 and 2 (Rainbow Rocks)), the regular MLP cast, and one of my older fics, which is a mega-crossover fic (and that is actually Book 3 of my said older fic-series) featuring some of my very favorite comic book (Elfquest), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; etc.) and cartoon series (Biker Mice From Mars, TMNT (again); etc.) from way back in the day.

The characters that this one will mainly focus on will be White Eagle, one of my older OCs based in the Elfquest universe (she's the hereditary chieftess of the joined tribes of the Brotherhood of the Eagle (human) and the Wolf Clan (elves)), as well as the Applejack and Rainbow Dash from Equestria Girls.  And more than that, I can't say.

(Hey, I said that this is one of my crazier ones!  So sue me!)

No title for this as yet; still workin' on it.

My Crazy Head-Canon and OC stuff Box.........

My Various Head-Canon Stoofs:

The Mane 6; their middle names, according to my particular head-canon:

Applejack: Applejack Marie Apple;

Rainbow Dash: Rainbow Aurora Dash;

Twilight Sparkle: Twilight Arcania Sparkle

(middle name idea courtesy of Grimdark Enigma.  Thanks, bro!);

Fluttershy: Fluttershy Posey Windsong

("Windsong" also a name that I came up with, as she doesn't seem to have a surname (last name)  in the show, per se)

Rarity: Rarity Anastassia Belle.

Middle names for the CMC coming soon (hopefully.  Well when I think of them).

My MLP: FiM OCs:

Whitewolf Stormrunner (bio above);

Runningwind, High Chieftain of the Great Deer Folk of the Everfree Forest, and Wolf's adoptive father;

Fallingleaf, Runningwind's LifeMate, High Chieftess of the Great Deer Folk, loving mother of 4 children: two sons and two daughters, of which Wolf, her adopted daughter, is the second-youngest;

Sharphorn, Wolf's oldest adopted brother;

Wintermist (nickname: Misty), her oldest adopted sister;

Lightfoot, her younger adopted brother;

Windwhisper, Sharphorn's LifeMate, and Wolf's sister-in-law;

Dawnwind, the Tribe's Senior Shamaness, and Wolf's teacher in the Way of the Shaman;

Silvermane (nickname: Silver), Stag, and one of Wolf's oldest friends'

Silverleaf, Silvermane's younger sister;

Hadron Apple, Applejack, Apple Bloom and Big Mac's father;

Lilli Belle Apple, their mother

Dutch Apple, their grandfather, and Granny's husband;

Lord Sandron, co-ruler of the White and Gray Gryphon Kingdom of the Northlands, and a powerful and well-respected Mage;*

*Note: I had the name "Northlands" thought up way before it showed up in King Sombra's comment in Panel 1, page 3 of Issue 19 of the MLP comics.  Just so y'all know that.

Lady Winterfall, his LifeMate and co-ruler.  Also a powerful and skilled Mage;

Silverstorm (nickname: Storm) , their eldest son, and a powerful Mage among theirt people;

Winterwind (nickname: Winter), his younger sister, and a skilled, talented and powerful Healer-Mage;

I have others, but I'll add them later, okay?

Well, that's it for now.  This will be added to as I go along.

My (EQUALLY-Humble) MLP: FiM FanComics

My Favorite NightsongWrites (Formerly Taelea-and-Cody) Stories Bookshelf

  • T Evershine

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Dark Equestria Stories!

My Top Favourites

  • Harmony's Wrath [OLD STORY] A strange book shatters Twilight and her friends' worldviews and sets them on their own adventure. by hahatimeforponies 84,095 words · 5,993 views · 211 likes · 9 dislikes
  • Eris's Riddle Three days, two thousand years, and one angry pony. What does it all make? [Harmony's Wrath sequel, OLD STORY] by hahatimeforponies 63,029 words · 2,092 views · 137 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Four is Greater Basic math tells us that the number four is bigger than the number one. But can numbers so easily represent ponies when a sudden confession separates one pony from a group of six? by Kodeake 8,338 words · 2,328 views · 138 likes · 19 dislikes

My Second Top Favourites

  • The Irony of Applejack Applejack has never told a lie. Merely... omitted some details about herself... by Mister Friendly 175,745 words · 27,571 views · 2,959 likes · 71 dislikes
  • The Irony of Applejack Aftermath: A Warm Hearth A return to normal couldn't be too much to ask for... right? by Mister Friendly 57,176 words · 6,883 views · 557 likes · 9 dislikes
  • The Advent of Applejack Applejack has yet to truly know what it means to be a changeling... by Mister Friendly 319,462 words · 12,629 views · 1,376 likes · 38 dislikes
  • Vengeance Follow Applejack, the Element of Honesty as she goes on a quest of vengeance to avenge her family. by Dustchu 26,341 words · 219 views · 22 likes · 8 dislikes
  • Biomom Rainbow Dash learns that Daring Do is her mother and gets caught up in yet another of her adventures while trying to confront her. Meanwhile, Twilight Sparkle has an adventure of her own. by MythrilMoth 36,678 words · 4,489 views · 444 likes · 22 dislikes

MORE of my Favourites

  • E Daring Do and the Conversation with Quibble Pants

    A.K. Yearling, famed author of the Daring Do book series, is faced with dealing with Quibble Pants, a fan who wants to ask her the question that has been in his mind for a long time: Why did she sell out with her books?  · MagLocal
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    Ledger Line may have found salvation for Cherry Jubilee's failing cherry orchard in a strange, wandering earth pony. Applejack may seem strange and secretive, and that hawk she's always with is a little weird, but at this point, he's desperate.  · bahatumay
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  • T Empty Skies

    With gossip and slander rampant at CHS and a target put on Sunset Shimmer's back, she flees the school in search of solace. She never expected to find allies in the most unlikely of groups.  · SunnyDays
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