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Potential Story Ideas

These are idea's of ours with a heavily abridged synopsis and introduction. These stories have development, but all in early stages. We plan to release them all on this sight eventually, but we WILL NOT release them unless interest is made apparent.

Wormhole-Humans in Equestria; the Mane 6 meet their advanced Earth-Selves. Imagine an alternate universe where things are just as they are in Equestria, as they are on Earth.

Jack of None!?-Spin-Off/Slice of Life; mini-adventures of the Mane 6 and Friends in Master of All Trades.

Keeper of War-SHiE(Semi-Human in Equestria); trying something a little new, placing a nuetral element in the world of ponies as the cause for most of the existing peace.

Progress Indicator

Breaking Standards - Delayed
Chapter 5: Posted
Chapter 6: %50 [Rough Draft Completed]
- Chapter 5 posted: 2/23/14
- Chapter 6 Edited First Rough Draft; Final Draft Emerging
- Delayed due to Movement and Shifting of Delegations within TGitM

Flying Through a Hole - Delayed
Chapter 1: Posted
Chapter 2: Outline Started
- Chapter 1 Posted: 2/25
- Chapter 2 Outline Started
- Delayed due to Movement and Shifting of Delegations within TGitM

Master of All Trades - Delayed
Prompted for Rewrite. Current publishing withdrawn.
- Our current writer has matured since the initial release and intends to fortify the story.

Dark Harmonies - 6 Vote(s)
- Chapter 1 Posted: 4/10

Keepr of War - 5 Vote(s)

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Thank you very much for taking the time to read Sunset Shimmer: Element Bearer and for adding it to your favorites! I'm so glad that you are enjoying the story. :twilightsmile:

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