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Diamond Tiara has an unusual challenge for Scootaloo. Having learned that Scootaloo has no issue with skirts or dresses, she decides to challenge her to see who is the better princess. What follows is utter chaos in the wackiest contest this side of Manehattan.

Requested by Gauis Stephanus Caesar. Cover art by Lia Aquila.

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Ever since he first saw the charming and dashing Flash Sentry, Sunburst is head over hooves in love. Unfortunately, all his attempts to get the stallion to notice him are all in vain. Starlight and Twilight make it their mission to get them together. Will they succeed?

Written for the M/M Shipping Contest

Cover art belongs to SUGARKITTYCAT04.

Oh my gosh, featured on the first day!! Squeeeee, thank you so much everyone!!:heart:

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Coverart, which is what this fic was inspired by, from HERE

Note that this is set during and after Friendship Games, which means obvious spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

With The Dazzlings' defeat, things have returned to normal at CHS.

However, that doesn't last long. Trixie is being punished for what she did to the Rainbooms, despite her actions leading to the Sirens defeat.

She decides to forget about it whilst enjoying some tasty peanut butter and crackers. However, after just a bite she notices and odd flavour. Also, why is the hallway getting taller? And why are her clothes so big suddenly?

Now a five-year-old and with her family living all the way on the other side of the of the country, what will happen to the now Small and Adorable Trixie?

If you can't tell what the romance tag is for, watch the second movie and Sunset in the scene when they first might Human Twilight in the third.

Never mind. Thanks to Timber, the original plan for the romance tag is null en void. Maybe I'll change it for Flash. What do you think?

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In S9, After King Sombra's horn was found in the Crystal Empire, the princesses have decided to resurrect him and reform him. The pony to reform him will be none other than... Fluttershy! But what will happen when our yellow pegasus learns more about the evil king? When he gets his strength back, he is ready to attack the crystal empire, but will he?

Chapters (22)

After watching Izzy Moonbow sink a backwards shot in her face, while singing, Pipp Petals decides that she needs to learn how to hoop. So she does, and gets pretty good at it.

But not as good as Izzy. Of course.

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Princess Luna, after studying the dreams of a human named Dean for a decent while, finally gets to meet him face-to-face.

Cover art by Kodabomb

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A boy steals a pair of Snow Leopard claws at Comic-Con and is transported to Equestria as a infant with no memory of his former self, Luna finds and raises him as her own and teaches him the many arts of Kung-Fu, only for him to betray her when he is denied what was rightfully his. Stopped by Celestia he is sent to Tartarus, a inescapable prison designed to hold the martial artist.

20 years later Luna has trained five of the greatest warriors Equestria has ever seen the Furious 5, each trained in their own style of Kung-Fu. Upon receiving a Frightening Vision Celestia beleives that it is time to find and train The Celestial Warrior, During the Selection a Unicorn Girl falls in front of Celestia

Luna having no faith in the girl begins to train her vigorously in hopes she quits so that the real Warrior may be choosen

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The Wonderbolts, Equestria's premier acrobatic and stunt troupe, bimonthly take it upon themselves to give back to the community. It's good for the kids, it sends a healthy message, and the press is nothing to sneeze at either. On one such charity case, the Wonderbolts' chief coordinator and lead performer, Spitfire, undertakes the task of taking in a child to give them the best week of their life. In doing so, she unknowingly throws herself down a path that brings her to ask many questions she had long since wanted to repress...

"Would I make a good mother?"

Humanized characters.

The concept for this story was drawn up before the events of a certain episode. I'm sorry.

Editing and Proofreading provided by the diligent Laeri

Art crafted by the ever talented bakki

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This story is a sequel to Forever This Second

The winding path leads us often back to where we once were; even as we have forgotten where that was. It was Sunny Starscout who had chartered that return trip once more for Equestria. Returning to them not just their magic and not just their history, but their long lost connection to something far greater.

It was against the discourse that harmony was reawakened, arms outstretched to welcome its lost herd.

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Twilight Sparkle finds herself sitting at a gravestone one day, and is harshly reminded of a reality of her rule. And she asks herself a question.

How many?

art isn't mine. I found it on Derpibooru. If the artist doesn't want me to use I will be happy to change it.

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