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The Blue EM2

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Diamond Tiara has an unusual challenge for Scootaloo. Having learned that Scootaloo has no issue with skirts or dresses, she decides to challenge her to see who is the better princess. What follows is utter chaos in the wackiest contest this side of Manehattan.

Requested by Gauis Stephanus Caesar. Cover art by Lia Aquila.

Chapters (5)
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I'm guessing there'll be a new chapter tomorrow?

Indeed. See you for more tomorria.

Comment posted by Gaius Stephanus Caesar deleted June 8th

Wonder how big Scoots' dress bag is....

Imagine her carrying that thing alone through the estates.

Oh, it's not as scary as it looks. This is Blue EM2, not William Faulkner.

Comment posted by Gaius Stephanus Caesar deleted June 9th

Hmmm....I wonder what the first image in the note for Round 1 was supposed to be.

I'll try to replace it.

I wonder if Scoots ever got her hat and jewelry back...

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