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This story is a sequel to Blueblood: Hero of Equestria

Prince Blueblood has escaped the misery of the Changeling War when he is sent to Canterlot to recuperate. He knows this cannot last, for it won't be long before he is called upon once again to risk life and limb for Princess and Country. As Equestrian forces march into the Changeling heartlands, Blueblood must rely on his instincts of self-preservation, deception, and sheer blind luck to survive.

Proofread and edited by Setokaiva

Cover art by jamescorck

Chapters (8)

This story is a sequel to Snowbound

A human who has been converted into a pony is losing her mind. Or so she thinks.

Day by day, her memories decay. She's convinced that one day she'll become a near-mindless newfoal, like the former humans created from the Ponification Potion and used as shock troops by the Solar Empire. And so, as the Solar Empire encroaches on the world, she hides in a small town...

Until she is told that the only thing that can reverse her mind's degradation is to find her purpose, to anchor her self. With this proclamation, she travels through a world on the brink of social collapse in search of her cutie mark.

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to The Slow Mutants

This is a reboot of my earlier story Light Despondent. Or, like I'm going to call it, a remix! It's got a lot of the same beats, but some parts happen earlier, and there's entirely new parts added. With more chapters from the perspectives of others, a little more plot, and the benefit of not making this up as I go along.

Viktor Kraber is one of the worst of the HLF. He's a traumatized Afrikaner, former father, and former surgeon with an appetite for destruction and big guns. But one day, wracked by guilt at an HLF checkpoint, he lets a lost filly and her mother live. From that point on, his life goes to hell (more than usual, anyway) as he tries to cast aside hatreds in a world gone mad, and maybe, just maybe, become a good person. Can he? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, CAN HE?! Of course he can, it's a prequel.

Aegis is going to be Kraber's best friend. But he doesn't know (or want) that yet. All he wants is a quiet life where he can help on the farm, and raise his foals away from the Solar Empire's propaganda, from an Equestria that's become unrecognizable to him. But, with the PER and HLF coming to blows, the PHL and US Government struggling to maintain order, and the slow collapse of society, it's not going to work out and he knows it.

Yael Ben Ze'ev is a member of the heroic Ponies for Human Lives, (or PHL) a group of humans and ponies, supported by the UN, who work tirelessly to save humanity by blending technology and magic. Putting it bluntly, she's the person whose job it is to shoot people like Kraber. She's seen every terrorist group and then some cause trouble even before they turned evacuation from the Barrier into a nightmare - and she's absolutely convinced she can't trust any of the HLF because of it. She has no idea how wrong and right she's going to be, as the PHL resorts to more and more extreme measures to confront the threat of both PER and HLF.

Heliotrope used to fight for the Solar Empire, during the Crystal War and Changeling Purges. Then she quit - or, more accurately, was stranded on a planet she was growing to like. Now, she fights for the PHL alongside Yael, her best friend. Though she doesn't know how long that'll last, as she's frightened of her friend's growing radicalism.

Dayoung Tengku grew up knowing the HLF were heroes. Idolizing them for fighting where the PHL wouldn't. Nursing a fierce grudge against any pony for what their race has done. She's going to have a hard lesson in just how the HLF aren't the best heroes to follow.

Leonid Lovikov is the man who leads Kraber's HLF branch, the Menschabwehrfraktion. He's been a major player in the HLF, ready to kill anything in sight, run protection rackets, and do anything to protect the HLF. But he wants more, and he has plans that could shake the world.

Shieldwall is a PER pony who answers directly to Celestia, and one of the most dangerous potioners out there, with a list of ponifications and confirmed kills a mile long. But, like Lovikov, he wants more. He has designs that could destroy the PHL, in the form of the mysterious Project Fillydelphia...

Chapters (20)

Rainbow Dash was the Iron Wing. She was a war hero, the Slayer of Shadows, the Liberator of the Crystal Empire, the Wrath of Celestia. And depending on who you ask, she still is.

But the war is over. There's little need for a pony like her in peacetime. So she keeps telling herself that she needs to adjust, that she needs to find a new role to fill in the world that she saved. But Equestria seems content to let her remain what she has become, even though they have no need of a warrior.

"This isn't how it's supposed to be", is something she keeps telling herself. But every time she says it, the only thing she can reply is, "so what should it be?"

One whole year after the close of the war, and Rainbow Dash still doesn't have the answer.

Art by NCMares.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The King Who Would Be Man

Commission for SoundLogic. I've finally decided I know enough about the plot of where this is going that I can start posting it, though posts will go to my Patreon a month before appearing here, in future.

Set in Next of Kin to Chaos, post-Deja Q in Star Trek TNG, fourth season MLP. Twilight's ascended to become an alicorn, but none of her friends have. Discord once promised Celestia he wouldn't do anything to change that status. But when you're billions of years old, the idea of the first friend you believe you ever had dying within a century is unbearable. And Discord doesn't always keep his promises.

Tags will change as more gets written.

Chapters (2)

Co-written with MagicMan.

The Hidden Village was found. Zecora and her rebellion have been captured. The Everfree Rebellion is finished. And now Queen Chrysalis and her Swarm reign supreme over Equestria unchallenged.

Sitting high upon her grand throne, the Changeling Queen prepares to bring the stripped nuisance and her rebel friends to book.

If the new Changeling Queendom of Equestria is to last a thousand years, then a few examples need to be made, and the spiders in Chrysalis’ brain have spun a beautiful web of punishments for those who made the fatal mistake of becoming a thorn in her side...

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Joy to the Worlds

Alaska is a safe place. This is what everyone at Fort Wainwright tells themselves. That they can wait out the Conversion War without so much as smelling ponification potion, right?

Maybe not. When two PHL, Johnny C "Nny" Heald (A writer and artist in the national guard) and Fiddlesticks Apple (a musician) take a plane to a PHL research facility on a favor for a friend, things get complicated fast.

Chapters (6)

(The continuation of this story-verse is Star Trek: Pegasus.)

This is a direct sequel to my previous fic The Quandary of DisQord and is, of course, another Star Trek: The Next Generation / Friendship is Magic crossover. This time, however, Q has decided to bring the crew of the Enterprise-D along for the ride as well.

This is a much lighter story than Quandary was (since Quandary was the story of Discord's reign prior to his first defeat, it was bound to be a bit on the dark side). Also, be warned, though I tried to keep them to a minimum, there are still a few references to and spoilers for Quandary in this fic here, so I'd obviously recommend reading that one first before reading this one. Though, at the same time, this one is hopefully self-contained enough that you wouldn't necessarily have to read Quandary first in order to understand anything, if you don't care to.

Also beware, there is a bit of very mild one-sided shipping between one of the ponies and one of the humans, but nothing super serious or squicky or anything like that. And the Discord/Celestia ship from Quandary is touched upon again, of course. Just thought I'd mention it here, in case someone might be turned off by that sort of thing.

As with Quandary, extensive (and spoiler-filled) Author's Notes can be found after the end of the final chapter.

(Cover image is a direct screen-grab from the Next Gen episode "The Arsenal of Freedom" that I played around with in GIMP.)

Chapters (15)

Changelings are marching on Canterlot. In a last ditch effort to save themselves, the Princesses attempt to summon the great hero and saviour known only as 'The Doctor' to Equestria.

He's much more vulgar than they anticipated...and very affirmative that he is not in fact a doctor, or hero, or generally a nice person.

Expect lots of swearing! Contains improbable sexual humor and potentially offensive humor.
Crossover with The Thick of it, along with plenty of Doctor Who references.

Chapters (1)

It’s been a whirlwind romance, but the Doctor has worries. He’s going to try one last crazy scheme before he has to break an innocent mare’s heart.

Can YOU guess who she is before it’s revealed, dear reader?

Chapters (1)
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