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This story is a sequel to Snowbound

A human who has been converted into a pony is losing her mind. Or so she thinks.

Day by day, her memories decay. She's convinced that one day she'll become a near-mindless newfoal, like the former humans created from the Ponification Potion and used as shock troops by the Solar Empire. And so, as the Solar Empire encroaches on the world, she hides in a small town...

Until she is told that the only thing that can reverse her mind's degradation is to find her purpose, to anchor her self. With this proclamation, she travels through a world on the brink of social collapse in search of her cutie mark.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 23 )

Ah, I have looked forward to seeing this story for a long while. Rather well done, Doc. I look forward to seeing more.

Well this looks really good! I really wonder how she escapes from the PER.

Huh, I'm not sure if intentional or not, but it appears that while The Light Despondent is mainly focused on the HLF, this story is mostly focused on the PER. It's actually pretty cool to see them in more depth.

Out of curiosity, what made Eres Veneno so bad? I vaguely remember what occurred in it, but I read it so long ago (Last February, actually) that I can't remember any specifics.

That was totally unintentional, actually, but I'm glad you approve!
Also, Eres Veneno wasn't that bad, but... well, for me it just symbolizes the worst parts of Spectrum. One-dimensional villains getting slaughtered, the PER barely being a threat, zerg rushes, Red talking down to strawmen...

I was also imitating TB3 at the time, and I can only see how I failed at it when I look at Eres Veneno in comparison to his work. I'm also stuck thinking of how I was just trying to do much in it...

Really, there's a lot of negative emotions wrapped up in that chapter. It's not one thing that pisses me off about it, it's more of a general clump of negativity.

I am really looking forward to see how the PER operates here. I am really looking forward to seeing these new newfoal variants you are making up between Light and this one! Thanks for the update!

Interesting that Kraber and Hope share a common hallucination. I look forward to the next update!

"It's safe now" says the title, while also throwing the FBI on her trail.

Interesting to see them, by the way. Most TCB stories have such organizations fall by the wayside, if they even mention them at all.

I was gonna title the chapter after a grunge song, (I spent a week around Seattle last June, it was super relaxing and there was this GIANT HUSKY, and also I had prickly pear mojito for the first time. It was pretty dope) but I couldn't think of one so I went with my usual habit of naming Slow Mutants chapters after synthwave songs.

Huh. Do they now? Well then.

As for why I did this, well... I was pretty heavily inspired by the podcast Edict Zero: FIS. I changed some things around, but it should be easy to tell who was inspired by who here.

Comment posted by Dead Inside deleted Dec 27th, 2019

So do I! But, well, she's going to enjoy herself on the adventures she has. So that's something.

The part about the potion changing the individual mentally not just physically always made me disturbed more often than any other part of the TCB mythos.

It's even more disturbing in that Chat always portrayed it as an unambiguously good thing.

Have my upvote, author.

Comment posted by Trex deleted Aug 10th, 2019

Is this story in any way based off of the story Cozy?

It's super interesting to get an inside look at the PER. It would be nice to think that after the whole ordeal Hope escapes all the prying eyes and gets to live in peace on a sleepy little farm or something. Of course, I bet everyone knows that probably won't happen :(

Here's hoping that Hope finds peace, hopefully. It would really dash my hopes if she were to decay into just another newfoal with no real hopes and dreams. :pinkiehappy:
As always, I love your writing and thanks for the reply.

I am so, so grateful that this story is not dead.

Hint taken :twilightsheepish:

All seriousness, a draft of the next chapter does exist. I've just... gotten a bit sidetracked lately.

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