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"There's that face looking back." She doesn't feel like it's hers. She never has. Maybe there's something to be done about that.

Chapters (1)

After a tragic accident claims the lives of Fluttershy and Big Macintosh, Twilight Sparkle begins to grow distant from her remaining friends. She locks herself in her castle and spends her life working on a cure for aging in the hopes her remaining friends can be saved.

Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie comes up with an idea for the best surprise ever. For three years she works in secret on a surprise for Twilight Sparkle. But Twilight's gift won't be revealed until the last of her friends has passed away.

What kind of surprise could possibly make up for the loss of your best friends?

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Rainbow Dash works the night shift at Freddy's for five terrifying nights.

...Except she doesn't.

Now with added Pinkie Pie!

Cover image belongs to Gardelius.

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It's that time of year again. The leaves are turning, the air is cooling, and the chimneys are smoking.

But to a young Shining Armor, this can only mean one thing: pony flu season has arrived. And, thanks to his mother, this inevitably means a date with the dreaded needle.

Only this time, Shining isn't the only one who has to be worried. His filly sister is coming along for the ride for the first time... albeit, against her will.

And despite having fears of his own, Shining Armor knows that, for Twilight's sake... somepony has to be brave.

Warning: Cuteness abound.

Featured on Equestria Daily on 12/17/2014.

Chapters (1)

After his stepfather receives a job offer which requires his family to move, our protagonist is thrust into the bustling halls of Canterlot High School to complete his senior year. He quickly begins to fall for a certain girl named Sunset Shimmer. Unbeknownst to him, she has a much darker past than he ever would have believed. Does she feel the same? After he discovers the truth, will he still have the same feelings? (Set in the EG universe between Equestria Girls and Rainbow Rocks[not taking comics into account])

Cover Art by 00riko (used with permission): http://00riko.deviantart.com/art/MLP-EqG-Sunset-Shimmer-486769420

Featured 10/14/14. Thanks for the support!

Chapters (8)

A young, blue maned unicorn stallion living an honest life turns murderer as he takes a life to save his childhood friend from harm, now at the mercy of Princess Celestia he awaits judgement.

This is my first written fanfic for MLP, so constructive criticism and advice would be greatly appreciated as I do not know how I'm doing with this... this story may also contain some non-canon additions, as in Ponyville has local guards as an example, just a warning.

Slowly coming out of my writing hiatus.

Chapters (3)

Love Tap experiences another morning of the joys of parenthood with her son Button Mash.

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All Scootaloo wants to do is find a bathroom to relieve herself. Is that too much to ask?
In a town like Ponyville, apparently...yes.

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The Doc says I should start a journal. It'll help me quit smoking, he says. Well, it's a new year, I might as well start a new habit, right? What's the worst that could happen?

WARNING! Contains psychiatric abuse, a mention of a suicide attempt, a mention of an attempted rape, self-injury, foul language, and *gasp* MILD SHIPPING!

Chapters (1)

Everypony loves Pinkie Pie but she's just about the worst employee in all Ponyville. Cup Cake & Carrot Cake finally have to put their hoof down.
Contains non-sexual disciplinary spanking.

Chapters (1)