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Fic recs, February 10th: CreepyPastaSalad edition! · 3:15am February 11th

Our next lucky reader is none other than the inimitable CreepyPastaSalad! (aka DizzyDan) List of stories he's read that I've already read:

Arvaus's Lives' End
ObeySaturnGod's Friends Forever
jmj's Mare of the House
Titanium Dragon's Ruin Value
Metal-Max1991's De Grave of Blueblood
Wisdom Thumbs's The Weak
Avox's The Serene Forgetting
-Hidden Identity-'s A Reasonable Solution
jmj's Changes
Winston's Black Lotus
ocalhoun's The Unfortunate Stabbing of Nurse Redheart
Grand_Moff_Pony's Wrong Place, Wrong Time
ocalhoun's Blink
CryHavoc21's The Unfortunate Aftermath of Nurse Redheart
RagingSemi's The Severing of Friendship
lumberjack's Blinking
A Fistful of Apples's Reconnection
Mark Young's P E T R I F I E D
Trick Question's Princess Day
Flutterpriest's Feathers

And now here's the rest. :) Hope you like darkfics. (Boy, this took forever, no thanks to my proclivities. D: Next blog will be cleaning up the stragglers and getting some longfics read via text-to-speech. So it won't be any time soon! :B)

H: 2 R: 9 C: 12 V: 3 N: 7

Those Who Are Oppressed by Emoshy
Genre: Sad
The opening infodump about Discord and Tirek was confusing as hell, but I still got the sense this was not a story about Equestria so much as it was our world. That said, it's quite poorly told and not really worth looking up anywhere. The shortness works against it, giving us very little character for our protagonist and zero reason for him to suddenly off himself at the end. The message sent is "some people are homeless, and that really sucks," like, yeah, no duh, this isn't helpful.
Not Recommended

Let It Snow by Graymayne
Genre: Dark AU
As assassin spends Hearth's Warming alone.
Really killing it with these deleted fics. Should you decide to read this story, be careful: you might cut yourself on the edge. Our author self-insert protagonist is a thoroughly loathsome individual. And after watching him think lewd things about a mare, stalk his target — a retired guard walking home with his family — easily dispatch his three-guard escort, kill said target in front of said family, and generally just be a real shithead, we're supposed to feel sorry for him because it's Hearth's Warming or something. Oh, but of course, he's actually an werehog some kind of literal monster, possessed by Discord or something. I honestly don't care. I wish this story was still on the site so I could make a "this is how you get Batmares" joke; I guess I'll just have to leave it here. This was awful.
Not Recommended

Drop. by Sexy Pudgy Pinkie Pie
Genre: Dark/Sad/???
Pinkie's get older, and her friends have moved on. She's got a tough decision to make.
Well, there's a name I haven't seen in a while, possibly because I can't find them on the site anymore. :B I can see why they might have taken this piece down, though. There's plenty of people out there in such a state that reading a lengthy sequence where Pinkie Pie hangs herself, even if it's all a dream, is not going to do them any favors. That said, I could have easily given an N to this on the basis of its subject matter, which could almost be seen as glorifying suicide in places, if not for the final scene. Pinkie makes another attempt on her life, and seems to be egged on by somepony. Is it Rarity? Death? And after a long chase, she finally catches up and this becomes intensely surreal. So I might recommend it to horror fans, but only if you're in a place where you can read a highly realistic portrayal of suicidal ideation.
Vaguely Recommended

Dreams Fade by Enduring Man-Child
Genre: Friendshipping Drama
Rainbow Dash had a nightmare about Pinkie Pie.
Maybe it's just because of the company this story is in, but I was all set to discount it as yet another story where Rainbow Dash dreams of Cupcakes and it hurts their friendship. (To be fair, at first I misunderstood an early description and thought Rainbow Dash was getting railed on a cloud and Pinkie didn't know what sex was.) But for once in my life, I have to admit that making references to other fanfics and things actually wound up with a good story. That's the whole point, in fact, making this something of an anti-Fallout: Equestria, to say nothing of Cupcakes. Equestria is a place of light and harmony, and nothing really terrible is ever going to happen there. This nightmare — which I should mention is never described — doesn't hurt Rainbow and Pinkie's friendship, it only makes it stronger. And that's not nothing. :)

I Don't Know If I'm Real… by North
Genre: Dark
The water surrounds Pinkie Pie, and she cannot escape.
Remember the time when it was possible the real Pinkie Pie got sent back to the Mirror Pool? I've always said that's why her characterization started going downhill around season four. :P Anyway, this is a story about that, though sadly it's more focused on the melodrama of "Twilight was committing mass murder" than "is this the real Pinkie Pie?" Strangely, from the description in the story, I was under the impression this was actually one of the clones, but the author's note says it's the real Pinkie. I don't think we agree on how to interpret that episode. Regardless, this isn't bad, it's just a question of whether the subject matter interests you.
Vaguely Recommended

Drifting by ShadowKirby
Genre: Sad AU
She drifted through the dark, the cold, and the wet.
Two of these in a row, eh? Well, whatever qualms I had about the previous story, they don't hold a candle to this one. This one made me appreciate the dark melodrama! Because while it's possible and even a good idea to use repetition as a way of reinforcing an idea, here it is used ad nauseam. I got tired of that mantra right quick, and I hated my life more every time I heard it. Maybe it's a case of this not being a good story to read aloud — and I don't know whether I should hold that against anything — but that's how I experienced it, and I just did not like one second of it.
Not Recommended

Crusader's End by CalebH
Genre: Sad
A story which starts off with a suicide letter written by Apple Bloom asks an awful lot of its reader, and I have to say, I never got on board with what this was selling. Sure, some of the ideas were neat: Luna's cutie mark story is totally metal in a way, and Nightmare Moon as an elaborate suicide attempt? But both are marred by the unflagging emo moistening these pages; everyone's just so mopey and angsty, and I didn't want any of it. I've never been more glad to see a story refuted by canon.
Not Recommended

Eternity by Camlan
Genre: Sad/AU?/Future Fic?
Twilight contemplates eternity.
Okay, I definitely got lost in the middle of this. It starts off with a lengthy monologue about eternity and stuff that you might find in an immortality angst fic, but not one so angsty as to be cliche. Then something happens, and suddenly she's telling the story of a Lunaverse-type setup, and while I had no idea what was going on, it was pretty cool. I mean seriously, looking at the story itself only revealed that the author needed to invest in more paragraph breaks. Then that story comes to a close and it turns into your standard "Twilight outlived her friends" thing. And then it ends on a question? Honestly, I have no idea what to make of this, go read it yourself and find out.
Recommended If You Like Sad Futures?

Time by MadMaxtheBlack
Genre: Horror
He has twenty-four hours to complete his work, and time is running out.
This was a really stunning piece of imaginative fiction. The imagery is strong, there's no dialogue, and the nightmare scenario our unnamed protagonist has lived through is as original as it is terrifying. This keeps the plot fresh, as those of you who were really into Youtube animations, say, eight years ago might find certain things familiar. (There's a link in the comments if you don't know what I mean.) It's still a highly worthwhile fic, though don't expect any answers…
Highly Recommended

An Issue in Friendship by Captain Burrito
Genre: Dark Drama
In Equestria, friends are everything.
This is really interesting. It paints Equestria as something of a light dystopia, a cult society built around friendship. The consequences of this are portrayed really well in the body of the story, and without feeling like they overstep the bounds of canon. My only qualm is the ending, which felt abrupt and disconnected from the rest. I kind of wanted a few hundred more words at least. Still, this is novel and may be of interest to people who would normally shy away from the Dark tag.

Reflection by Realm Jumper
Genre: Horror
Double-booked and at the end of her rope, Vinyl Scratch seeks out the Mirror Pool.
I'm a little torn on this one. For starters, it goes over very familiar ground, coming to a lot of similar conclusions as every other dark Mirror Pool fic ever, and I'm kind of tired of that. But this is legitimate horror. I particularly loved the imagery of Vinyl approaching the pool for the first time and feeling there was something horribly wrong about it. Also, while the ending is quite obvious, the final line was really good. So this might just be more than the sum of its parts.
Recommended for Horror Fans

Painless by Anonthony
Genre: Mental Illness
At the end of her rope, Pinkie Pie goes home to try and figure herself out.
Given the quality of sad Pinkie fics recently, I kept my expectations low for this one but ended up being pleasantly surprised. This is a lengthy, somewhat melodramatic alternate take on Party of One, where Pinkie runs completely away from Ponyville while literally hearing voices. The focus on honesty was intriguing, as it highlights the way depression (and possibly schizophrenia?) can distort reality and truth in the sufferer's mind. That said, it's undercut somewhat by the ending, where it's revealed the voices were actually a legitimate dark magical influence who get exorcised by friendship lasers. Still, I can't deny that the melodrama is come by honestly, and the writing is considerably better than I had expected for something so old. (Pinkie had brothers???)
Recommended If You Like Mental Drama

The Changing of the Guard by 2006midnight
Genre: Historical
After reading dozens and dozens of stories about the defeat of Nightmare Moon, something this thin doesn't really offer much. I mean, I can't say I've seen one focused entirely on Celestia's emotional turmoil this way, but there isn't anything more to it. It's not bad, it just isn't exactly the tense epic I usually see, and the title drop at the end was a real stretch.
Recommended Only If You Like Celestiangst

Of the Monsters in Nightmares by Mr. Grimm
Genre: Melodrama
A monster chases Trixie through her dreams.
I have to admit, I found this a little tedious. Going by the cover art, I have to assume it was written post-Magic Duel, but it still felt like the kind of "woe is Trixie" fics people were writing in season one. There's a bit of friendshipping between her and Luna at the end, so that's nice. Maybe someone else will get something out of this that I didn't.
Vaguely Recommended

I Have No Voice, and I Must Cry by BBJBS
Genre: Horror
Discord and Fluttershy have another tea party.
This is a really dark story, a very BAD ending for Fluttershy and Discord. I don't know how effective it is as horror, but I was pretty damn horrified.
Recommended for Fans of Darkfics

Breaker by DVAN56
Genre: Grimdark
I break everything I touch.
This is another "cutie marks are superpowers/curses" story, and that's just never a good idea. This guy literally breaks everything he touches, so of course he goes to Ponyville, Pinkie welcomes him with a hug, and she falls apart into a puddle of black sludge, so now he's gotta die. Like, of course someone with this curse is gonna kill Pinkie immediately without meaning to. I just did not like this at all.
Not Recommended

Umbra by Mihail Frost
Genre: Dark/Adventure
Twilight performs a ritual to let her see the world in a different light.
It takes a certain dedication to the Dark tag to see a picture like that one and write a story like this about it. That said, for all that this is pretty dark, the ritual involving Twilight bloodletting and invoking power, I really liked the way what she saw was described? So that's not nothing.
Recommended If You Like Dark Fics

Mirrors in Shadows by TonicPlotter
Genre: Changeling Fic
Alone in the woods, Twilight finds a dying changeling.
I had a lot of presuppositions coming into this, but on balance, it's actually pretty good? I've read a lot of stories about Twilight struggling with her hatred of changelings, sometimes learning to forgive the whole or individuals, sometimes not, but despite its brevity, this still had some interesting world-building, and I particularly liked the setup for the final line. So yeah, you could do far worse than to give this a quick read.

The Scraping by DEI Caboose
Genre: Psychological
Envy scrapes against Luna's mind.
Can I just start by saying horror stories have a long tradition of being titled "The + gerund", and "scraping" is about the creepiest word you could possibly use in that template? My god. Sadly (?), the only scraping going on is emotional, so I fear the title may have been blown. Still, this is pretty good. It's just a short piece about Luna going insane before turning into Nightmare Moon, but it's carried out considerably better than any similar piece I've ever read. So yeah, not bad at all!

Shadow of Luna by Joseph Krakowski
Genre: Dark Historical
Luna is ready for a change.
It's surprising, given CreepyPastaSalad's penchant for getting into a groove of reading multiple stories with the same premise, that I find I like this "Luna goes crazy" fic even more than the last one. That's almost entirely because it's focused on more than just what's in Luna's head. There's tension with her sister, political intrigue, you name it. Plus this is good journalfic. So this was a really pleasant surprise, considering it was a first story!
Highly Recommended

Elegy of Equestria by Dainn
Genre: Dark AU
Nightmare Moon did everything in her power to gain control of Equestria. Now it is dying.
There's something extremely reassuring about stories where Nightmare Moon won and doomed Equestria in the process. This one's not too bad, though it is quite dark, the AU spinning off from the original fight in the pilot and ending with the death of the mane six. I do wish there had been more explanation of things like why the Elements didn't work on her a second time, but I suppose those details weren't really necessary to telling the story.
Recommended If You Like Dark AUs

Duty by TheOnly
Genre: Dark AU/Tragedy
A lone guard stands in the rain, ready to do his duty.
Wow, TheOnly wrote serious fics? I was ready for a real punchline here, given how hard he rubs it in that this guard is impoverished and he'd really like a snow globe for his birthday. There's even a single tear! But instead of dark laughs, this only has a twist that you'll likely see coming. And it's pretty dark.
Recommended Only If You Like Dark Fics

Sandstorm(s) by Lyi
Genre: Experimental
This one didn't listen well, because the framing story, which I admittedly liked, was not used particularly well. We begin with an all-dialogue segment of a colt finding a journal ostensibly from the future and reading one of the entries. The dialogue did well, at least in the reading, but the more I read the journal, the more lost I became. There are all kinds of errors and spots where the author was trying to be deep and/or poetic while not really getting there. I mean, look at a line like "Then, with of gust of my Breeze, her body collapsed like a corpse, for she was now a corpse." That's really exemplar of the whole thing's quality. I couldn't figure out why there was a "he" and an "I", nor really what was happening at any given time. Which is a shame; I thought from the description this might be a "cutie marks are superpowers" story meant to explain where the wasteland timeline came from in The Cutie Re-Mark. I mean, wouldn't that be neat? Instead, this was just… some words.
Not Recommended

Rain, Rain Go Away by yearoftherat
Genre: Emotional/Historical
No matter what she does, it seems Celestia's destiny is to be alone.
For a mopey piece of personal writing with a badly formatted title, this was pretty good. At least, the first two scenes really struck home with me, thanks both to the strong history-building and the bond Celestia forms with her hoofmaiden because of their chat. The story then kind of continues on when it really didn't have to, but that's the point. The focus here is not the setting or time period, but on Celestia struggling against loneliness. If she doesn't connect with ponies, she's lonely, and if she does? They eventually leave her. Aside from a POV shift early on, the writing is strong, and while the whole thing is built around pathetic fallacy, I nevertheless find myself positively predisposed toward it.

Hope by Dark Avenger
Genre: Grimdark
Celestia walks through a nightmare.
So this has some really awesome dark imagery, and that's the strength on which I recommend reading it. It is very grim, and the 'what's going on' isn't particularly obvious. I mean, there's one clue right at the end, but it takes a bit of a logic leap to get to. (There's a blog linked in the A/N explaining it.) Still, I thought this was cool, it's just not going to appeal to everyone.

Like a Babbling Brook by jmj
Reading by Scribbler
Genre: Horror
In the middle of the night, Applejack wakes to a cry for help.
Well, this actually spooped me. :O Granted, it doesn't provide a lot of answers. What is this thing? Why did it call for Applejack? What did she do to deserve this fate? But the imagery is really strong, and this was pretty original.
Recommended for Horror Fans

Mister Lonely Heart by Eskerata
Genre: Emotional
Twilight Sparkle visits Mister Lonely Hearts after hours.
This story has such a cool concept, I can't even begin to describe how great it is. Thorax as a grief counselor, helping ponies in the particular way only a changeling could. And yet, I don't think it's used terribly well. This presumes an awful lot about Twilight; I daresay it needs an entire other story about her relationship to really drive home the emotional catharsis. Otherwise, I just kind of had to nod along with things and appreciate the setup more than the denouement.
Recommended If You Can Accept Twilight Leaving a Relationship Before the Story Starts

Sweets and Sharp Objects by WishyWish
Mature: Gore
Genre: Experimental/Dark
You would have to exclude all ponies and placenames to write a story less related to the show than this. What even is this? None of these characters are who the story says they are, and the nightmarish imagery — which in some world could be intriguing — is undercut by the sheer randomness of the ideas, like the constant mantra about Pinkie Pie. I could not discern any purpose to this other than being dark for darkness' sake.
Not Recommended

Applejack's New Security System by Vertigo22
Sequel to Rarity and the Rhinoceros
Genre: Random Comedy
Up to her neck in apple thieves and at her wits' end, Applejack acquires a very dangerous security system.
I was kind of meh on the previous story, but this was really funny. It all centers around how dangerous hippos are and how unhinged AJ has become. On that latter note, I don't think I've seen a better "crazy Applejack" story before, either. The best part: you really don't have to read the prequel to get this.

Equestria's Imperial Legion by Bendy
Mature: Gore
Genre: Dank Memes
Celestia hires a special guard to combat the sudden crime wave.
Funny how this story kind of has the same setup as the last one. Anyway, all you need to know to get into this is the "Stop right there, criminal scum!" meme. The rest follows thereon. Also, there's some good pot-shots taken at Celestia and Luna, by themselves no less. Don't let the Mature rating scare you, I had a good time with this.
Recommended If You Like Random Comedy

Host by Flash Notion
Genre: Monologue
The darkness calls out, seeking a host.
This was pretty darn good. A little "woe is poor Pony of Shadows" maybe, and the connection to Sombra doesn't hold up to comics canon, but I still felt this was a realistic and effective portrayal of what it might have been like when Stygian first fell to the darkness. Really good voicing for the POS, too.

Obsession by the dobermans
Mature: Gore, Violence, Profanity
Genre: PoE/Horror/Definitely Not Vore
Boy, this is weird. Our main character is a severe edgelord, who idolizes Nightmare Moon in the creepiest way possible. Then he meets her face-to-face and discovers she's way edgier than he ever could be. Then he is eaten alive, and it's terrifyingly grotesque. You don't expect the dobermans to write "normal" stories, but seriously dude, wtf, come on.
Recommended Only If You Like Gorefics

Poor Little Cloudwalker by eLLen
Genre: Horror
Rainbow Dash gets stuck.
Now, this was something. Twilight Zone-style horror that happens on a bright, sunny day. I feel like this was written to address a phobia I've never heard of or something. My only real complaint was it felt a little too long; I wanted the punchline to come sooner, and of course I always look for reasons why horror happens. But this was unique, and well written, and I liked it.

Report PresentPerfect · 211 views · #fic reviews
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Comments ( 19 )

That's a fair assessment of my story. Thanks for the review!


Thank you for the review. I greatly appreciate it. It was also very interesting to see two of my friends get their stories reviewed on the same blog post. You really made my night.

SexyPudgyPinkiePie is one of those people who changed alts every time he wore out his welcome, which was fairly often.He may still be around.

I've read two of these and had pretty much the same reaction. "Hope" had cool atmosphere, but I couldn't figure out what had happened without reading the author's explanation, which isn't a good thing. And "Mister Lonely Heart" came up with a cool premise, but then didn't take it anywhere, just hoping it'd survive on the concept alone. I would have liked to see more ramifications of the setup rather than just have Thorax talk through a few therapy sessions.

Wow. Thanks for taking so many bullets for us all. :twilightoops:

Wow, TheOnly wrote serious fics?

Excuse me, what? :trixieshiftleft:

Only one of these I've read is Crusader's End and, yeah, I couldn't buy into its premise.

Author Interviewer

You can thank DizzyDan for including them! :) (Also, do you have any idea what happened to him? That last reading was from 2018...)


Please allow me to interject. He's been devoting a lot of time to finding a job. If anyone knows of an opening in the insurance field, please consider contacting him.

His readings are of extremely high quality, and it's a shame he hasn't had what's needed to focus on them.

On the topic at hand, many thanks for the review! Thanks as well for not spoiling the ending. :raritywink:

BTW, it's great to see OG writers like jmj making a resurgence. Dark ponyfic, and perhaps ponyfic in general, owe him a debt of gratitude.

Huh. Notification popped up and my first thought was, "did I ask him to do that?"

I don't think I did, but thanks are definitely in order.
Host was a story that came at an odd time. I published it on Christmas 2017, after sudden inspiration. Not sure why, I don't think I'd watched a Star Wars movie recently (the only sequel film I saw in theaters was Episode IX). Though there's definitely a 'Dark Side' vibe to the story.
It's also odd that a story that seems to channel the worst parts of my own angst/depression/mental trauma was written at such a happy time.

But enough about that. I wasn't really the biggest fan of how the comics portrayed Sombra. I think that those particular issues are still non-canon to the show, but I may be wrong. I put in the reference to Sombra because it seemed a little ridiculous that the mane 6 never directly compared Stygian to the other pony of shadows that they'd defeated. Like... they're very similar, POS!Stygian and Sombra. (Also, I wonder how often it gets pointed out that "Pony of Shadows" shares an abbreviation with "Piece of S***". It's either too often or not often enough, there is no in between.)

Overall I'm really happy with the review, "Monologue" isn't something I'd ever really considered as a genre before, though I guess it's a case of that being the best word that fit the situation.

Maybe this'll be what gets my writing mojo back...

* Edit: so I just thought to look back at some old stuff, and it seems like this is the first of my stories that have managed to snag reviews, in spite of you reviewing Blink fics (Not The First) and Beanis fics (A Single Pale Beanis and Children of the Bean). Guess I was just a bit too late jumping on the bandwagon both times. Coulda sworn I'd had another review, but I guess I was wrong there.

Author Interviewer

I hope the comment about Sombra didn't come across as criticism. His backstory has just been in the comics for so long that I'm surprised to see anyone making up something new anymore. :B

You've got one more, but it's in a big blog. <.< Welcome to this crazy train.

ah, forgot about that one.

Interesting. You had an opinion I expected more people to have. I wrote Drifting off of a moment of inspiration a few years ago (partially inspired by I Don't Know If I'm Real... which, funnily enough, you reviewed right before my take on the concept.)
I kind of expected it to be more disliked than it is, to be honest. It's a rather avaunt-garde type thing, and unless you're the kind of person who enjoys that, it's garbage. I think reading it slowly helps, but it's definitely not for everyone, and I don't blame you for disliking it. I was surprised to find so many people enjoyed it.
Thanks for checking it out and sharing your opinion, regardless!:twilightsmile:

Author Interviewer

Sorry for the extra-harsh tone of that review. It sounds like what you were going for just did not work for me at the time and/or the format in which I experienced it. :B

:twilightsmile: This is a pleasant surprise! I wish you'd told me of your reviews here; I might have been able to be more prompt in responding. :twilightblush:

Regardless, I appreciate the signal boost, and reading through these made me reminisce a bit. There seems to be a clear indication here, though, that generally I've been able to pick out more polished stories than, say, when I first started, which is favorable.

I have no idea what inspired you to do this, especially considering my recent hiatus; however, I consider it an honor that these stories I voiced attracted your notice, let alone were aggregated here for review. For those stories you've already reviewed, though, I would've liked a link to find the reviews you wrote for those stories, too, since I'd like to know what you thought of them. However, it was very courteous of you to link right to my readings instead. :twilightblush:

In time, I hope to regain activity. I've missed these a lot. :pinkiesmile:

Author Interviewer

Ah, so you are on hiatus. :O I was aggrieved when I realized how un-recent the last reading was. I look forward to you doing more!

And yeah, I should've mentioned something about this to you, don't know why I didn't, might have something to do with the lack of a good time I had in listening to all of them in a row. c.c; Regardless, you impressed me quite some time ago with your reading quality, and I've finally gotten around to subscribing to your channel, so that's why this has happened. :)

Aw heck, I'm feeling kind. Here's all those links you wanted:


It's fine, I thought you were being pretty respectful with it, but I appreciate the apology regardless!

:twilightblush: Oh geez. I really had no idea you were a fan. Well, I've been working on getting my start in the world. For a while, I was getting burned out with the readings, admittedly, but I have no intention of stopping just yet.

Well, regardless, there are many roads to Rome. :twilightsmile: I appreciate this nonetheless.

Very kind, indeed! Thank you! I will be giving these a read-through.

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