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"Call me right now, it's important." · 12:03am August 14th

Mummy dearest wishes to speak. Normally I'd just ignore it and go about my day, but...
I already knew why.

My darling, sweetheart, favorite cousin passed away in her sleep on the 8th and I've been unreachable the last few days (I tend not to use the book of faces).

She was 25. She shared a birthday with my father.

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Thanks for adding my story to your library!

Yeah I don't have much of a way to really go back to old comments or I'd probably completely remove my presence from the site :^3

So, uh

You remember when you were on that whole "I AM Starlight Glimmer" kick

The comments you left on my blogs and stories while roleplaying as her are hilarious in current context :rainbowlaugh:

*glances at bookshelf title*
I haven't read it yet, that's a sorted RIL list...

Thank you for adding my stories to your collections. I am glad you enjoyed them.

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