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    I get to go visit my friend in the hospital again today, yaaaay! :D

    Oh wait, I meant the other one. D: At least it's not a relapse into alcoholism, yaaaay! :'D

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State of the Writer, April 2024! · 10:35pm April 30th

It's another boring one! I ain't wrote nothin'! :B

It actually feels lately like I've been crawling out of a pit? So maybe there's a light ahead? But it's also blocked by Balatro lol somepony save me D:

The only other thing relevant to this blog is that I've had notes for a vs. post sitting in my notes document for probably the entire month now, what is wrong with me? D:

The rest of this post will consist of sperging. πŸ™„

If you know anything about me, you'll know that I adore cooperative board games, superheroes, and cooperative superhero board games.

This is why I am so fucking jazzed to let you know that Union City Heroes Alliance, the foremost cooperative superhero deck- and board-building game is finally here! After a three year wait, I got my Kickstarter copy yesterday, and it's glorious! :D

I haven't been in the board gaming hobby for too terribly long (just under ten years at this point), but I can't say I've ever played a game quite like this. (I helped playtest it!) You make a board of face-down tiles, flip them one by one as you explore the city, and you and your teammates try to save people and solve problems in order to gather enough power to defeat the villain! The characters are intensely colorful, from the Green Death, who is basically the Green Hornet meets the Phantom, to the Pterano-Don of the Dino Mafia. Dinosaur gangsters, yo. :D There's modern-style heroes, classic-style heroes, an indestructible cowboy, a giant stompy monster, legendary figures lost in time, the list goes on and on, and there's even more on the horizon!

You can find out more at the website I am about to link below. Caveat: As luck would have it, they're redoing their web store, so this link doesn't work yet. c_c Maybe check back in a week or so? Or check it out on BoardGameGeek, there are videos and things linked from there.


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Oh, that game looks fun!

I really love cooperative board games, even though I haven't played more than a half-dozen. I'm not so keen on superheroes, but I've got a friend who is big on both, and I'll recommend this one for one of our game nights!

Author Interviewer

Having played my first physical game last night (only ever played on Tabletop Simulator before now!), I can say setup and takedown are a bear -- hardly the first game that's true of -- and it needs a ton of table space, such that I think game 2 will be on the floor. c_c But damn is it fun, even solo.

Glad to hear things are getting better n_n

Ah, but how does one crawl out of the pit that is oneself? And if one managed to claw one's way out of one's own eye sockets, what will then be seen? Well, one's eyes will see nothing - but one's organs, in their own horrendous fashion, will see dirt pouring into every opening of the body, as one is buried alive by the unclean everything, an unclean universe. But of course, one was never truly alive, so what is buried is merely a dream of life, and the dirt, too, is merely a dream of dirt, and so on. In the end, a single question presents itself: am I willing to learn to love the taste of dirt? Have a nice day!

It actually feels lately like I've been crawling out of a pit?

God, I felt that one. I've still got the bruises from when I kept slipping back down.

Author Interviewer

my ass has felt like two bruises all day, but that's because I spent three hours playing a board game on the floor yesterday like someone who isn't in their early 40s >_o

I am also addicted to balatro, but whenever i mention to any of my friends, they don’t know what im talking about.

Author Interviewer

that's so weird, it's like super popular, I heard about it in at least three different, completely unrelated places before I started playing it :B

at least I've hit a spot where the excitement has toned down a good deal, so not needing to play it constantly is easier D:

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