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Okay... I'll admit. You've caught my interest. I really have no idea where this is going and really want to find out...

Nothing creepy about a guy sorting through those in a dark room. Nothing at all...

Huh, looks like another ride opened up in MadMax's Asylum. Wonder what this one will be about.


Now the real spoilers is how many people want or will make the same joke.

He's probably building himself a skeleton to transfer himself into before he dies. The spiral bone is gunna be his horn.

Derp404 #7 · Apr 3rd, 2015 · · · I ·

He'd better finish that skeleton before his time runs out or he'll be boned

This is quite interesting so far Max. I can't wait for more.

WezaQ #9 · Apr 3rd, 2015 · · · I ·

I'm guessing, he's making Celestia! :pinkiecrazy:

So we know it's an alicorn, and male....

And we can guess he is doing some form of illegal activity, what with thousands of bones everywhere.

And we can also guess that the hourglass is linked in to his life force, or less obviously, the life force of one he loves.

The bones mean something, but I doubt it's building a skeleton, probably more akin to parts for a ritual.

Lazy_ #11 · Apr 3rd, 2015 · · · I ·

DIY Celestia! For only $20 you can buy your very own Princess Celestia and build her yourself!
Please note: Any injuries, mental or physical caused by your DIY Celestia once built, are not liable for refunds by any insurance offer. Build at you own risk. Oh, and you have 24 hours to build her too, or the skeleton will self destruct and kill you. Sorry.

How the flying fuck does this only have around two hundred views after about a week of being posted when you have over a thirteen hundred followers?


*Looks at tags* lest see here...
Mature + Gore = expect blood and guts.
Dark + Sad = expect a lot of misery for the protagonist
Tragedy = Story has a "Bad End"
Tragedy + Sad + Dark = the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train.

I happen to know that MadMax is a good author, so I can expect the immersion of this story to be quite high.

I think that I'll have to pass on this one.

he picked up a wire tool and began to carefully carve off chunks of the clay,

"... he picked up a wire tool and began to carefully carve off chunks of clay, ..."

The clay was cold beneath his hooves, no warmth _ present in the soft sediment.

" The clay was cold beneath his hooves; no warmth was present in the soft sediment. "

Placing the book beside him, he return to molding the clay, shaping it into a more defined form,

" Placing the book beside him, he returned to molding the clay, shaping it into a more defined form, ..."

He lit up his horn and the bone he had selected early floated over to the skull.

" He lit up his horn and the bone he had selected earlier floated over to the skull. "

The sculpture was finished, but it wasn't prefect.

And neither is your spelling. :facehoof:

" The sculpture was finished, but it wasn't perfect. "

The mandible's shape and position was creating a bad case of underbite.

" The mandible's shape and position were creating a bad case of underbite. "

before pulling one of the nearby magnifying glass stand closer.

"... before pulling one of the nearby magnifying glass stands closer. "

Even then, he had to removed teeth several times to adjust them,

" Even then, he had to remove teeth several times to adjust them, ..."

Every so often he would pause, pouring over the anatomy book

" Every so often he would pause, poring over the anatomy book ..."

Have some free fixes, Max! :yay:

sure i'll bite *starts reading at 3:30 in the morning :/ *

Okay, I now have officially no clue what's going on.

I can't help but feel like this story was inspired by bloodborne...

I'm getting a lot of The Vanishing On 7th Street vibes here.

Well this is a sad state to see Ponyville in now isn't it? At least I think this qualifies for the use of the spoiler function.

... I assume that this pony is the survivor of an apocalypse that he only survived because he is an alicorn. I also assume that he is going to die soon and is using the dead remains of former ponies to create new ponies. And that the “she” he was talking about is some lover whose name is not mentioned because we would recognize it, the fore most likely making the lover one of the mane six?

OK, those pelts got me both intrigued and emotionally invested. :pinkiesad2:

Welp, the guess I sent as a PM after chapter 1 missed by a mile. :twilightsheepish:

Still sucks to see Ponyville in ruins, though. If the vines and creepers (It took every fiber of my self-control to not post a picture of a sea of Minecraft Creepers) have already overtaken the village, it makes me wonder how long ago the distaster happened. RIP Mane 6.

Also, Six Million Bit Twilight — "We can rebuild her... We have the magic!" :rainbowdetermined2:

I'll post fixes a little later, because Easter stuff.

That was depressing..

Dood- #24 · Apr 5th, 2015 · · · III ·

5826105 I remember that TV show! My mom made me watch like all the episodes..

It's all his fault and she is now the result.

An old flame? Lover? Colleague? Leader? Parent? One pronoun with so much potential.

That leg is suspect too...

My heart was pounding when he messed up the pelt. Is he trying to revive somepony or making a friend?

I'm bored and going to type out everything I've gathered so far.

Our protagonist is an alicorn, probably created instead of born, given the way his leg 'fell apart' among other things.
He is living in a post-apocalyptic Equestria, near Ponyville specifically, given he was within running distance of it for gathering the pelt.
It's obvious enough he's trying to create a body, and alicorn body, most likely to restore life to his creator, saying he 'owed them that much,' They gave him life and he'll return the favor.
Considering the state of Ponyville and lack of characters beyond malevolent shades, it's entirely possible a plague of magic or come mental thing destroyed civilization
The protagonist has a bunch of body parts lying around, meaning he may have already had them from his creator's stache, or is simply extremely good at finding organs/bones/teeth

This is a bit more speculation but still something I think warrants looking into:

He found the pelt he's using in what I believe to be Carousel Boutique, given the description. This could imply Rarity went off the deep end and started skinning ponies to make her dresses. I think the pelt he's using right now is Twilight Sparkle's, and I recall the other Mane 6's color being mentioned, along with background ponies
If I'm right about this pelt being Twilight's, then that rules her out as his creator considering he didn't seem to recognize the color, and chose it solely for size and quality.
The Hourglass is definitely tied to someone's life force or life span, but it could be the protagonist's, or the soul of the pony he's trying to save. The red coloring may be a byproduct of the impure magics used to restore life or something.

All in all, this is a very interesting story that still has very many questions left to be answered.
Keep up the good work

5829202 The protagonist actually found Twilight's pelt in Sugarcube Corner. She was hiding in the closet with Pinkie Pie inside the latter's bedroom. The building's description meets the criteria for Sugarcube Corner, as well as the other bodies he skipped over matching the likenesses of the Cakes (Carrot as the blood-stained yellow pile at the counter, and Mrs. Cake with her two foals further in.).

So, wait. He has enough bones to make a skeleton, but has to make the skull out of clay? Is there a reason behind that? :rainbowhuh: What the hell is going on, Blackie?! :flutterrage:

5829289 My guess is so that the protagonist didn't have to settle with just unicorn skulls; it would just be simpler to make a clay skull and find a suitable horn than to sift through a set of full-package skulls which may or may not have a horn or skull shape he'd be happy with.

5829303 Ooooooor, he ran out of skulls so he had to make one himself... but that wouldn't explain the box full of horns. DAMNIT! I WANNA KNOW THE REASON!!!!

5829317 You could always ask him! :trollestia:

...Good luck on that, by the way.

Very Rarely do I see a story tagged mature+gore in the featured box. So that is why I read it, to see how such a story earned that.

Comment posted by Misty Horse deleted Apr 6th, 2015


Am I wrong to recall the first pelt he was going to settle with was an earth pony? The pelt he found over what I'm sure everybody believes is twilight's?

Comment posted by Misty Horse deleted Apr 6th, 2015

I'm thinking sugar cube corner, and rarity was one of the pelts seen throughout the first floor. Also, the timer is likely the duration of the barrier used to protect him. These are my ideas on it.

Aerigim #41 · Apr 7th, 2015 · · · V ·

Well there is what I assume are Spike and Celestia accounted for.

5833831 While I agree about spike, I think that Owlican'tspelltherest is a much more likely candidate.

Aerigim #43 · Apr 7th, 2015 · · · V ·

5833840 The fact that they were white not white and brown made me think otherwise.

There was a large mass collapsed in the center of the room, chains hanging off of it. White feathers were scattered across the floor, several of them poking out from beneath the wooden boards.

Is this a ponified version of the short film "The Maker" on youtube?

Changelog: I added a spoiler, and removed the video

BassEffect #47 · Apr 8th, 2015 · · 2 · V ·

5837236 5835563 I feel like this just ruined the story for me. Kinda a big spoiler if it's true. Thanks a bunch for posting. :ajbemused:

This story is more suspenseful than two's company, three's a crowd!

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