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Ponyfic Roundup reviews summary, #11 to #20 · 9:24pm Nov 19th, 2016

Previous: 1-10

Here I go again with another summary of the Ponyfic Roundup posts on Louder Yay, this time from May-August 2014. The same format applies, including linking authors rather than story titles for M-rated fics -- not that there are any in this batch in any case! Again, I'm converting my old ratings to the current star system. Also, remember that a three-star fic is above average in my book, since I find having finer gradations more useful for stories I enjoyed than for stories I didn't. Details past the break! (And yes, all the fics in the first one really do get three stars!)

PR 11 -- 18 Jun 14
Flitter by Nyerguds: ★★★
Brace Buddies by TooShyShy: ★★★
Evil Belle Takes Over Canterlot by Akumokagetsu: ★★★
The Price by Vimbert the Unimpressive: ★★★
Stormy Monday by Bud Grazer: ★★★

PR 12 -- 25 Jun 14
They're, There... by FanNotANerd: ★★★
The Enjoyable Morning Of The Sun Bearer by LoneUnicornWriter: ★★★
Love Bunny by Twinkletail: ★★
Rocketmare by Rust: ★★★
The Running of the Leaves by doctor hooves: ★

PR 13 -- 2 Jul 14
It's a Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door by Jetfire2012: ★★★★
The Birds and the Bees by theworstwriter: ★★★
The Defender of Ponyville by Purple Dalek: ★★★
I Need You to be Brave by MidnightDancer: ★★★
Why Did You Forgive Me? by Fluffy Rose: ★★

PR 14 -- 9 Jul 14
A Stitch in Time by Eakin: ★★★★
"Good Morning, Scootaloo." by ugugg93: ★★★
A Shining Winter by TooShyShy: ★★★
Taking Back the Throne by JenkinsRevenge: ★★
That Awkward Moment When... by Hyzaku: ★★

PR 15 -- 16 Jul 14
You Can Fight Fate by Eakin: ★★★★★
A Day with the Wonderbolts by AntiquatedAnnomaly: ★★★★
Diamond Tiara's New Diversion by Yukito: ★★★
The Grand Galloping Gallia by opuscon789: ★
Her Angel by Gumball2: ★

PR 16 -- 23 Jul 14
Old Friends by RBDash47: ★★★★★
Bing Bang Zam! by Pegasus Rescue Brigade: ★★★
Flutterhug by Servant Phoenix: ★★★
Princess Celestia Hates Tea by Skywriter: ★★★★
A Simple Prank by Bob From Bottles: ★★★

PR 17 -- 30 Jul 14
A Gift for 'Shy by Blazewing: ★★★★
The Incredibly Dense Mind of Rainbow Dash by Chengar Qordath: ★★★
Love Your Difference by BronyDad: ★★★
A Rock and a Hard Place by JapaneseTeeth: ★★★★
Shiver by Sexy-senpai: ★★ (author now known as "2D")

PR 18 -- 6 Aug 14
And We Are Not Yet Saved by Grey Heather: ★★★★★ (author now known as "Silent Earth")
As a Mother by The Descendant: ★★★★
As You Fancy, Minister by The Usurper: ★★★
Tiny Wings by DeadParrot222: ★★★★
You Really Bug Me by BronyDad: ★★★★

PR 19 -- 13 Aug 14
So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish by Blueshift: ★★★★★
The Bet by King of Beggars: ★★★
Equestria in Human by ocalhoun: ★★★
Perfect for Me by The Equestrian Gentlecolt: ★★★★
Return of Evil Belle: The Eviling by Akumokagetsu: ★★★

PR 20 -- 20 Aug 14
In the Place the Wild Horses Sleep by Lucky Dreams: ★★★★★
I Wish I Had Met You Yesterday by 8686: ★★★★★
Seashell by Winston: ★★★★
View by ThunderChaserCreate: ★★★
Winter of our Hatred by Joural: ★★★

Comments ( 2 )

Also, remember that a three-star fic is above average in my book, since I find having finer gradations more useful for stories I enjoyed than for stories I didn't.

You ever got into trouble thanks to that? I decided to do something similar for that exact same reason, and more than once I got some pretty angry comments due to that.

4309822 Perhaps surprisingly, no -- although that's partly because not many people know I exist! It'll be interesting to see what happens when these summaries get to the later instalments after I'd become tougher with my ratings. It'll probably happen at some point, but I can deal with that. This is one reason I think reviewers should have some published work of their own -- to prove we can take it as well as dish it out. (My favourite bad review remains this one, on Ever Let the Fancy Roam.)

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