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When Spitfire, Soarin' and Misty go to judge the 'Best Young Flier' competition, Spitfire only expected to be bored to tears watching amateur fliers peruse their casual hobby; but things take an unexpected turn when two ponies fly onstage for the last performance. For the Wonderbolts, unexpected is usually a very, very bad thing.

Thanks to crazypsychowoman for the cover art.

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Yep, another fine story facilitated by none other than yours truly... :rainbowlaugh: Nah, couldn't keep a straight face.

The chromatic shockwave had completely annihilated the

I have one problem with this word... I know its technical definition, so I see antimatter bombs going off and wiping out the planet. You can always use obliterated...

Rainbow Dash had never in her life moved as fast as she did when she rode that lightning down

Ride the Lightning!

“Ok, so last year the pony who won the ‘best young flyer’ competition thought that spending a day with us ‘Bolts meant that we had to do anything he wanted.”
“Dear Celestia, this is going exactly where I think it’s going isn’t it?” Asked a very amused looking Misty.
“Yup.” Said Soarin’ also draining his glass.

BAM! Clop.

Soarin' could have always just but in "I regret nothing!" Then again, that's not very responsible and he'd just get chewed out even more...

Oooh, this was great. I don't think I've seen a story about Dash's day before. There probably are some, but still...
This was great.

I am surprised this hasn't gotten more attention. It is well written, cute, and has Wonderbolts in it soon after an episode with Wonderbolt content.

No fish were harmed in the performance of this stunt. :rainbowdetermined2:

I still haven't figure out how I can be so pleased with a story before posting it and then as soon as I read it after posting I become so highly disappointed with myself. Not really, but now that I'm not blinded by excitement I am seeing some minor edits I need to make, :coolphoto: I GO!

1849594 I know, right. It has such great potential for explaining why Dash didn't get into the bolts; which in my mind is kind of a plot hole for the show. Thanks of the kind words.

1851831 I suspect that posting it right before Christmas wasn't the greatest move on my part.:twilightoops: O well. Hopefully views start rolling in.

1847559 :pinkiehappy:

This was great! I really, really liked this one. :rainbowdetermined2:

This was extremely well written, fun to read and cute to boot! Excellent.job.

Very cute fun stuff. One or two spots felt a bit too short but overall very well done. Only one typo I spotted: rawkus should be raucous.

"Tar and re-feather" Brilliant.:rainbowlaugh:

This fic was long! I couldn't keep a straight face while reading this!:rainbowlaugh:

WHY ISN'T THIS STORY MORE POPULAR? It's brilliant!:pinkiehappy:
I love the 'Bolts, and you got them down perfectly, especially their admireable team-spirit.
Because I don't have any more words to desribe my awe, go ahead and have 10/10 well earned Dashies.

This story is extremely entertaining.:pinkiehappy:

Like, fav and added to my recommendation group.


I cannot express how great this story was--how amazingly it portrayed Rainbow Dash and the Wonderbolts. THIS is the sort of thing we should've seen instead of 'Rainbow Falls'

This is an insta-fave if I ever I read one.


I cannot express how great this story was--how amazingly it portrayed Rainbow Dash and the Wonderbolts. THIS is the sort of thing we should've seen instead of 'Rainbow Falls'

This is an insta-fave if I ever I read one.

This was waesome, and my friends agree: hilarious. I actually got a snort out of one of 'em from reading just a snippet!

High quality, very in-character, reasonable, doesn't break cannon, no glaring errors... Yessir, this here is a quality fic.

This was good fun, and was definitely worth the time I spent reading it. It's nice to read a Wonderbolts story that isn't a rehash of Rainbow Falls or Wonderbolts Academy -- and yes, I do realise that this story was written before either of those episodes aired! I enjoyed the joshing between the 'Bolts, who were very nicely realised, and there was even a little touch of the feels when we found out just what you a pony has to give up in order to join the team.

So yes, I enjoyed it a fair bit. I don't think I'd rate it quite as highly as most of your other commenters have, though. The ending felt just slightly weak compared to the rest, and there's still the (very) occasional blip in the technical quality of the English, eg:

“Yup.” Said Soarin also draining his glass.

But still, a pretty solid and (I use nearly the same word again) enjoyable fic. Even if you do invite having a variety of things thrown at you for your sheer brass neck in calling a pub The Prancing Pony! :twilightsheepish:

Very nice, and surprisingly fit in well

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