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The beauty of thought. The infinity there. Nowhere is as near as I to anywhere. Everywhere is the same from some point in thought and the same point is in some thought from everywhere. ~ Sun Ra


Moving to Ponyville was supposed to be the beginning of a new, exciting life for Sweetie Drops, but things rarely go as planned...

Then again, unexpected events sometimes turn out for the best, as the candy maker gets to meet a pony who has something in common with her: feeling down in the dumps.

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That was really nice! An interesting take on the LyraBon origin. Kudos!

I totally forgot they changed her G3 name due to copyright issues for the G4 toys to be allowed to market. Shame, Bonbon was always a very nice pony name. Props for actually using her new canon name!

So nice to see someone really do a nice SL Bonbon/Sweetie Drops meets Lyra tale.

Another day down the drain… Why do I even bother?” She groaned loudly. “And why do I talk to myself so much?”

“Oh, right,” she answered herself. “It’s because I’m all alone in here…”

Even when I'm not alone, I always feel that way.

The lone pony tossed and turned on her bed, unable to sleep at such an early hour. After what felt like ages of lying around, she grunted and got up. A glance at the clock let her know that barely five minutes had actually passed…

That's pretty much me at the moment as I've been trying to find a way to sleep for the past two hours despite how tired I feel.

“I’m gonna go crazy in here,” she muttered.

“What if you’re already crazy?” she answered herself with a silly voice.

“Oh, shush you!” she said, back to her ordinary tone.

An empty chuckle escaped her lips as she decided to go for a walk before losing what was left of her mind.

It's not always a bad place to get lost, I find. I entertain myself with silly voices and random nonsensical chatter to myself quite often when I'm alone. It's fun. The silence really can be killer sometimes when you're going about monotonous routines and friends are still at work and you can't rely on a computer to pass the time when doing work.

I just felt really down reading this. But at the same time it was quite enjoyable and endearing. I really felt for the characters, and Lyra was beautiful. Hope she gets to sing someday on the show, her VA had such a clear gentle voice to her.

I don't know what else to say. You have a way with writing characters that feel so warm, so genuine. It's hard to believe writing english wasn't your first language, but I thank the stars you took the time to learn a new language so we can share in these stories.

Thanks. I feel pretty good now actually. That ending added that one piece of Lyra that was missing in this story. Kudos, good sir. :heart:

Thank you :twilightsmile:

She's still named Bon-bon in the mobile game, so I'm not sure which name really is canon... I guess I just like how "Sweetie Drops" sounds.

I sorta talk to myself too, I guess. Not out loud, since I don't want people to think I'm crazy, but I'm always having a conversation in my mind. I keep myself company... :pinkiecrazy:

Thanks for your praise, I'm glad you enjoyed my words.
It's funny... When I write, I always feel my characters are clunky and badly characterized, just doing or saying whatever the plot needs them to. I'd like to make them so much subtler... I guess if I really did, they'd end up being bland. :applejackunsure:

Anyway, it's nice to see that you were feeling better after reading, it was supposed to be an uplifting story, after all. But whenever you feel down, try listening to the blues. I find that listening to some guy pouring his heart out through music helps me feel better. I guess it's just nice to know that you're not the only one feeling like crap. "Be lonely together", you know?

So, yeah... If you're feeling lonely, try Albert King, he'll play the blues for you.

4076218 I love the blues. And yes, I know exactly how it feels to listen to such seemingly sad or depressing music. For the longest time, there was a very electronic symphony version of the Eva Movie ending song that made me feel so much better the more listened to it.

I can see why Nirvana can be quite popular for some. I like to relax to jazz, some Kenny G type music.

Albert King really has that touch. I love it. I mainly listen off to youtube now due to losing my music library, so anyone I can subscribe to is a plus in my book.

Loved that minute between 3:03 and 3:20. Everything from there especially starting at 6:42 and up was just magical.

I really wish I could properly imagine how Lyra played that soulful melody in the rain, the raindrops trickling on her lyre's strings as she strum and sang in the pouring rain. I love rain. I love being in the rain. Especially during those light sunny showers. The world looks so much cleaner when it rains. I love the smell.

I'm rambling geez. Sorry.

The story had it's uplifting moments, but it reflected a bit too close to home at times. But that ending was just wonderful. I really did enjoy the story, it didn't depress too much, just more "Yeah, been there. Yup. Do it too. You and me both fictional mare in someone's story."

But then the park stuff happened and I recalled an old distant memory where I reflected on life for awhile. Wish I had me a Sweetie Drops/Bonbon to share the moment with then. That's all.

Far as her canon name goes, for toys her old name wasn't copyrightable I believe for the TOY line. Sweetie Drops is from G3 and they were able to legally add her to G4 though no word on whether they were able to keep her G3 name or not. They have an official pony name guide they released. But Bonbon in G4 is the exact pony from G3.

We can say her real name is Sweetie Drops and Bonbon is what her friends call her? I don't know. I like Sweetie Drops too, and that scene with her playing that ball game like from the mobile game with that walrus made my day in Filli Vanilli.

And yeah, writing characters so formally like you were some college paper to be turned in would be rather bland. Just keep doing what you're doing, it just seems to work.

Go ahead and ramble. I'm a rambler myself :twilightsheepish:

No one can replace Albert King for me. I've heard a bunch of blues player, but he's the one I always come back to. The way he plays his guitar is just so soulful, even if he always plays the same licks all the time, he plays them so well...

As for what Lyra may have sounded like... Take some lyre sounds first:

(I listened to this halfway through the story, wondering how a lyre actually sounds. I was surprised at how well it could go with blues.)

Then try to mix that with an old-school blues song, the kind with just a guitar and a singer. I listened to this one several times while writing the story, since the guy has such an airy, clear voice:

I'd love to hear an actual version of that song I wrote. I'd do it myself, but instead of a lyre I have a saxophone. I can sing a bit, but I'm a dude with a deep voice. And a French accent...
Not even close :rainbowlaugh:

Also, I guess Bonbon could be a nickname... I think the problem with "bonbon" is that it's a common word, so it can't be copyrighted. Maybe... Let's not overthink copyright issues too much, that can't turn out well.


That was the closest to what I found that I could see Lyra playing like. I could not stand the greek one you showed there when I came across it as I was looking for what could be her.

The sounds many make are not only cold and unfeeling, they were rough and robotic. Now THIS guy at least seems to know how to resonate with a lyre, and yes I agree Lyre can go so well with the blues and it's not hard to see why it was such a popular or at least more openly used among the populous back then.

I've always loved Lyra since her "One Day, They

The lyre is pretty amazing. Though I prefer the olden ways, like Lyra, though she's never shown to be a musician, there is this here which is pretty crazy:

Sadly, I've yet to find anything that truly felt like the Lyra in your story. At least not the Lyra in my heart as I read your story. But the first video atop was the only one that came close. It was lovely, and it just feels like something she'd play. I certainly do need to immerse myself in music again. Youtube is just not satisfactory enough. But I'm tired of trying to build a library only to lose everything to a failed harddrive.

Another thing I love is flutes, I used to play solo's in my school's symphony on my clarinet, I always had respect for those who could play the flute so well. Which is probably why I'm so obsessed with this one piece here, though to be fair I've always loved the music in games and how they add so much to the environment and the moments be they repetitive battles or emotional/dramatic sequences:

For some reason I can just see Lyra in this really nice sort of moment in Ponyville where pick up a leaf feeling all is lost and knows what to do but express herself through music. With her lyre destroyed attempting to aid mane six whom now despondent and practically defeated, Lyra loses herself in her music. Just blowing into a leaf.
Despite herself, knowing all is lost, the incredulous look of her friend urging her to retreat with her, though knowing there no place they could go, Lyra refuses to budge. Reflecting inward and recalling all the past sorrows in her life, until something began to grow within her as she played, a sort of spark began to transform her leaf, the gold glow of her horn's magic mixing in with the melodic breeze, as Lyra with her eyes shut, began to enter the moments in her life that made her happy, the friends she's made, which made the spark fill her with warm, her horn's light now surrounding her with a golden soft light that grew wider and stronger as her music tempo continued to intensify covering the ground and ponies around her, her magic now visibly resonating with the wind to carry its tune further.

A spell was being born, Lyra was creating a spell that of which not heard in Equestria for hundreds of years. A song of battle, a song of hope, the song of evil's bane.

From a despairing moment like how the band on Titanic decided to continue playing despite the Titanic sinking, Lyra had suddenly burst across the fields with her golden aura carried by the wind, reaching all ponies with her magic amplifying its reach hitting those 6 fallen mares before her.

There, despite the foe taking notice of the mare, Lyra stood playing as her music seemed to restore the energy and strength of the mane 6, all glowing a faintly in her music's shimmering golden glow.

Full of vigor and hope, Lyra ignored all and continued playing her flute-like music from the leaf she'd picked from the ground.

The music however seems to have set the Beast a-rage at somehow feeling some of its powers being restrained by her playing. Feeling this, it went straight for the source to free itself of the baneful noise—Lyra.

The sudden humming by Lyra's side caught her attention. For the first time since she began playing, she opened her right eye to glance at the pony by beside her. Bonbon, having no place to run, apparently figured if she'd die she'd do so in company and stood by Lyra's side. She was humming to Lyra's music. It seemed many more ponies were joining in, some even whistling.

<insert epic LyBlock moment with mane 6 reminding their foe the battle was between them>
<Insert Rainbow Powers.>
<Insert happy ponies>
<The End>
<Lyra is best pony>

Gosh, I didn't know I enjoyed Lyra this much. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the gleeful minty green mare with the infectious smile.

Great story. I'll not forget it anytime soon. Yeah, I had too much fun lost in my own thoughts again. lol

Hopefully someone will get the memo and do some soulful blues stuff with a lyre. I always thought music was a wonderful way to connect hearts, and it gives us such strength at times. I guess the media giants must be pissed we don't all adhere to their demands for sticking to their definition of what's popular and what should and shouldn't be listened to. Suck it music industry, you can have your boy bands and your Gagas. :p

Wow. That's the kind of comment I don't see often. I wish I did.

I didn't expect much when I wrote that story. It was just a quick idea, finished way faster than I usually do. I wasn't even sure about publishing it... If you liked it that much, I'm really glad that I did. :heart:

Plus, I got to hear an electric lyre :rainbowkiss:

You're right about music. Personally, I don't think I could even live without music. When I'm not listening to something, I'm always keeping a tune in my mind to fill the void.

I listen to Sun Ra a lot. His music is so unique and complex that I can never get tired of it... He often said that music was the universal language, the only one that everybody in the whole world (and beyond) could understand. He also wrote poetry, and said that there was no difference between poetry and music. I guess I agree with that. When I write, I pick words based on how they sound in the sentence as much as on what they mean. Maybe that makes me a music writer :derpytongue2:

You said you like flutes.

That was an unexpected gem. (Well, not that unexpected after I'd seen its ratings. Just that I hadn't known it existed until very recently!) I confess to being one of those annoying people who sticks his fingers in his ears and goes "La la, can't hear you!" with regard to "Sweetie Drops", but a sufficiently good story can overcome my silly prejudice. Like this story. Same goes for the song lyrics: nine times out of ten I can't stand them in fanfics. This is the tenth time. Believable and interesting. Thanks!

Thanks. I love reading that kind of comments. Feed my ego. FEED IT! :pinkiecrazy:

What a nice story. I'm glad you wrote it.

Thank you for your kind words :twilightsmile:

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