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Hold your ground but do not be unkind. (Ponyphonic, "Shy Heart") He/him. Ponyfic Roundup reviews every Wednesday.

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    Bloody Covid

    Fortunately not in the literal sense! But yeah, I'm currently stuck at home, yet not feeling well enough to concentrate on ponyfic. It's a seriously annoying combination. :pinkiesick:

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Bloody Covid · 9:28pm Oct 16th, 2023

Fortunately not in the literal sense! But yeah, I'm currently stuck at home, yet not feeling well enough to concentrate on ponyfic. It's a seriously annoying combination. :pinkiesick:

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Oof, that sucks, sorry to hear that... Get well soon!

Get well

Get well! :twilightsmile:

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Thank you, everyone. Getting well is my plan! :rainbowdetermined2:

(Bonus points for irony: my Covid has meant I've had to postpone... my Covid booster jab.)

Awful! :fluttercry: Take care of yourself... even after it feels you've been well for a week, take it easy!

Sorry! I hope you feel better soon!

Motrin, NyQuil, Gatorade, and bananas. My four food groups when sick.

You’re welcome

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Thank you, everyone. iisaw's comment is one pretty much everyone I know who's had Covid has echoed, so I shall heed it! Also, I have been eating bananas -- though largely this is because I like bananas anyway.

hope you get better soon!

5750975 A banana and a little gatorade bottle are about the perfect size for "I have to take my pills at 2AM but I'm not hungry or thirsty but I need to eat and drink something or else." I wound up with my last bout in a Super-8 hotel in Orlando in Feb. Really, if you got to pick just exactly where to have Covid in Feb, that place was it. Big screen TV, all pills and stuff right at hand, I don't have to open the door for the dogs or do what the wife wants me to do. Just prop up the bare feet and watch Swamp People on TV. Took two days before I was off pills, two days of boredom and walking around outside in my shorts occasionally (maintaining distance) afterward for quarantine, all the while Kansas was sub-zero with sleet. Watched the Disneyworld fireworks from the balcony every night, feeling a little like Moses outside of the Promised Land.

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