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When Lyra finds her old pet fish in the back of the freezer, she sees an opportunity to recapture the glories of her youth.

Lyra and Flipper are back together after ten years. After all, a bit of ice never got in the way of true friendship.

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Comments ( 75 )

I'm oddly surprised to admit this made me cry. Bravo.

<hipster> I read this before it went live. </hipster>

Great stuff, as usual, Blue. And I appreciate that you didn't have to spell everything out to let the audience know what's happening / going to happen.

Much love from this pony. <3

This sounds like a very intriguing idea. I will read this later tonight when I have more time. :twilightsmile:

This is going in my read later list, but it's being liked just for the HGttG reference. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss: Maybe once I read it, I'll favorite it too.

Super well done, and a great transformation of a character in such a short story too! great work blue!


blueshift what are u doin

blueshift stahp

Letting go of childish things isn't obligatory. Heck, this website wouldn't exist if it were. But there are still some things one must eventually let go, and pets are among them. Lyra is faced with this, and reacts about maturely as one would expect from a pony who substitutes old sandwiches for file folders. Still, even she must face reality eventually. And when she does, she doesn't do it alone. Flipper can go in peace, for she no longer needs him.

A silly yet beautiful story, perhaps the best kind. Thank you for it. :pinkiesad2:

My first pet was a fish named Richie that I won at a carnival.

Aww. Here I was, expecting a silly story. Much more touching than I thought it would be.

Oh my gosh, I'm crying! This is so touching
Great story ;)

- AbbaieTwinkle

I half expected Bon Bon to slip a different fish in the bowl :rainbowhuh:


There's a dead human in our house!

A sad, sweet little story.

I only have one question: how did Fluttershy know Flipper's name before Lyra told her? :rainbowhuh:

“Yeah,” the stallholder mumbled, eyeing her father with slight annoyance. He would have to use stronger glue to keep the tin cans upright next time.

Because the good glue is illegal in Equestria?

This was a great story. I always love Lyra getting up to... shenanigans, even if they're a little sad too.

its almost 11:00 and i have a final to finish...


Oops, good catch! Thanks! I usually have names, and characters knowing names they shouldn't as an important theme in my stories, it annoys me when I do that accidentally!

PK #17 · Jun 2nd, 2014 · · ·

jesus christ right in my feelings

Lyra might be totally smegging insane, but she's mostly harmless.

And 'Shift...don't you ever make me feel stuff ever again. I hate feelings.

4482696 References, plural. The other reference is not in the story.

4484538 Silly PK. You don't have any feelings.

“No, polar bears don’t eat penguins!”

...they can't get the wrappers off!

I Found a typo last sentence

"And waited and then Lyra and Bon Bon kissed and then got married and had some adorable foals and became the main cast of a highly successful My Little Pony spin off and lived happily ever after and the End".

:heart: Beautiful story :heart:

What the title immediately made me think of.


Seriously Flipper is an awesome fish. I wish I could have met him T_T

Certainly funny and still heartwarming. Also nice to see that it leaves Lyra x Bonbon open and not too much spoiled by the fandom.

I do notice Lickety Split and Pinkie's rivalry showing up some more. I do remember when Lemon Dreams was a gag in an earlier story, before she made it into an astonishing story of her own.
It makes me wonder if Lickety split will have her own amazing story later on.

That got me right in the heart. So sad and so hauntingly beautiful of the lost days of childhood.

HITCHHIKER's GUIDE TO THE GALAXY!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

So sad it should come to this...

It started off silly and absurd, then did an unsuspecting gut punch right in the feels.

The picture....
...IT FOOLED MY FEELSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That title is a win... I'll have to read later.

been waiting for adequate reason to use this
bravo, good sir, bravo.

That was, well, way more emotionally rollercoastery than I expected and I have a lump in my throat but it's a good lump so thanks Blueshift :heart:

¡Lyra HeartStrings is a little insane!

And then Twilight comes back and while Lyra isn't looking she switches out Flipper with an identical fish and Lyra continues to frighten Bon Bon.


Yes, one day I will write that story! One day...

Have you ever seen a grown man cry because of a dead fish?

You bastard you left off the sad tag :fluttercry:

...:ajsleepy:...No...No words..just..IDk...

Would you consider a quick, one chapter sequel? Just get Celestia or Twilight to bring the fish to life? Please? :fluttercry:


I don't think it's entirely sad, it depends how you take it. Also, more importantly, using the 'sad' tag completely spoils the whole story from the beginning. It's not a story about being sad, but about not being sad, I guess.

I remember, as a kid, my dad almost cried at the prices of the fish at a market by a hotel we were staying in...

I used to have two fish, but we gave them back to the fish store when we got a dog.

This was surprisingly feelsy.

Loved it. :pinkiehappy:

Ironically enough, my fish passed away a couple of days ago. This is a fantastic story, brilliantly written. You captured the joys and heartbreaks of owning a pet perfectly. Very well done!

So long, and thanks for all the feels.

Anyone see the irony in the fact that Aquaman edited this?



Just one detail:

-it wasn't surprising she couldn't sleep if she spent half the day napping.

I get what you mean, but it sounds a bit weird if you basically say Lyra can't sleep because she sleeps too much.

Lyra dealing with dichotomies of life and death with her pet. We have all had to deal with that at some point. :fluttershysad:
4513656 Do you really need to read what happens next?

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