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This story is a sequel to Seeking Redemption

Darkness is said to be evil. Uncaring, brutal, and above all else dangerous. With two companions making their way to the darkest corner of Equestria where the pony of shadows was born, Andrews and Sythe must seek its help. But will it be willing to help? Or will it betray them like it has many others before them?

As they learn how to use dark arts, Shadow Demon decides to test each element of Harmony to see if they are truly ready to fight what’s coming. Are they or will they just become another lost cause to him?

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Shadow Demon, the conquerer of Hell, slayer of the gods, and many other titles he has never nor will ever care about. Being defeated in his world he seeks a way back to his home and take revenge on the ones who wronged him. First he must deal with the discrimination.

This is a complete overhaul of an old fix I had written awhile ago. Originally I scrapped this, but I thought I would bring it back.

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Time has taken it’s toll on me, and yet I am still here. Stuck in a world where I am not welcome, where I am feared, and unknowingly the place I protect. Some of us aren’t just welcome here some of us, are just, Outcasts.

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This story is a sequel to Only The Beginning

King has come to terms with his life. He is not welcome in the life he thought he had. With the absence of his honor guards, he would have to be careful. He has yet to know if Celestia had mentioned him yet. A part of him hope that she hasn't.

FEATURED 1/4/2021

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Princess Luna and Celestia both, years ago, trapped a small cat like creature in a prison with magical enchantments to preventing it from using its magic to cause panic among their subjects. Now the two monarchs are going to have a little chat with this small creature.

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So yeah again you know the drill get transported to Equestria and then you make friends with the ponies, Right? Oh no no no no no ha not me. So how about we cause a little chaos and mayhem. Did I mention this story is about me?

Don’t ask why I Made this.
I was board out of ideas and overall kinda BS with Coke orange vanilla.

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When An ancient enemy is awoken by a Dragon made of shadows that enemy is finally complete. What will happen to Equestria. But is it truest an enemy or just somePony or someone that wanted nothing but love and admiration? Maybe just a true evil?

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Shadow Stalker has been a demon for as long as the Devil has existed and has wondered about his creation as the first demon to exist when he had lost his memory from an accident and had to find out he was a demon again that did not go so well. He left hell to start a new life living in the shadows away from everything and found the Everfree and has lived there ever since. He decided to Chase a white bunny and got a big suprise instead.

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