Seeking Redemption: Rising Darkness

by LazyChaoticUmbreon

Chapter 3: Darkest Places, Greatest Minds

Andrews floated a couple of inches off the ground as shards of red colored ice orbited him as his body was also covered in a thick layer of the same colored ice.

“Let what remains be your fuel, let it be your drive; your motivation, and even you reason. Let not what happens in the present be what makes your decision, for that is your responsibility.” The Pony of shadows said as he kept pacing in a circle around Andrews.

“Try to look for what is to come, not for what will be.” The pony of shadows said as he sat in front of Andrews staring into the thick red ice.

“You are what remains, of what remains of past, present, and time. You are what is left of this crumbling world. You must accept it. Just like you did before.

Andrews found himself in a field. That had grass that had died big gaping holes in the dirt and heard explosion in the distance.

”You must fight, fight the very thing you fear. a voice spoke through the what he assumed was a memory. He looked around until a shadow was casted over him and his mouth fell to the floor.

A giant group of what looked like small metal bees except a little bigger were right in front of him and he knew what they were.

It was a swarm.

He quickly unholstered his weapons and opened fire as many rounds into the swarm as he could. He knew if he could just destroy enough of them that they would back off due to the lack of numbers. A voice soon entered his head giving him info he already knew.

Legion Variant: Swarm

Info: A Swarm will will surround its victims as the as the micro machines slowly ripe apart whoever the swarm decides to target. The only known method of destroying a swarm is by reducing its numbers substantially to a point where they are ineffective.

Andrews kept firing and firing unloading everything he had into the Swarm. While he opened fire he began to see flashes of memories of fighting the swarm before. They were ruthless killing machines.

He had kept firing for what felt like hours the vibration of his rifle going through his foreleg. He the swarm instantly grow larger and he raised his weapon to open fire again until the pony of shadows’ words echoed in his head.

‘You must face what you fight.’

Andrews lowered his weapon and put it away and stared down the swarm that charged him with the intent of ripping him apart. As he closed his eyes waiting for the end, but nothing happened when he opened his eyes the swarm were just inches from his head.

Their slimy metallic body with green tendrils flowing through and around their body. As the swarm just hovered inches from his head. After what felt like hours of staring each other down everything dissolved. When he opened his eyes he was still in the red ice. He channeled all the energy needed as the ice began to glow a little bit before it all shattered as Andrews landed on his hooves on the stone floor. The pony of Shadows approached him as Andrews turned to face him as he looked up at the towering darkness.

“Everything is as it should be.” The pony of Shadows said.

“As it should have been, as it must be, and will always be.” Andrews finished.

Shadow Demon sat in the middle of the clearing of the Everfree Forest as he was now floating above a pentagram that had satanic symbols surrounding it. Shadow Demon found himself in his own thoughts unaware a group of bipedal creatures were watching him.

The creatures were tall about the height of Celestia of not a little taller. They towered over the demon for his height was half theirs only being as tall as their waste, if you count the horns he would not change much.

Shadow Demon soon felt his ear twitch as his eyes slowly opened in absolute rage and fury. As he utters one word before all hell broke loose.

“Angels.” Shadow Demon said as his fury grew even more.

It was close to sun rise when Twilight had gotten her friends and explained her dream and who was in it.

“So what yer sayin, Rainbow actually did see something.” AppleJack said as she looked from Rainbow to Twilight.

“For once AppleJack, yes.” Twilight said as they all looked at Rainbow.

“So whatever Rainbow saw we have to make sure it’s not a threat, so I will bring these just in case.” Twilight said as she picked up a box with runes markings across the boxes exterior. The runes on the box disappeared which made it open and reveal its contents. Inside sat the Elements of Harmony. With the necklaces and crown that made up the elements.

Putting them in her settle bag as she packed other things like parchment and quill. In case she needed to write anything down. They set out for the Everfree where they would find whatever the creature that Rainbow and Twilight had seen.