• Published 3rd Apr 2021
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Seeking Redemption: Rising Darkness - LazyChaoticUmbreon

Some times the help we need comes from even the darkest of places.

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Chapter 1: Darkness

“Darkness, we all have a piece of darkness inside of us. We refused to except it, to coexist with it, and live with it. Without darkness there is no light in without light there is no darkness, only chaos. These foundations set the world that we would call home. But an ancient evil rises from the tomb it had been imprisoned in. Now, Equestria the so called land of piece has fallen to the evil. The only hope of defeating this evil, has been defeated by two goddesses that would seek his death. So I ask of you my lord, are you sure our lack of interference or aid is acceptable or necessary?” A tall Creature said. The creature stood on two legs that looked almost like an animal’s. It had two big curved horns atop its head and four leathery wings on its back.

“Rage, my friend. There is a reason I have not entered the picture. But, Creation’s actions with the Dark Bringer aren’t what I would call, necessary or needed. Never the less, with this appeal before me, if it eases you mind Alter I shall have the demiShadow guard ready to act if need be. Does this verdict appease you my friend?” A four legged dragon said as he stood up from the thrown and walked into the light.

The small yet powerful dragon was about half of the height of a human adult. He had maroon scales and a black underbelly that both had granite like textures to the color. His tail ended in a blade that resembled a scythe.

“Yes Shadow Demon, it greatly does.” The towering Demon said as it bowed to him and left the throne room. Leaving two guards that towered above him. The guards wore black armor with helmets that covered their face a thick glass visor all that was blocking and masking their faces. He noticed the weapons they had.

Weapons that a friend had created for the guards. Made from tech and demon and dark magic. He then get sadness take him.

“Dark Cloud I would come back if I could, but this world needs me. The city of dragons has already made their minds, but the city will crumble and be brought to ruin, and I shall be there watching the event unfold. Equestria is the place for all of us, but the princess must let the evil that wishes to aid them, into their world. I just wish everything could go back to the way things were.” Shadow Demon said as he opened a portal and stepping through. He suddenly found himself in a void.

“Creation! We must talk.” Shadow yelled.

“Yes requested my audience my little inter dimensional friend?” Creation said. Creation was massive maybe as tall at the crystal palace located at the empire in the frozen north. Creation didn’t have a face rather a head with a mouth that opened like a blooming flower with rows of sharpe decaying teeth behind it.

“Creation what are you up to? You don’t mess with powers like this unless your planning something.” Shadow said.

“If your asking how our little friend is, he....well.... at the current moment resting. Being through what he had to endure, takes its toll on a being such as him. Something that does bother me though. It is why is their so much darkness inside of him?” Creation asked turning its featureless face towards Shadow.

“He is the embodiment of every evil that is known to my knowledge. From Cryo to dark and demonic magic. Why do you ask?” Shadow asked getting agitated.

“He has lost much of his power dark magic and demonic magic is all the remains I’m afraid. I patched him up the best I could with my limited resources.” Creation said.

“Keep me up dated please. I’m going to get working.” Shadow said as he made a portal appear and he stepped through it.

Hollow Shades

Andrews was over looking the abandoned town as it slowly decayed and crumbled to nothing but rubble.

Andrews slide down the slope he was on and landed in an alleyway of the abandoned village. Andrews pushed a button on the side of his foreleg as his helmet made a orange wave that went outwards as it scanned his surroundings.

His helmet then made a display appear in his vision as a voice spoke.

”Zero life signs detected.”

Destination has been marked on your HUD. Proceed with caution.

Andrews looked in the direction that he was supposed to go. He began walking towards his objective as he passed multiple collapsed buildings. A part of him wondered what this place once looked like.

He continued forward until he came upon the town center, or what was left of it anyway. In its place was a giant sink hole where the main six had first defeated the pony of shadows. The truth was the pony of shadows was actually never sent through the portal thanks to a certain feline that had prevented that.

Andrews jumped into the sink hole and let the small thrusters on his back soften his fall allowing for a quiet landing. He carefully made his way through the catacombs looking for the room he was looking for.

After awhile of searching he finally found it and saw the many ancient writings carved onto the walls depicting the tale of the pony of shadows.

“I can feel your hate.” A deep voice said. As it sound like it’s voice was being echoed.

“Then you know why I’m here I assume?” Andrews asked.

“Indeed I do.” The voice spoke.

“Then shall we begin?” Andrews said.

Everfree Forest

The forest is said to be filed with the most dangerous of creatures and that even the weather is even effected by its odd and twisted magic. In a clearing a Timberwolf feasts on a dear as it chewed through the hide and eating the long awaited meat that waited for him. Licking his maw he bit down on the raw yet fresh meat as the wooden wolf savored every bit it took. As it chewed a portal appeared in the clearing behind the unsuspecting wolf. As a cloaked creature stepped out from the portal it closed behind the strange creature. The creature stood on four legs and was half the height of the Timberwolf that stood in front of him, eating away at the dead dear. The wolf then turned around and faced its intruder.

The wolf noticed its appearance. It wore a cloak over its body, but a helmet was visible. To others the helmet would have resembled a gas mask with the two filters. The next noticeable feature were the horns on the back of its head with two fur covered ears that sat in front of the horns. Two leathery wings rested, folded to the creature's back. As it stared to wolf it flared at the dragon like figure in front of it disrupting its meal.

The Timberwolf pounced towards the slightly shorter dragon. The wolf was surprised when it was quickly slammed into the ground dazed and soon it had broken into smaller twigs. The cloaked dragon walked on all fours as it proceed to examen the dead corps.

The dragon soon looked at the moon and started walking in a random location.

Location: Unknown

A small figure floated in what felt like a void. He felt cold, yet warm at the same time. The feeing was strange to him. He opened his eyes and noticed everything was blurry. Blurry like something was in his way, distorting everything he saw or looked at.

He noticed he had something in his mouth and tried to spit it out, but to no affect. He then decided to look around he then noticed a figure staring at him. He then started to hear voices in his head. As if screaming or yelling as a pounding drum in his head.

”We turn to dust and to dust we shall return. So let us see what lies in store. The apocalypse is very, very near.” The figure used his fore legs to cover his ears as he inwardly screamed in agony.

“Now, let us see what the Dark Bringer has to offer, shall we?” The creature said as the figure in whatever prison he was in passed out.

The figure woke up in darkness and looked in every direction to find nothing but darkness. He felt cold almost frozen. He tried to speak but nothing but gasps of air escaped his mouth. He put a fore leg to his chest and felt something strange and cold. He looked at his right fore leg and saw it was made of metal as a gaping hole was in his chest.

A question finally escaped his mouth.

“What happened to me?”

He started to feel his body again and he felt cold yet warm at the same time. It was a strange feeling, but it felt comforting. As if currently aware of his discomfort he felt everything around him shift he opened his eyes and noticed that his surroundings were still blurred by the liquid he was in. He raised one of his forelegs and noticed they were paws of some sort. He moved closer to the glass to see if he would have anymore luck trying to find out where he was.

“You are awake?” Said a voice that sounded like it was coming from his head.

He tried to speak, but what ever was in his mouth prevented that action.

“You wondering where you are, yes?” The voice spoke. He in returned nodded to the question. “That answer will be told in due time, but we have work to do my friend and so little time to do it. That world has undergone a sort of collapse. All thanks to princess sun butt we have even shorter time. Now then, let us begin.” The voice said as he blackout again but this time he was in a void of darkness and in front of him was something he couldn’t even put into words.

It looked like a giant worm, but where it’s head should be was instead a mouth with rows upon rows a jagged yellow and rotten teeth in its mouth which had four flaps on the side and top of its head. It also appeared to be covered in flesh and bones. As many tentacles came from its body.

“My appearance frightens you. This one is but mer flesh, faith, and power. Yet it can not decide weather he should remember or not.” The giant creature said.

“I am hive mind. As for why you are here? Let’s just say that this is not your grave.” The Hive Mind said as it made its mouth for into a smile which only made him more terrifying. As he started laugh as it sounded like scraping metal, bone, and flesh together.

“It. Is. MINE!” It said as it continued laughing.

Author's Note:

I finally finished I had to cut it down a bit by a bit I mean a lot. This is only a shard of ice compared to what I wanted the chapter to be. I wanted to be about 3k to 3.5k words but some of the stuff in it would be just filler dialogue.

I hope you enjoy this final version out of I kid you not 73 different ones.