Seeking Redemption: Rising Darkness

by LazyChaoticUmbreon

First published

Some times the help we need comes from even the darkest of places.

Darkness is said to be evil. Uncaring, brutal, and above all else dangerous. With two companions making their way to the darkest corner of Equestria where the pony of shadows was born, Andrews and Sythe must seek its help. But will it be willing to help? Or will it betray them like it has many others before them?

As they learn how to use dark arts, Shadow Demon decides to test each element of Harmony to see if they are truly ready to fight what’s coming. Are they or will they just become another lost cause to him?

Chapter 1: Darkness

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“Darkness, we all have a piece of darkness inside of us. We refused to except it, to coexist with it, and live with it. Without darkness there is no light in without light there is no darkness, only chaos. These foundations set the world that we would call home. But an ancient evil rises from the tomb it had been imprisoned in. Now, Equestria the so called land of piece has fallen to the evil. The only hope of defeating this evil, has been defeated by two goddesses that would seek his death. So I ask of you my lord, are you sure our lack of interference or aid is acceptable or necessary?” A tall Creature said. The creature stood on two legs that looked almost like an animal’s. It had two big curved horns atop its head and four leathery wings on its back.

“Rage, my friend. There is a reason I have not entered the picture. But, Creation’s actions with the Dark Bringer aren’t what I would call, necessary or needed. Never the less, with this appeal before me, if it eases you mind Alter I shall have the demiShadow guard ready to act if need be. Does this verdict appease you my friend?” A four legged dragon said as he stood up from the thrown and walked into the light.

The small yet powerful dragon was about half of the height of a human adult. He had maroon scales and a black underbelly that both had granite like textures to the color. His tail ended in a blade that resembled a scythe.

“Yes Shadow Demon, it greatly does.” The towering Demon said as it bowed to him and left the throne room. Leaving two guards that towered above him. The guards wore black armor with helmets that covered their face a thick glass visor all that was blocking and masking their faces. He noticed the weapons they had.

Weapons that a friend had created for the guards. Made from tech and demon and dark magic. He then get sadness take him.

“Dark Cloud I would come back if I could, but this world needs me. The city of dragons has already made their minds, but the city will crumble and be brought to ruin, and I shall be there watching the event unfold. Equestria is the place for all of us, but the princess must let the evil that wishes to aid them, into their world. I just wish everything could go back to the way things were.” Shadow Demon said as he opened a portal and stepping through. He suddenly found himself in a void.

“Creation! We must talk.” Shadow yelled.

“Yes requested my audience my little inter dimensional friend?” Creation said. Creation was massive maybe as tall at the crystal palace located at the empire in the frozen north. Creation didn’t have a face rather a head with a mouth that opened like a blooming flower with rows of sharpe decaying teeth behind it.

“Creation what are you up to? You don’t mess with powers like this unless your planning something.” Shadow said.

“If your asking how our little friend is, he....well.... at the current moment resting. Being through what he had to endure, takes its toll on a being such as him. Something that does bother me though. It is why is their so much darkness inside of him?” Creation asked turning its featureless face towards Shadow.

“He is the embodiment of every evil that is known to my knowledge. From Cryo to dark and demonic magic. Why do you ask?” Shadow asked getting agitated.

“He has lost much of his power dark magic and demonic magic is all the remains I’m afraid. I patched him up the best I could with my limited resources.” Creation said.

“Keep me up dated please. I’m going to get working.” Shadow said as he made a portal appear and he stepped through it.

Hollow Shades

Andrews was over looking the abandoned town as it slowly decayed and crumbled to nothing but rubble.

Andrews slide down the slope he was on and landed in an alleyway of the abandoned village. Andrews pushed a button on the side of his foreleg as his helmet made a orange wave that went outwards as it scanned his surroundings.

His helmet then made a display appear in his vision as a voice spoke.

”Zero life signs detected.”

Destination has been marked on your HUD. Proceed with caution.

Andrews looked in the direction that he was supposed to go. He began walking towards his objective as he passed multiple collapsed buildings. A part of him wondered what this place once looked like.

He continued forward until he came upon the town center, or what was left of it anyway. In its place was a giant sink hole where the main six had first defeated the pony of shadows. The truth was the pony of shadows was actually never sent through the portal thanks to a certain feline that had prevented that.

Andrews jumped into the sink hole and let the small thrusters on his back soften his fall allowing for a quiet landing. He carefully made his way through the catacombs looking for the room he was looking for.

After awhile of searching he finally found it and saw the many ancient writings carved onto the walls depicting the tale of the pony of shadows.

“I can feel your hate.” A deep voice said. As it sound like it’s voice was being echoed.

“Then you know why I’m here I assume?” Andrews asked.

“Indeed I do.” The voice spoke.

“Then shall we begin?” Andrews said.

Everfree Forest

The forest is said to be filed with the most dangerous of creatures and that even the weather is even effected by its odd and twisted magic. In a clearing a Timberwolf feasts on a dear as it chewed through the hide and eating the long awaited meat that waited for him. Licking his maw he bit down on the raw yet fresh meat as the wooden wolf savored every bit it took. As it chewed a portal appeared in the clearing behind the unsuspecting wolf. As a cloaked creature stepped out from the portal it closed behind the strange creature. The creature stood on four legs and was half the height of the Timberwolf that stood in front of him, eating away at the dead dear. The wolf then turned around and faced its intruder.

The wolf noticed its appearance. It wore a cloak over its body, but a helmet was visible. To others the helmet would have resembled a gas mask with the two filters. The next noticeable feature were the horns on the back of its head with two fur covered ears that sat in front of the horns. Two leathery wings rested, folded to the creature's back. As it stared to wolf it flared at the dragon like figure in front of it disrupting its meal.

The Timberwolf pounced towards the slightly shorter dragon. The wolf was surprised when it was quickly slammed into the ground dazed and soon it had broken into smaller twigs. The cloaked dragon walked on all fours as it proceed to examen the dead corps.

The dragon soon looked at the moon and started walking in a random location.

Location: Unknown

A small figure floated in what felt like a void. He felt cold, yet warm at the same time. The feeing was strange to him. He opened his eyes and noticed everything was blurry. Blurry like something was in his way, distorting everything he saw or looked at.

He noticed he had something in his mouth and tried to spit it out, but to no affect. He then decided to look around he then noticed a figure staring at him. He then started to hear voices in his head. As if screaming or yelling as a pounding drum in his head.

”We turn to dust and to dust we shall return. So let us see what lies in store. The apocalypse is very, very near.” The figure used his fore legs to cover his ears as he inwardly screamed in agony.

“Now, let us see what the Dark Bringer has to offer, shall we?” The creature said as the figure in whatever prison he was in passed out.

The figure woke up in darkness and looked in every direction to find nothing but darkness. He felt cold almost frozen. He tried to speak but nothing but gasps of air escaped his mouth. He put a fore leg to his chest and felt something strange and cold. He looked at his right fore leg and saw it was made of metal as a gaping hole was in his chest.

A question finally escaped his mouth.

“What happened to me?”

He started to feel his body again and he felt cold yet warm at the same time. It was a strange feeling, but it felt comforting. As if currently aware of his discomfort he felt everything around him shift he opened his eyes and noticed that his surroundings were still blurred by the liquid he was in. He raised one of his forelegs and noticed they were paws of some sort. He moved closer to the glass to see if he would have anymore luck trying to find out where he was.

“You are awake?” Said a voice that sounded like it was coming from his head.

He tried to speak, but what ever was in his mouth prevented that action.

“You wondering where you are, yes?” The voice spoke. He in returned nodded to the question. “That answer will be told in due time, but we have work to do my friend and so little time to do it. That world has undergone a sort of collapse. All thanks to princess sun butt we have even shorter time. Now then, let us begin.” The voice said as he blackout again but this time he was in a void of darkness and in front of him was something he couldn’t even put into words.

It looked like a giant worm, but where it’s head should be was instead a mouth with rows upon rows a jagged yellow and rotten teeth in its mouth which had four flaps on the side and top of its head. It also appeared to be covered in flesh and bones. As many tentacles came from its body.

“My appearance frightens you. This one is but mer flesh, faith, and power. Yet it can not decide weather he should remember or not.” The giant creature said.

“I am hive mind. As for why you are here? Let’s just say that this is not your grave.” The Hive Mind said as it made its mouth for into a smile which only made him more terrifying. As he started laugh as it sounded like scraping metal, bone, and flesh together.

“It. Is. MINE!” It said as it continued laughing.

Chapter 2: The Dark Bringer

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There are many stories of The Dark Bringer, Bringer of Darkness, or the King of Darkness. That his power was limitless and unmatched by any known being in all of the universe. The real Dark Bringer was a Demon named Eclipse, but he always goes by the name of Shadow Demon.

Shadow Demon was a powerful warrior before life had ever existed. Until a darkness known as the Ather attacked. Devastating everything in its path and killing millions. Shadow Demon did the only thing he knew how to. It was to sacrifice middle ground. Middle Ground was a world between worlds where every inter dimensional being lived, but for many generations it had been inhabited by many other beings. That is, until that one fateful day.

The Great Falling.

The Great Falling was a dark day. Middle Ground had fallen and at the center of its ruined state was the Demon of shadows himself. He look around at the surrounding area. He noticed the metallic bodies mixed with the fleshy ones. He saw the fortress that had been his home. Now it payed in ruin. He walked up the stair case limboing while he did so. Time had been his ally until today. He had walked inside the fortress and saw a throne at the end of the room.

He approached it and sat on the throne. He pulled a necklace from around his neck and held it in his claws. As he spoke softly almost sounding like a breath of air.

The necklace had a been craft to have the dragon shaped figures that had both the heads touching one another that had their tails wrapped around each other’s which had then wrapped around a heart shaped ruby.

“Who...who will protect you that I’m gone? I’m sorry.” Before his eyes closed one last time as his body started to become invaded in stone the become a reminder of what had befallen this once life filled place.

Andrews could feel the freezing temperatures around him drop even more. When his suit told him that the temperatures were -43 Degrees below freezing. Messing with dark arts was not an easy feat by far, but he had to fight fire with fire.

“Darkness is an ally and your enemy. You never trust it as it doesn’t trust you. You must coexist with it for it will be with you till death.” The giant figure that was the pony of shadows as he pace in a circle as Andrews was encased in red colored Ice.

Andrews concentrated even harder as his face contorting into one of determination as he let out a shout of rage and shattered the ice he was encased in. Hearing the clapping of hooves from the pony of shadows that was off to the side.

“Evil must exist where ever it can to prevent Chaos from entering this world. Harmony is an enemy and an evil in itself. I shall explain more, when you are ready.” The pony of shadows said as he had get him self come around and soon he opted to just sleep.

Shadow demon had been walking for quite some time. After killing the Timberwolf and snagging its kill it saved him an explanation and what could only be explained as pure enjoyment. He continued forward until he felt eyes on him as he let out a loud chuckle as to try and make his pursuer paranoid. Most times it worked and others well, not so much.

He continued until he came to a town at the edge of the forest, but he didn’t continue any further. He thought on how to approach this. He was in Equestria after the legion had awoken and King had been murdered he saw the 6 mates he very much wanted to meet. As he watched them one named rainbow dash spotted him and looked at him as he returned her stare with a glare of death.

Shadow turned and walked back into the forest as he entered he smirked to himself.

“That should get their attention.” Shadow said as he walked in a random direction.

Twilight and her friends were not happy with Their friend Rainbow Dash. Due to her constant pranks and made up stories they had it hard to believe a dragon the size and a young colt was in the Everfree Forest.

“Guys I’m telling you I’m not lying this time. It’s scales were dark red and black with his horns looking like this.” She said as she gestured her hooves trying to mimic horns on her head.

“You no what Twi, I think she may be tellin’ the truth.” AppleJack said as she looked over to Twilight sparkle.

“Okay okay, we will search for whatever it was rainbow saw tomorrow the sun is starting to set and I still have to do research on this Legion issue.” Twilight said as everypony walked to their respective homes

Shadow walked through the forest coming to a stop in a clearing. He sat on his back legs putting a claw to his chin in thought.

‘I wonder if they will even come looking for me?’ He thought thinking that his approach may not have been enough to warrant their attention.

He outstretched his right foreleg as demonic symbols on his arm started glowing as a portal appeared in front of him. The portal was about the size of the Princess Sun butt. He walked through the portal and came out into a bright color filled dimension as he looked around he saw many different orbs with different colors.

He approached one of the orbs that had a yellow color and saw a orange filly flying next to a pegasus with a rainbow mane and tail. He felt like he had seen her before. He unfurled his wings and began to float up to the orb which was the dream of this filly. He let out a demonic chuckle as he let the orb float between his talons as the dream began to grow dark and black.

The orb was completely black not even able to see what is going on in side. Shadow chuckled as he let the orb float back to it original position and started looking for the dream of a certain sparkle butt.

“ where is she?” He said to himself as he looked at the many orbs of pony’s who were fast asleep.

He soon found a vibrant glowing purple orb that had other colored orbs next to it. One of the orbs had the color orange with a red outline, the next was a pure white one with a nice bright purple outline, The next one was a pure rainbow which he found odd but didn’t question it. He noticed the rest being pink, yellow, and one even being green. The green one confused him somewhat due to the dream belonging to a baby dragon.

Ignoring the green orb he walked over to the orb that had the vibrant purple and put his talons around it as he closed his eyes and entered the dream of the purple one.

Twilight was sitting at a desk reading a book on magical theory that had been written by Star Swirl the Bearded. As she read about the concepts of teleportation she turned the page and started to read it. As she read the page she started to hear voices coming from behind her and quickly turned around and saw nothing was there. Letting out a sigh of relief she turned to go back to reading, but when she went to go look the desk was gone.

She now sat in a void of darkness as voices began whispering and murmuring to one another as if secretly judging her. Her ears flattened against her head as the voice got louder and louder almost like they were yelling at her. She brought her hooves over her ears trying to silence the voices, but they only got louder. Her ears started to ring as she started to feel cold as she started to shed tears as she laid down on the floor and curled up into a ball as she pushed her hooves harder against her ears and squeezed her eyes shut, the voices suddenly stopped. She stayed in her current position until she noticed the voices had stopped. She uncurled herself and slowly opened her eyes to see she was still in the darkness of the void. She slowly yet cautiously came to a sitting position. She looked around at her surroundings and noticed that there was nothing. She started to stand up as her legs were trembling in fear of what had just occurred.

As she came to stand a headache slowly overcame her as she fell back onto her haunches, clutching the sides of her head as the sound of two voices started talking in her head again. She fell over onto her side as she looked up she saw a figure slowly walk towards her. Taking slow and steady steps towards her.

Soon she was able to make out what it was and gasped. It was the figure that Rainbow dash had seen at the edge of the Everfree forest. The figure had four horns two on each side of its head, with a pair of large leathery wings that were folded on its back. It scales were a onyx black as its underbelly and the webbing of its wings and horns had a maroon color to them. It’s tail ended with a spear tip as the tail swayed side to side. The height was what she found the strangest. The dragon was about a couple inches short than Celestia, but what scared her the most were the two empty eye sockets stared her down. She was horrified with this dragon. Two blood red orbs appeared where it’s eyes should be.

After what felt like an eternity the Dragon reached out its talon in a jester of aid. Twilight with a trembling foreleg had slowly reached out to take the jester. As her foreleg was suddenly grasped in the dragons talon as she was aided back a top her hooves she turned to thank the dragon, but saw that the stranger was gone. She tilted her head in confusion until a voice was heard in the never ending darkness. She saw a door a couple of inches away from her. She looked at it in both fascination and in fear. She reach out a foreleg to touch it the. A beep was heard as the door opened. As she walked in her eyes widened in both fear and fascination. There were chambers filled with some kind of liquid. She approached one and brushed some of the frost off of the glass and peaked in. As soon as she looked she let out a scream and back peddled rapidly as far away as possible. After catching her breath and calming her nerves she took one last peak as she looked she got a clear view. Half of a dragon was in the chamber as wires and tubes were place up inside where the bottom half of its body should be.

She decided not to look in the others, but decided to proceed forward against her better judgment she pushed forwards anyway. She came upon another door like the one that brought her here. She repeated what she had done to open the other one and it opened. She walked in now able to look at her surroundings she noticed the walls were made of metal and steel. The lights were dim and soft. At times she would pass by on that had either been flickering or destroyed. She looked at the walls noticing scorch marks as well as claw marks that dug into the metal walls. She let out a gulping noise as the claw marks were so deep she saw the outer metal wall had been somewhat ripped off.

Shadow watched from a distance as he observed in curiosity and also testing her to see if she was ready. He could tell she had never seen blood spilled before. She continued through the old facility which he had visited before as a reference point for his little test. After following sparkle butt for a bit she came to a stop with a path that went in all four different directions.

That’s when Shadow decided to make his move. He made the symbols on his right talon, to glow and made an orb appear. It was an ball of energy that he kept locked away from any living thing unless he were to test him, her, or it. It was a piece of his past he literally ripped out of himself.

He let the orb float in front of the lavender unicorn as it floated to the left as the sparkles began to follow it.

Twilight had started to follow a strange purple orb that radiated life. As at some times it would let out a childish giggle as it floated up and down through the heavily damaged hallway.

“H..hey w...w...wait for me!” Twilight shouted after it as she started after it at a full on sprint. When she turned the corner she was now in a grassy plain.

There were pillars of ridges and rocky spires that stretched up into the sky. Multiple islands floated in the sky as birds and what looked like other dragons flew through the sky freely.

When she turned around is what made her gasp at how what was happening even possible. Right in front of her was a volcanic; ash covered ground as blackened burnt up trees were scattered about. She took a cautious step and noticed that it wasn’t hot despite being made of hot volcanic ash.

She pressed forward as the heat started to become noticeably more intense. As she turned around a large rock she saw three dragons lying on the scorching hot ground with an even bigger dragon standing over them.

“Hahaha, you thought you could stop me Blood Bath, but I have grown stronger in your absence.” The big dragon said it’s appearance was unusual. It’s body mainly covered in black scales with purple underbelly, wings, and horns being purple.

“You may have become stronger, but you always grow weaker.” The middle dragon said. His scales were a blood red with the webbing of his wings being black as well as his horns.

“HA! Don’t make me laugh you don’t have the Light Crystals so what hope do you have?” The big dragon said.

“You mean this?” A female robotic voice spoke as a dragon that appeared to be made of metal jumped up with a crystal that radiated light in her left talon raised up ready to strike. The big dragons eyes widened in fear.

“NO!?” He shouted as the metal dragon was smacked to the side by his tail. The bigger dragon was soon tackled to the ground being held by Blood Bath and another dragon that had rainbow colors on the webbing of its wings.

“No, I destroyed them all, I made sure of it. How did you find one?” The bigger dragon said.

“Nightmare, my old friend don’t you remember they Light Crystal grows so it combat evil, there must always be an equal.” Blood bath said as the metal dragon came back over the the group with the crystal in its claws. “Cloud. Do it.” He said as Cloud raised the crystal and stabbed Nightmare right in the heart.

Nightmare’s body began to glow as he started floating in the air. Cracks began to appear on his body as he claw and scratched at them.

“ aaaaah!?” Nightmare screamed as an explosion of light knocked everyone present backwards.

When the light began to grow dim in the place of nightmare was a similarly colored baby dragon. It float back to the ground as it fell on its side falling into unconsciousness.

“Nightmare has finally been defeated.” The the multi colored dragon said.

“Yes it would seem so.” Blood Bath said as he pick up the baby’s dragon the scruff of his neck. He made a jester for the others to follow him and the did so. Twilight had to keep up by trotting due to the height difference. They had walked for what felt like an hour, it was merely a couple of minutes.

Twilight gasp in both shock and amazement at what was in front of her. There in the middle of a lake, a tree sat that radiated magic. The magical power this tree had was incredible, Twilight guessed it may be stronger than the Tree of Harmony.

“Rainbow I intrust his safety with you.” Blood bath said as he sat the baby dragon down in front of her.

“I will do my best.” The dragon known as Rainbow said.

Soon everything began to dissolve into dust and soon found herself on one of the giant rocky spires overlooking the entire island. She gazed over the horizon and was speechless at the sight of the island and amazed. She saw an part of the island covered in snow and ice and she even saw the part that was covered in volcanic ash and magma.

When she turned to look at more she saw the small baby dragon sitting in front of the one known as Blood bath.

“Now Echo, I must go I....” he was cut off by the baby dragon known as Echo.

“But Daddy you promised I could come with you.” Echo protested as he flared his wings trying to look intimidating.

“I promise the next one and, if I don’t I will give you extras. Does that sound like a deal?” Blood bath said as he leaned down to become at eye level with Echo. His height only allowing Echo to be as tall as his horns barely touch his underbelly.

“Okay.” Echo said as he let out a sigh in defeat.

“I will be back.” Blood bath said as he flew off into the sunset. Like before everything turned to dust and became another location entirely.

This time Echo was being held by the neck over the side of the rocky spire they were on. She noticed that his wings were tied behind his up so he couldn’t fly. He constantly tried to struggle, but was just not strong enough.

“You will pay for the ones you killed. You should have never been allowed to live.” The dragon said

“P..p...please I d...d...didn’t do anything I s..swear.” Echo said frantically hoping they would put him down.

“Don’t play dumb with me I can see through your lies. I will make sure you never hurt anyone again.” He said as he held Echo farther over the edge.

“I won’t hurt anyone I swear p..please put me down.” Echo said in fear.

“You want to be put down? Fine I will put you down.” The dragon said as he grew a smirk as he tossed Echo over the edge of the spires edge. He let out a scream as he was thrown off the edge as the group of dragons laughed and only watched.

Twilight just sat there in shock as she watched to baby dragon fall to his death. As his body slammed hard into the hard rock covered ground at the bottom of the rock spire.

Echos body laid there broken and his body bleed large amounts of blood. His eyes closed one last time as he was dying. He wanted to know why they killed him. He did nothing wrong.

He felt himself grow weaker and weaker as darkness slowly engulfed his vision. Soon he could see nothing. He found him self in a void of darkness with a maroon orb with a black outline surrounding it. Echo approached it and reached for it. When he touched it his eyes turned black and as a dark liquid substance started washing over his body all the way to his tail.

Cracks of light started to appear on his body as the cracks began to grow until there was an explosion of light and where there was a purple and black dragon, there was now a dragon with black scales with a maroon under belly the webbing of his wings and horns being the same color. With the two horns on his head. A pair of horns curved downwards to the sides of his face.

When his eyes open they were filled with hatred as the broken body of the baby dragon began to grow to about half the size of a adult dragon. He extended his wings and opened his eyes and locked eyes with the top of the rocky spire. As he gave his wing one hard flap and scored through the air at high speeds after the one who had thrown him off the edge.

Right before he reach the group of dragons that had fear plastered across their faces everything quickly faded to dust. Twilight now found herself in the middle of a snowy wasteland as she stood on frozen ice. As she saw a figure fall from a cliff slamming into the ice as suddenly the ice beneath her cracked and collapsed under her weight she quickly took in a breath of air as she frantically tried to swim up back to the surface. She turned around and saw the bloody and beaten body of King. As it sank lower and lower it hit the bottom of the lake. She saw his eyes were closed. She casted a spell that would give her time to breath under water, but not for too much longer.

She approached Kings destroyed body and got close looking over him noticing the injuries he had sustained. When she came to look at his face. King’s only remaining eye shot open as a blood red orb appeared in the place where his other eye had been destroyed she yelped as she heard a voice that was deep and demonic sounding.

”Rhis is not your grave, It. Is. Mine!?” the voice said as it started letting out a sinister laugh. As a tentacle wrapped itself around her horn making her spell cancel has she struggled in its grip trying to break free from its grasp. She tried again and again until her vision started to go dark and soon she blacked out.

When Twilight awoke she found herself in a clearing in the Everfree Forest. She turned around and saw the same dragon that had helped her floating a couple of inches off the ground with his wings stretched outwards with its eyes closed.

“Twilight Sparkle! Time is running out, only you can cure my the disease in my mind that is doubt. Go back, back to where it all began, the go to where you meet a makers end. Revive the darkness that lies and waits, and hurry before it is too late.” The dragon said as Twilight’s mind was filled with visions.

She saw the castle of the two sisters, the. Canterlot castle, she then saw the pony of Shadows standing over a pony coaxed in armor like which she had never seen. Finally she saw under water the body of a certain feline laying at the bottom of a frozen lake.

“There is one more thing I must tell, before I leave and wish you well. Go to the place where life is bear, but you will find a beacon that once was a flare. Here you will find the alpha that slumbers and waits, receive him and behold what awaits.” The dragon said as cracks began to form in the sky as Twilight suddenly started falling into darkness.

She then shot up gasping, eyes snapping open. She frantically looked around and found herself at her desk. She sat there in silence contemplating what to do next. She looked out the window into the night wondering what that dream meant. If it was even real or had a meaning to begin with.

Chapter 3: Darkest Places, Greatest Minds

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Andrews floated a couple of inches off the ground as shards of red colored ice orbited him as his body was also covered in a thick layer of the same colored ice.

“Let what remains be your fuel, let it be your drive; your motivation, and even you reason. Let not what happens in the present be what makes your decision, for that is your responsibility.” The Pony of shadows said as he kept pacing in a circle around Andrews.

“Try to look for what is to come, not for what will be.” The pony of shadows said as he sat in front of Andrews staring into the thick red ice.

“You are what remains, of what remains of past, present, and time. You are what is left of this crumbling world. You must accept it. Just like you did before.

Andrews found himself in a field. That had grass that had died big gaping holes in the dirt and heard explosion in the distance.

”You must fight, fight the very thing you fear. a voice spoke through the what he assumed was a memory. He looked around until a shadow was casted over him and his mouth fell to the floor.

A giant group of what looked like small metal bees except a little bigger were right in front of him and he knew what they were.

It was a swarm.

He quickly unholstered his weapons and opened fire as many rounds into the swarm as he could. He knew if he could just destroy enough of them that they would back off due to the lack of numbers. A voice soon entered his head giving him info he already knew.

Legion Variant: Swarm

Info: A Swarm will will surround its victims as the as the micro machines slowly ripe apart whoever the swarm decides to target. The only known method of destroying a swarm is by reducing its numbers substantially to a point where they are ineffective.

Andrews kept firing and firing unloading everything he had into the Swarm. While he opened fire he began to see flashes of memories of fighting the swarm before. They were ruthless killing machines.

He had kept firing for what felt like hours the vibration of his rifle going through his foreleg. He the swarm instantly grow larger and he raised his weapon to open fire again until the pony of shadows’ words echoed in his head.

‘You must face what you fight.’

Andrews lowered his weapon and put it away and stared down the swarm that charged him with the intent of ripping him apart. As he closed his eyes waiting for the end, but nothing happened when he opened his eyes the swarm were just inches from his head.

Their slimy metallic body with green tendrils flowing through and around their body. As the swarm just hovered inches from his head. After what felt like hours of staring each other down everything dissolved. When he opened his eyes he was still in the red ice. He channeled all the energy needed as the ice began to glow a little bit before it all shattered as Andrews landed on his hooves on the stone floor. The pony of Shadows approached him as Andrews turned to face him as he looked up at the towering darkness.

“Everything is as it should be.” The pony of Shadows said.

“As it should have been, as it must be, and will always be.” Andrews finished.

Shadow Demon sat in the middle of the clearing of the Everfree Forest as he was now floating above a pentagram that had satanic symbols surrounding it. Shadow Demon found himself in his own thoughts unaware a group of bipedal creatures were watching him.

The creatures were tall about the height of Celestia of not a little taller. They towered over the demon for his height was half theirs only being as tall as their waste, if you count the horns he would not change much.

Shadow Demon soon felt his ear twitch as his eyes slowly opened in absolute rage and fury. As he utters one word before all hell broke loose.

“Angels.” Shadow Demon said as his fury grew even more.

It was close to sun rise when Twilight had gotten her friends and explained her dream and who was in it.

“So what yer sayin, Rainbow actually did see something.” AppleJack said as she looked from Rainbow to Twilight.

“For once AppleJack, yes.” Twilight said as they all looked at Rainbow.

“So whatever Rainbow saw we have to make sure it’s not a threat, so I will bring these just in case.” Twilight said as she picked up a box with runes markings across the boxes exterior. The runes on the box disappeared which made it open and reveal its contents. Inside sat the Elements of Harmony. With the necklaces and crown that made up the elements.

Putting them in her settle bag as she packed other things like parchment and quill. In case she needed to write anything down. They set out for the Everfree where they would find whatever the creature that Rainbow and Twilight had seen.