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Toxic Charm

Thank you to everyone who reads my stories,comment,and favorite. I appreciate all the support.


Alrighty then. Let's overhaul. · 7:33pm Nov 26th, 2016

Ok, So I have been gone a while, hot a job and blah blah blah, real life bullshit, blah blah blah....

Long story short. There will be an over haul on stories like a 'pet to a princess' if you want me to keep the old versions online, please message me and tell me, and if not They will be removed when the updated version comes out.

On top of that there will be more keen stories, however a more clear timeline will be uploaded.

Found on youtube

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1489390 aw I'm sorry. That sucks :(

1487955 Bad. I haven't slept enough because I've been travelling all day. :heart:

1487890 hey :pinkiesmile: how is your day?

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